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Idea for a Fansite Item Contest - Submissions Thread

Nickname: Dani Lux

World: Gentebra

Item name:  Frozen Yeti

You see a frozen yeti. It weighs 120.00 oz.

Don’t touch this frozen yeti or you can be frozen too.

Sounds: “What happened to me?”; “"Yooodelaaahooohooo"”; “Someone can help me?”; “Help me, Tibia Bosses!”; “My heart keeps beating!”.

Story item: “A little adventurer was looking for a battle with Yeti, but when he met him he had a surprise. The Yeti was frozen!!! He was thinking what happened with the Yeti, maybe the winter were so strong or maybe a little wizard frozen him, who knows?”

I was thinking that we can provide cloths for a yeti. Using a bunnyslippers, a scarf and a Pair of Earmuffs. And even whit this acessories the Yeti was frozen.  I'm horrible with drawings, sorry for this.

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World : Secura

Nickname : Patry cek


Name item : The Book Memory of Bosses.

Text name item :  You see a The Book Memory of Bosses. It weighs 18.00 oz.

Desctription:This is book memory check bosses tibia world
fansite *TibiaBosses*

Story item : This book is reminding of bosses tibia hunt
Never forget !

Item sounds : Fansite items *TibiaBosses* Hellou Hunter Bosses !

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Nickname: Skivipipopop

World: Estela

Item name: Orc warlord doll

Text item: You see an orc warlord doll. It weighs 69.00 oz. It is wearing the armor of its defeated foe, as a taunting gesture towards others of its kind.

Story itemThe orcs have always been in war with the humans. Lately, the orcs have been facing some heavy resistance by a group of warrior women, called amazones. However, there was one orc warlord who managed to sneak up and ambush one of these women while she was all by herself. He stole her armor and wore it as a taunting gesture towards the rest of the amazones, hoping it would scare them from keeping up the resistance against the orcs.

Item sounds:  "Orc buta bana!", "Ikem rambo zambo!", "Fetchi Maruk Buta"


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Char: Didi Hadid
World: Zanera

Name of the item: Yeti Fluffy Slippers

You see Yeti Fluffy Slippers.
It weighs 7.50 oz. They'll make you warm through the coldest times. Awarded by

- It provides 5 sqm of white light.
- Story: Legend says a girl who was addicted to searching Tibia bosses once went to Folda, like many times before,
searching for the Yeti. However this particular time something was different, the wind was blowing like never before, it
was almost dark at 1:00 pm, how come?! Suddenly she saw a white fur ball, it looked just like the Yeti, she could swear it
was the Yeti but when she grabbed her sword to attack it, it just disappeared with the wind. But she didn't even have time
to get disappointed because right on the spot that the fur ball disappeared, there was a pair of fluffy yeti slippers. How
could that be? She had no idea, she just grabbed the fluffy slippers and ran happily home. Maybe the Yeti knew she wasn't
going to survive the encounter and left a small present to that tireless boss hunter.

- When you "use" it, it will make one of the five following sounds:

-Are you cold <player name>? I'll warm your feet.
-Winter is just lovely, isn't it?
-ROAR! Don't be afraid, I'm so fluffy!



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Nickname: Anjinha Marley

World: Menera

Item name:  True love box

Text itemYou see a True love box
 It weighs 18.00 oz.
 Open only when you find true love.

DescriptionA box that only someone who feels true love can find it. Awarded by

Story item
   A box of white oak forged from the higher trunks ... 
  ... tells the story of its creator who lost his true love in war Heart of Destruction. When he saw his darling were coldly murdered.  Madness has taken over your mind... forever!
  He fights to resurrect her, and created a box that only someone who feels true love could find it...

Item sounds

Will you marry me?
I found true love.
I love you!
Sketch of the item:


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Elfo Fantasma


Since only 3 submissions is allowed, I am replacing this one. 

Item name: "Boss Magic Box"

Look: You see a boss magic box. It weighs 15.00 oz. There is a magic surprise inside the box. Awarded by

Description/story: This item is supposed to be animated. After you use the item the Yeti will pop out. There's also the possibility of two phases stage where the box would be open all the time, like in the image #3. The closed box could be more ornamented aswell, for decoration purposes. Colors of the box could be dark blue and light blue with a golden insignia with TB carved in the middle.

Every boss hides a surprise. An achievement, a mysterious rare loot, for example. Anyway, finding a boss is a surprise itself. Many hunters spends days and hours in long journeys and rarely find one. This box represents the surprise a boss is on Tibia Lands.

This box was created a long time ago. After The Pathfinder prooved the world that bosses were still wandering Tibia, he was invited by the king to recieve a distinction as an aknowledgement for his services. King Tibianus awarded him with a royal medal and a little surprise. "You are good to find bosses, not as good as Noodles, of course.", said the King. "I asked Bozo to prepare another surprice for you". So Bozo handed this magic box to The Pathfinder. "Rotate the handler, my friend", said the clown holding his breathe not to laugh. When he rotated the handler a toy yeti jumped from the box and The Pathfinder jumped away making everybody laugh. He enjoyed the gift a lot. The fright not so much.

