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Boss in the Egg Contest – Submissions Thread

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There's no photos of creating process. Tutorial how to upload pictures was available on the first post, as I already mentioned.


Time's up! thank you for all your awesome entries! 🙂

Thank you for participating in our contest. As usual, you surprised us with your ingenuity, talent, and dedication!

Nearly 40 works were prepared for the contest! From among them, our crew will evaluate them assigning 1-5 points for creativity and 1-3 points for final effect (appearance). The voting will involve:

  • Bosst
  • Mad Def
  • Makadamia
  • Mogh
  • Xizyy

We will choose as many as 10 works that will be forwarded to the fansite board where the admins of other fansites and CipSoft members will choose the winners.

Hello boss-hunters! I think it's time to announce the results of our latest "Boss in the Egg" contest!

Before I get to presenting the winners I want to mention a few facts about the voting process so that each of you can be sure of what it looked like from our side!

  • As many as 11 entries made it to the semi-finals (originally it was supposed to be 10, but due to the tie resulting from the TibiaBosses crew votes, the number was slightly increased),
  • Your works were judged by 10 admins from various fansites and 2 CipSoft members (12 voters total),
  • The entry indicated by the voter as first received 3 points, the work indicated as second received 2 points, and the work indicated as third received 1 point,
  • In accordance with the rules, team (and therefore also and admins) did not take part in the final voting.

So let's get to the results:

1st place:

Yeti by Psykeeh from Havera (14 points)

2nd place:

Maw by Mangusia from Antica (13 points)

3rd place: 

Fazzrah by Sacros Arturt from Quintera (12 points)


4th place:

Evil Mastermind by Kriiz Meow (Havera) and Planestrider by Helioth (Nefera) (11 points)

Thank you very much for participating in the contest we organized. Your works were really amazing.

Of course, if you have any doubts or questions, I will open a topic so that comments can be written again.

See you in the next contest!

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