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Mystery of Mahatheb II (English Version)

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It's been over  two years since our first article about Mahatheb. Today our knowledge about this mysterious boss is greater. I have decided to sum up all this available knowledge and my own experience with Mahatheb and present it in one post. Even if you are not familiar with the mentioned boss and the whole story behind it, you will surely find something interesting here and most importantly - how to summon the boss.

If you didn't have a chance to read the previous article about Mahatheb, we strongly encourage to do so. Both articles should be treated as one whole and are complementary.

Links to the 1st article:

English version

Portuguese version

Spanish version

Polish version

General information

Mahatheb looks like oridinary mummy and he also has the abillity to paralyse, poison and to cast death hit spell. However, unlike the mummy he uses self-healing (about 60 HP) and casts Blood Ball spell. Mahatheb doesn't have any sounds. He has 650 Health Points and killing him provides 600 points of experience. Mahatheb fights in close-combat. He spawns on the lowest floor, in the last chamber of Forgotten Tomb  (here). He shares his resp with vampire and bonebeast.

Is Mahatheb the most rare boss in Tibia?

Mahatheb is an extremaly rare boss. According to my research, since its implementation to the game in 2015, it has been killed not more that 200 times (on all servers). We can compare it to Grand Master Oberon - he's being killed over 3500 times a day! But is Mahatheb the most rare tibian boss? Well, it is not. He steps down in competition only to three bosses - equally mysterious: Shadow of Boreth, Shadow of Lersatio oraz Shadow of Marziel.


According to available information, it appears that nothing interesting has been looted from Mahatheb so far. It doesn't seem odd, taking into consideration the fact that he has been killed so few times. It's interesting that bots and unaware players are responsible for most of encounters with this boss - it truely stokes the imagination. How is this possible? Someone killed the Mahatheb and hasn't even noticed? It seems very likely. During my expeditions to Forgotten Tomb I had many conversations with players who also hunted there. It turned out that nearly none of them ever heard about the Mahatheb. Some of them admitted that they probably wouldn't even notice the boss, as they use area attacks during their hunts. Mahatheb is quite a weak boss and is easy to kill, moreover he looks like an ordinary mummy and there are lots of them in the Forgotten Tomb. Taking everything into consideration, we can assume that there were several dozen of "conscious encounters" so far. Such number is not enough to exactly determine the so-called common loot, nor if Mahatheb drops any rare items.

To sum up, Mahatheb is a boss with great story behind. He even has a book dedicated to him in-game. Not many bosses have been honoured in such way. Whole Forgotten Tomb - quite a big hunt place and his own crypt has been devoted to this boss. He has been killed very few times. In my opinion it's quite possible that he drops something interesting. But what this could be is still a matter of conjecture.

Proven loot:

Gold coin, Worm, Flask of Embalming Fluid, Gauze Bandage, Silver Brooch, Magic Light Wand, Crystal Ring

How to summon the boss?

I have spent a tremendous amounts of time in the Tomb, to be able to answer this question. I don't know how many hours exactly it was, but to give you a general idea - I've looted a mini mummy and 2 vampire shields during that time.


During my research I've been able to disprove some theories about Mahatheb summoning. In my opinion no player's activity inside or outside the Tomb affects nor increases the chance to summon the boss. I mean theories related to killing specific amount of monsters, standing on specific SQMs etc.

As I have mentioned before, Mahatheb's resp is shared with a vampire and a bonebeast and that's an undeniable fact. Theory which appears to be the most probable is the one stating that ech vampire kill gives you some percent chance that the next spawned monster would be a vampire, bonebeast or Mahatheb. Having in mind that the chance for the Mahatheb to appear is very low.

Why such a conclusion? First of all, this spawn mechanism is assigned to some bosses. Manhunter and Mean Masher are the examples. And it is worth to be mentioned that they have been implemented to the game in the same update as Mahatheb. Secondly, we conducted a month-long research with user Monte and the results appear to be matching this exact theory.

Along with Monte, we killed the vampire resp a dozen of hours a day for over a month. Effect? Mahatheb appeared 6 times of which 4 were my kills, 1 Monte's and 1 for someone unknown. Quite a nice score for one of the most rare bosses. Wasn't it?

What is more, I've managed to kill 2 bosses in one day and the video below is a proof.

According to my estimates, Mahatheb spawns approximately once in a few hundred times. The longest streak without the boss was over 1200 times. The shortest - just a dozen. I am sure that no one hunted in the Tomb during the day I killed 2 Mahathebs.

Our collaborative research with Monte proved one thing for sure - everyone can meet Mahatheb. It is just a matter of will and ability to sacrifice a lot of time. I think that a minimum of 4 hours of killing vampires/bonebeasts a day should be enough.

In my opinion the Mahatheb's mystery is a result of the fact that he is being killed so rarely. Moreover he sometimes spawned more than once a day. He hasn't been met on some servers at all. This is very uncommon for a boss and gives a field for speculation. The mechanism described above exist in the game and matches Mahatheb the most. Additionaly it's an easiest and most rational possible solution of his resps riddle.

Does it mean that everything about Mahatheb has been already discovered? Absolutely not. The mystery of his loot still remains unresolved. Now, as we know the way to force his spawn, more players should find this boss interesting and try to find out what he may drop on their own. Who knows, maybe it will be you Dear Reader who (with a bit of luck) will be the 1st one to loot something unique.

At the end I would like to express my sincere thanks to two people. My colleague from Tibiabosses staff - Williams for the 1st article, thanks to which I've become interested in bosshunting and our user Monte for his titanic efforts in solving this mystery. awasome, I will start with the investigation of this boss, hopefully I should be able to make a discovering of this, excellent work for all 3

@Mogh: thanks for great article and for mentioning me! That was, indeed, great and productive time! Have you recently tried to hunt the boss? We could try it again if you are still interested.

@Blackste Thank you for your kind words and wish you luck in your own investigation.

@Monte Good to see you again. Of course I am interested. I don't know if I'll be able to spend as much time as I did last time, but I want to try. I've been in Tomb several times but without luck. So, when do we start, boss 😉  ?

I'll be back on Monday! : )

I'm going for short trip to the UK tomorrow, but I'll be back next week, so I'll deffo log in : )

Then I'll wait. Catch me in the game on Monday 😉

That was hell of a good read and all true bosshunters should check this out.

Thank you @Mogh

@bosst Thanks.

Short update. Today, together with player Haishen, we met Mahatheb on Bona server. The boss appeared after killing one vampire, which is very unusual. Haishen killed the boss.

23:48 Loot of Mahatheb: a black pearl, a magic light wand, a worm

Unfortunately we don't have screenshots because after the last update of Tibia we couldn't take them. It was also impossible to make a movie.

Hi, sorry I haven't logged in yet. I'll be in on Thursday!
Gratz for killing another Mahatheb! : )

So that means you've spent at least 300 hours there together? Impressive. I did not know that there are mysteries in Tibia that can be solved. Really  😉  I didn't even know there was such a mysterious boss. Thank you!

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