Sounds of the item: General Sounds-> "You are a true bosshunter, <char name>!"; "SURPRISE!";  "Hail TibiaBosses!"; "Where is my bunnyslippers?"; "Yooooodelaaaahooohahaha!"


Sketch of the item:

Nickname: Valesha

Wolrd: Zanera

Item name: Prodigious hunter doll.

Text item: You see a Prodigious hunter doll. It weighs 16.90 oz.
It was awarded by

text which is shown after looking on it in game: "Hail <character name><! Patience is a virtud", "Hail" 
                                         "you could find some boss in your search" "Goo cheeck FanPage"

Description:My idea is based on a two-stage doll, I decided to combine the being Hunter
(that the doll has the costume of Hunter woman), the search (map), and orientation (compass) for this. 
In the first instance a normal dummy is observed, but to the cavo that it passes a certain time 
will move, and to take out a map and a compass.

Story item: A long time ago there was a disciple of Elane, which stood out for his precise aim with the arch. Many called it "Prodigious" , was heading aimlessly when I hear among Thais, rumors that 
creatures were appearing mystically around the world. It was so much his curiosity to know about it that it was armed with a map and a compass and went in search of these 
creatures, but not knowing that their journey would not reach further from the vicinity of Venore, Well, hearing the cries of someone who thinks she was a witch chief, 
she was petrified and that.. That was his course. Now the only thing left of her is a doll.

Sound of item: "I'll find Theeem!" "Seearch!" "Huuunt!"

Sketch of the item:

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  1. Name. Czarodziejka
  2. Server : Peloria
  3. Item name : Yeti Shield
  4. You see an yeti shield (Def:0). It weighs 11.00 oz. It was awarded by TibiaBosses. The shield has been forged by elder yeti's masters.
  5. An elder Yeti master, the blacksmith, called Freegoiz once been killed by wild hunters on the way to home in Folda and lost the shield forged by himself, hunters stole the shield and its been hidden for a years in the deepest voids of Folda. Legend has it that the soul of Freegoiz has been locked in the shield.

  6. Item sounds : Once shield is used drops of blood running over his tooth and make sounds "I will destroy you" "Run as fast as you can"
  7. Sketch :


My second entry 

  1. Name. Czarodziejka
  2. Server : Peloria
  3. Item name : Baby Yeti Doll
  4. You see an baby yeti. It weighs 6.0 oz. It was awarded by TibiaBosses.
  5. During the hunt, deep in the forest on the Folda, 
    one of the wild hunters noticed the great beast.
    He wanted to shoot it. After a while he decided to sneak when the beast fell asleep.
    He did so when it get dark. Approaching her, he noticed a tiny fur ball under her paw. 
    He rubbed his eyes and, to his surprise, saw the sweetest toddler he had ever seen. 
    He gave up killing them, and when the second day he wanted to show it of the whole village,
    he found nothing. He made a mascot of a little monster that he found in the forest at the time. 
    He will never forget this view.
  6. Item sounds : Once baby yeti is used  its waving his hands and makes noise "Prrr prrrr" "Im the cutest fury baby"
  7. Sketch :


I am adding some more pictures how i made my sketches ? I spend some time on them and tried my best, but in fact i really enjoyed that.

close look ->

paws ->  

products ive used ->

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Nickname: Olivio Druid

World: Honbra

Name: Lil Welter

Text shown after looking:

You see Lil Welter.
It weighs 153.00 oz.
As if one head wasn't cute enough.

Description and story:

Lil Welter is a baby version of the boss The Welter,
it is intended to be a beatiful and unique item in-game,
but also to represent the soul of the fansite which is boss hunting.

Histories of a great black hydra who lived in the mountains of Tiquanda were well known in all kingdoms of Tibia.
Such stories arouse the interest of illustrious hunters, but none managed to kill the beast, until one day, when one Thaian lord traveled to Edron, looking for something that would aid in bringing the beast down, he eventually met Zoltan, great magician of the academy, who agreed to join him in his great hunt, and also, with the aid of Spectulus, create one powerful rune that would weaken The Welter, the noble managed to recruit some mercenaries and nomads to follow him to the ends of Tiquandra, they went there and found no ordinary beast, but instead a gangling and small black hydra, that for some unknown reason, dind't grew up. The lord returned to his city without the pride of a big game hunt, but with an odd pet, the lord cound't keep the little monster in his house so he gave it to the King, so he could find a better owner.

Sounds of the item after clicking it: "FCHHHH!", "<Lil Welter attempts to bite your finger>", "Fchh Fchhh", "
"*Terra strike effect* <Lil Welter throws an earth wave>", "*Ice strike effect* <Lil Welter throws an ice wave>".


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Nickname : Ultimate Drako Asasin

World : Solera

Item name : The Mirror of the Bosses

Text item : You see a The Mirror of the Bosses. It weighs 10.80 oz

Story : "The mirror of the gods is an object difficult to find today because it has been lost in the frozen tibian lands of winter, the story tells that a yeti built this mirror for the one who takes it to shine and illuminate the whole frozen city. generate new adventures and relive the history lived in times of cold weather."

Item Sounds: "¡Fansite Items, Tibia Bosses!" , "¡Hello Tibiano, Are you Handsome Today!", "It is a valuable article in your hands to help the Yetis"

Sketch Item: ?


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