TibiaBosses.com is a website that has been collecting screenshots of players hunting bosses for years. Below you will find images that have dispelled the doubts of many players for years, which have become interesting discoveries from the perspective of anyone interested.

We would like to present to you a unique gallery of highlighted screenshots that constitute the history of TibiaBosses.com!



  • Imparable Ed (Libertabra) – proving possibility of founding Xenia on a lower floor,
  • Korssain (Solidera) – published Mahatheb, a previously unknown boss,
  • Tynusiiaa (Antica) – discovering “Impaler” among the Mr.Punish loot,
  • Hunter of Dragoes (Pacera) – proving the possibility of looting Bunnyslippers from Yeti (on Test Server),
  • Haishen (Celesta) – discovering the way of triggering the Shadow version of bosses on Vengoth castle,
  • Wrap Man (Adra) – published The Hungerer, new Hive Outpost boss, being killed,
  • Bomdrax (Calmera) – proving the possibility of looting Amazon Armor from the Femor Hills Orc raid,
  • Amy Winehousse (Celebra) – looting double Silver Maces during Double Loot Event,
  • Ciemnye (Venebra) – proving the possibility of looting Great Shield from Massacre,
  • Grove Max (Celesta) – published the first screenshot showing the moment of looting Bunnyslippers from the Yeti raid on Folda,
  • Montshyak (Bona) – published the first screenshot ever that reveals Mahatheb’s unique and rare ability to summon 7 Djinns at once!