Deadly Boss Weapon – results

1st place: Osiri’s Spear / Isi´s Axe / Horu’s lanxe by Sacros Arturt (Quintera)

Crunors Heart

Golden Trophy of Excennelnce

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Horestis was a cruel pharaoh, who ruled with tyranny for hundreds of years, until a prophetic hero was revealed
 before his tyranny. and with the help of the gods, who granted him a sacred weapon, they managed to defeat him.
 After combat, the weapon is divided into two parts, they are separated and lost forever. Before his death, 
Horestis cursed Ankrahmun, whose curse could only be released by the weapon that caused his death.

In combination, they are the perfect weapon against Horestis, since when they unite they generate fire, an 
element for which it is vulnerable, however, separately they are also powerful weapons, the axe is forged with
 obsidian, capable of cutting the hardest rock effortlessly, and the spear was blessed to penetrate Horestis's 
corrupt body.

This weapon is related to the myth of Osiris, who is the god of death and represents the spear of the weapon, 
Isis wife of the goddess Osiris of The life that the weapon axe represents, and the function of both weapons 
is the presentation of Horus, the son of both, the god of war.

Currently, a kinght set out to free the village of Ankrahmun from the curse of Horestis, heading to the tomb of
 Horestis, where he found in the tomb, almost hidden, the Anubis vase, whose rupture would make Horestis 
vulnerable. and part of the sacred weapon with which was defeated, thus undertaking the mission of finding 
the other part of the weapon, finding it buried in the desert of southern Darama. Thus completing, 
the ultimate weapon to end the curse.

Weapon Features:

Osiri's Spear

Attack: 50
Defense: 20
Protection: death + 3%
Imbuements Slots: 2
Weight: 84.00 oz
Required Level: 120
Professions: kinght
tradeable in the market: yes
Weapon type: cutting weapon
Body position: both hands

Isi´s Axe
Attack: 48
Defense: 30 + 1
Protection: earth + 3%
imbuements Slots: 2
Weight: 51.00 oz
Required Level: 120
Professions: kinght
tradeable in the market: yes
Weapon type: cutting weapon
Body position: handgun

Horu's lanxe

Description: The power it emits is the hope of humanity.
Attack: 8 physical + 44 fire
Defense: 30 + 1
Protection: earth + 5%, death + 5%
imbuements Slots: 2
Weight: 135.00 oz
Required Level: 130
Professions: knight
tradeable in the market: no
Weapon type: cutting weapon
Body position: both hands

2nd place: Shattered Reflection Blade by Canariio (Vunira)

Nightmare Doll

Silver Trophy of Excennelnce

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Weapon Against:



Weapon :

You see a Shattered Reflection Blade (Atk:52 physical+ 30% chances of paralyse, Def:20 + 12% chances of damage reflection, sword fighting +1).

It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 300 or higher.

It weighs 63.00 oz. 

 You can see Gorgo’s frozen reflection when looking at the blade. It might instantly paralyse you. 



Imbuements: (Empty Slot, Empty Slot, Empty Slot).

Hands: one

Type: Sword

Dropped by: This items is not dropped by any creatures.

Notes: Obtainable after delivering 100000 mirror pieces collected from the dead medusa and delivering them to Arkulius.


Gorgo, Once the most beautiful woman, has been cursed by a jealous goddess and transformed into a hideous monster. What’s more, whoever looked at her was immediately changed into the stone statue.  Since then, she has hidden from the humans in deeper Banuta. All brave men who hunted Gorgo to gain the prize for her head were lost and never returned from their mission.

The legend says that there was one knight, who was warned about Gorgo’s curse, has protected his sight with his shiny sword. Gorgo, once she saw her reflection in the sword, screamed terrified and changed into the stone by the curse put upon her. The last scream of Gorgo was so powerful that shattered Knight's blade into thousands of pieces. Knight collected all the pieces together and brought them back to the mysterious warlock blacksmith who regained the shape of the sword with his magic.

