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Makadamia [Bona]


Hi there!

I came with next portion of screenshots, so keep watching, because I've got something interesting (of course in my opinion) in the end of the post! 😀

As always I'm starting with some levels! Most of them I made on Roshamuul Prison during double experience and skill weekend, but there were also hunts on my other, favourite places.

I made few hunts on The Hive, to loot. The plan was to loot 200, make some profit by selling half of them and open rest.

And here we've got the results of my ambitious plan...   😆

Next achievements in my collection! "Little Adventure" for unlocking 10 easy monsters in Bestiary:

Three achievements for unlocking areas in Measuring Tibia Quest 🙂

If we are talking about bosses, I want to start with next one from the list of rare bosses - The Evil Eye!

list of rare bosses

  • Barbaria
  • Battlemaster Zunzu
  • Big Boss Trolliver
  • Burster
  • Captain Jones
  • Dreadful Disruptor
  • Dreadmaw
  • Flamecaller Zazrak
  • Fleabringer
  • Foreman Kneebiter
  • General Murius
  • Grand Mother Foulscale
  • Grandfather Tridian
  • Gravelord Oshuran
  • Grorlam
  • Hairman The Huge
  • High Templar Cobrass
  • Mahatheb
  • Rukor Zad
  • Smuggler Baron Silvertoe
  • The Big Bad One
  • The Blightfather
  • The Evil Eye
  • The Frog Prince
  • The Manhunter
  • The Mean Masher
  • The Old Whopper
  • The Voice Of Ruin
  • Tzumrah The Dazzler
  • Warlord Ruzad
  • Xenia
  • Yaga The Crone
  • Zarabustor

After summer update Cipsoft had made some changes in bestiary, so I had to start with killing rare mounts and such, to gain more points.

The easiest for me was fully unlocking Undead Cavebears.

I've killed also Crustacea Gigantica few times and almost finished Bestiary for Dire Penguin!

Crustacea Gigantica #22

Crustacea Gigantica #23-24

Crustacea Gigantica #24

... and four Dire Penguins!

Quite close to finish them! 😀

Diblis The Fair #21

Zevelon Duskbringer #23

Zevelon Duskbringer #24

Luck on POI check!

Eleventh, but unlucky Shlorg! 🙁 In his immortal form:

... and completely mortal form:


As I promised - something interesing. I meant relations from BomDiaTibia.com contest! All we had to do was to design and create an anniversary poster for fictitious birthday party organised by Bom Dia Tibia in collaboration with Tibia Events, placed in Thais.

I love art-style contests, doesn't matter that I'm not very good in drawing or painting. I just have huge fun! Maybe one day I'll go on professional drawing and watercolor painting course, but now I can enjoy it without any serious experiences.

I was lucky enough to win first place!

You can see my poster here.

Here you can see a background of my poster. I used watercolor paint to colour and older the paper. To keep intense blue colour of logo I kept it blank with liquid masking film.

Here we've got main part of my poster - drawing with people and dragon having fun during party. It was the RPG part of my poster. Hope you like this drawing. I have to say, that the hardest part was not to make sketch and definitely not to make black contours and colour whole drawing. The hardest part was cutting out this shit!  😆 It took literally hours! I cut also my poor fingers... what a dedication!

Final result:

Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading, watching and good luck in game!  😎

Quote from Makadamia on 30 November 2018, 22:32

Final result:

So cool! Awesome talents there... and Metallica's font  😆 I love it

Today's post will be different than usual. As you already noticed except playing Tibia I like also taking part in contests organised by fansites. These ones based on creating new items in game, items which are created to represent each fansite are very special to me. Why? It's easy.

Every drawing I made is forgotten few days after announcement of results. Most of players don't even know about contests, so they don't care about results. Because of this I heard many rumors and stories about the origin of my rares collection (mostly arrogant and offensive). Sprites in game is something permanent and undisputed.

My first design - Midnight Panther Doll after four years is still one of the most wanted fansite items. Moreover during this time I heard many compliments about its look. 🙂 I've created this sprite in 2014 and I'm still happy and proud that other players like it!

And now I can proudly present my second item in game - Adamiant Shield, which represents TibiaLife.com.br, fansite created to give players a place where they can share their experience.

I'm aware that shield will never be as adorable as fluffy panther, but I hope you like it!

The idea was to create shield - just because I like shields, but in completely different style than most of already known shields in Tibia. I wanted to design something, what looks precious - with a lot of jewels, shining gold etc. The concept was to make background part of shield looked like raw gemstone. I think it makes this shield unique among the rest.

Next pack of screenshots! It's from September I guess, so quite current 😀

Level 491 during The Voice of Ruin check. Hope one day I'll meet him, but unfortunately not this time.

I had about 5 tousands experience points to the next level, so I made it next to my house 😀 You can see a part of it.

Of course I've took part in Rise of Devovorga event like every year before...

... and got free 2 levels! 🙂

And the last one on Oramond - wildlife creatures raid:

Finally after all these hunts and time sent on other things I made magic level!

Some achievements for map discovering. Well, not "some", just one 😆 I'm lazy.


First Draptor in my Bestiary.

... and boss of Dragons. I don't remeber if it was the same raid. Anyway...

Grand Mother Foulscale #5

My second Gravelord Oshuran during Arachir The Ancient One check 😀

... and the boss I was looking for:

If we are talking (or rather writing) about vampire lords, here is the next one - Zevelon Duskbringer #25

The Pale Count #7


Rotworm Queen #44

I barely check Rotworm Queen, since I've looted already 5 and to be honest I prefer to focus on bosses which drop rares I still don't have, but sometimes I do!

Fernfang #12

Well, I'm not as lucky as Mang, so I'm just killing Dharalions to get some for Wizard Outfit 😆

Countess Sorrow #5

My beloved Ocyakao 😀

It's all for now! See you in the next post  😎

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