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Makadamia [Bona]

You are welcome! Don't worry! There're any rules of how to make your own thread, it's yours so your rules matter:D

Thank you! One day I had this idea and then I tried to recreate it from my mind 😛 It was the very first item that I've created, so it was quite challenging task. The shape, the shading and the animations took me like three weeks (read: I'm a noob xD woops)! I saw also your designs and I love both of them, you are very experienced with it! I hope you or Lupus win!

PS: Waiting for the day you'll stop taking part in contests so I might actually have a chance to win... XDD

Fortunately I'm not taking part in every contest ? I like only these contests, where we have to draw something, or make things from Tibia in real life -  the best fun I had with polymer clay. I used to make figurines as a child with my mom, so having polymer clay in hands after 20+ years was amazing experience 😀

As I promised in the last post, I'm coming back with some screenshots ? Most of them are made after winter update, so prepare for a lot of stuff from The Dream Courts!

Let's start as usual with some levels.

I took the opportunity to make the newest Warzones. I didn't loot anything interesting, but I get achievements 🙂

Our team made The Dream Court Quests, so it's not the end of achievements:

We have killed five of arena bosses:

Energized Limb - sold for 900k.

Later I've loot Living Armor - sold for 1,4kk.

I wasn't lucky with pomegranates - looted only three:

But I was lucky with having an awesome team ? They gave me another two, which was needed to make 1st addon of Dream Warrior Outfit!

Then we've killed first Nightmare Beast on Bona 🙂

Some notable loots:

Dark Whispers - sold for 4kk. Now its even more expensive 😥

I didn't sell this item, I prefered to tame Hibernal Moth and get achievement. This mount is FUGLY.

With an Ice Shield I could make full Dream Warrior outfit 🙂


Female version looks much better!

Enough of Dream Courts.

Time for random bosses!

Thul #1

Undead Cavebear #58

Zevelon Duskbringer #27

00:46 Makadamia [511]: jeszcze lece diblisa sprawdzic
00:46 Makadamia [511]: bo arachira mi sie nie chce xDD
00:46 Makadamia [511]: chociaz jak mi sie nie chce
00:46 Makadamia [511]: to na 100% bedzie

Arachir The Ancient One #18


Two vampire lords in 15 minutes 🙂

Tyrn #15

Furyosa #3


I'm really lucky recently. A lot of nice contests in my favourite style - I mean drawings! This time we had to make an election poster with chosen candidate for! I won 1st place! 🙂

You can see my election poster here.

In my election poster I wanted to show both the candidate (in my case Epaminondas) as well as postulates for improving life conditions in Tibia! I wanted my hero to be a charismatic oldschool leader and because of that I chose to show him as a conservative. Moreover his radical views in the context of Tibia are very funny.

Each of the proposals made by Epaminondas are illustrated in the form of a mini picture that is why for example you can see a scared demon with an arrow in his back aswell as an emancipated amazon.

The whole artwork is highlighted by text and a yellow logo just like the one of Portal Tibia.

This artwork was made using watercolor crayons KOH-I-NOOR Mondeluz (without using water) and also with fineliners Faber Castell Ecco Pigment 0.1, 0.25 and 0.5 mm.

Honestly I didn't like the look of this poster. Each elements are quite nice, but whole work is 2/10. Anyway I have put a lot of effort to make it, so I'm really glad that I won my first Epaminondas Doll, which was my dream!

So many levels and achievements! Congratulations! WOW! You are a true boss hunter! I've been thinking about making a thread here, but sadly I'm not as lucky as you, I barely find bosses so there's no point. The poster looks great! Believe more in yourself! © 2019. All rights reserved.
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