Some say that Gorgo’s has recovered from the stone state and can be seen in the secret chamber in deeper Banuta… and there is only one weapon which can slay her ultimately and get final reward.







Silver Paint & Glitter,



3rd place: Vampire’s tear by Aeonight (Epoca)

Shrunken Head Necklace

Bronze Trophy of Excennelnce

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You see the vampire's tear (Range:7, Atk+8, distance fighting +1, protection life drain +10%). It can only be wielded properly by paladins of level 100 or higher. It weighs 40.00 oz.

The bearer of this crossbow will strike fear and terror into vampire's cold hearts.

The story:

Powerful weapons like these usually have ancient origins and are related to as artifacts, often created by the gods themselves. The story of the vampire’s tear, however, is different. It is a tale of a determined boy, full of grief and pain.

Brandon once had a happy and loving family. They had a wooden hut close to the woods and a lake, where they shared the joy of everyday life, not knowing that darkness would fall upon their ordinary lives.

Then came a night so dark, that even the pleasant sounds of the forest and lake couldn’t be heard through the pitch black surroundings. The air around had a foul smell. People never believed in the creatures of darkness. Vampires were only a myth, with mysterious disappearances being a normality back in the days. Tragically, Brandon’s family had to find out the hard way that they were anything but a myth. His father fought bravely to fight off the blood thirsty creatures. Suddenly the air around them seemed to disappear, as it was hard to breathe. Only red, glowing eyes and a pale face could be seen in the darkness. Yes – the vampire lord himself came out of his hiding to feast on humans.
Brandon’s last memory of this dreadful day were his father’s final words – “run…son…run and don’t look back…”.

His life has changed. The days were full of hunger, fear and a memory. A memory that clinged onto him so hard over the years, that it changed the boy into a man with a single goal in mind – to avenge his family. He spent all of his free time training and perfecting his skills in various fighting arts. Hunting and survival let him perfect his movements and develop unique and incredible distance weapon skills. This alone allowed him to hunt down his enemies during the night. Many had fallen to Brandon’s deadly rage. This, however, was not enough to face the creature that killed his family.

Brandon set out on a mission to create the perfect weapon. He spent 2 years working hard and gaining the trust of the rebellious pirates of Liberty Bay. His compassion and loyalty helped him in gaining their trust. This resulted in his visit to Sabrehaven and metting with Chodur, who helped him with creating a blessed stake, which he could use for the core of his weapon. The elves helped him with creating the limbs and string of the crossbow. Their craftsmanship and magical skills were matched by no one. He then set out for Formorgar mines, where he spend several months looking for a precious metal. It wasn’t gold that he was looking for though. It was said that even the dwarven of Kazordoon were jelaous of the silver that could be found in the mines. It had the purity and strength that would rival the ones of the diamond. He used it to coat the tip of his crossbow and the bolts. Brandon’s sneakiness and skills allowed him to enter the Cobra Bastion, where he managed to steal a mirror from Scarlett Etzel’s private quarters. This would allow for reflecting the tiniest bits of sunlight at his enemies with ten times the strength.

He set out and travelled all around Tibia, seeking the wisdom and holy blessing of powerful priests and monks. The weapon was complete. Not by a God, with supernatural powers, but by a boy, through years of dedication, hunger, sweat, blood and hard work.

Nobody really knows if Brandon succeeded. It isn’t entirely clear if the weapon was as powerful as it was claimed to be. It was supposedly found many years later inside an old hut in the woods, near a lake. Nobody has seen or heard of the boy again. It seemed that he disappeared into thin air, along with the vampires he swore to slay. Only myths and stories remain.

This deadly weapon was crafted with a single use in mind - to slay undead creatures who feast on innocent blood. The crossbow's attributes make it a perfect choice for killing vampire bosses, even the strongest and most fearsome ones like the Pale Count.


The whole construction has been infused with holy water, the tip of the bolt and crossbow itself are made of wood coated with pure silver and garlic extract. Any enemy that gets hit or stabbed will face an agonizing and quick death, as vampires show incredible weakness to these items.

