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Jan 25 2020 05:37:58 CET Relembra Freek (Residence: Thais) (Free Account) Died at Level 8 by Grorlam. Relembra

Jan 24 2020 23:10:12 CET Char Bosschekk (Residence: Thais) (Premium Account) Died at Level 8 by a crustacea gigantica. Macabra

Jan 24 2020 18:54:45 CET Kabuhloso (Residence: Thais) (Premium Account) Died at Level 15 by a yeti. Impera

Jan 24 2020 14:26:18 CET Pe ca dor (Residence: Venore) (Premium Account) Died at Level 11 by a dire penguin. Kenora

Jan 24 2020 13:32:00 CET Oks Voodoo (Residence: Venore) (Premium Account) Died at Level 67 by Tyrn. Wintera

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