It's shaped like a cross, as vampires fear religious symbols:

The implementation of a mirror can also be used to exploit another huge weakness of true vampires - sunlight. Use it wisely and you might just be able to direct it at your enemies even in the darkest of places.

Here are all the items that I've used: a headphone stand (had to disassemble it), some cardboard, 2 plastic fly traps, some masking tape, aluminium film, pocket mirror, bbq sticks, piece of wood (which holds my door open),  some wire, a frying pan scoop and some leftover plastidip.

The creation process:

Added the string and fully assembled the crossbow:

Coated with the dip, let it dry for 24h:

Added decorative black and red wool, worked on the details:

Finished weapon:

I'd like to thank tibiabosses for organising this contest, I had a lot of fun with creating this weapon, especially in these worrying times.

4th place: Wand of Elves Revenge by Vussia (Harmonia)

Stuffed Dragon

Golden Goblet

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You see Wand of Elves Revenge (anti-ogre level +2)
It can only be wielded properly by True friend of Elves.
It weights 53.00 oz
It holds blessings from many elves gods, even Krunor itself added something special (some say even piece of his own heart)

This weapon was created to defeat Warlord Ruzad 


The 5th Elven cultural group was Cheladbil. They didnt exist anymore. Today in the areas where they lived is strong orcish presence.  The Orcs had elvish items which were their war trophies. They wore the throphies as a proof that they had defeat Cheladbil.

After extinction of the Cheladbil other elves were so sad and unhappy that they began to pray to the one of the greatest elvish god Crunor and other gods so they had helped them to revenge Orcs and to defeat  Warlord Ruzad  who killed the Cheladbils.

Crunor heard the elves' prayers and decided to help them in revenge, he promissed to send the elven chosen one and together with other elven gods create the most powerful magic weapon.

Even some of the celestial paladins take a part in creating this mystical wand.
(In Elvish history seven elven lords acquired the status of celestial paladins and therefore are godlike beings)
Nera - the lady of spring gives the flowers to the wand, with hidden magic from fire and ice to heat and cool the way of revenge of the chosen one who will wiled this magic weapon
Priyla - the daughter of the stars, mystery and magic gives her most beloved star to light up the way even in the darkest night.
Krynierr - the silver tongue, poetry, love and music covered the weappon in silver to strenghten the wand
Mortiur - the ravager. The avenger, merciless against friend and foe gave a special power

***To see more interesting details about elves please visit Ab'dendriels library***



-notebook with colorful pages 
-aluminum foil 
-paper plates 
-few bulbs 
-forks and spoons 
-lots of tape 

5th place: The Purifier by Dark eye kingsito (Solidera)

Giant Ruby

Golden Goblet

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Bruise Payne

        Bruise Payne

History: In view of the multiple casualties at the hands of Bruise Payne, I joined Storkus, vampire hunter, who helped me collect valuable information, with which we concluded that this being has a lineage related to vampires, with this information we combine magic and the technology to create the perfect weapon to defeat him This weapon baptized as Purifier, is a long-range crossbow, necessary to obtain advantage over the ability to fly that this creature has, the weapon has a stabilizing sight, which improves aiming and armored ammunition, to pierce through its thick skin, that ammunition was also consecrated with holy water and garlic potions to nullify the vampiric abilities of this creature. the instructions for the replication of this weapon and all the materials that were required, are stored in a black chest on my work table in Yalahar

Weapon Name: The Purifier

Weapon Description:Attack: attack +3, chance to hit +7%, 7 fields
Protection: earth +4%
Skill Boost: distance fighting +1
Imbuement Slots:2
Weight: 124.00 oz
Required Level: 80
Professions: paladins
Tradeable In Market: yes
Weapon Type: firearm, two-handed
Body Position: both hands

If this weapon is used against Bruise Payne the probability of failing an attack is reduced to 0%.