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Bank Robbery bosses - the compendium (English version)

Portuguese version
Polish version

Bank Robbery is a mini-world change (MWC) which every professional bosshunter and achievement-hunter should always look after. We deal with 4 very interesting bosses and we have the possibility to get one rare and another - extremely rare achievement. While lots of sites mention locations of these bosses and general info about MWC, there is no comprehensive and complete guide to sum all possible info up.

We are pleased to present you the ultimate compendium about Bank Robbery MWC and bosses.

What is this event all about and what's in it for us? Long story short - a bank in one of the 4 cities gets robbed. We need to look after the thieves and bring back the gold, else the bank will not function normally - for example you won't be able to withdraw any money. We can get achievements and/or lots of money in return. I will elaborate on this later on.

How can we tell if this specific MWC is active? There are 4 possible ways:

  1. Ask bank NPCs in all cities that may be affected - Carlin, Ab'Dendriel, Thais and Venore. Bankers will react differently after they have been robbed, for example:
    Naji: HELP! We have been robbed! I can't give you any gold until the robber has been brought to justice or we have received a compensation from the king. I think the robbers ran towards the Ancient Temple.
  2. Stand near the Towncryer in Thais and listen to his announcements. Same as other MWCs, he can inform us about the Bank Robbery:
    Hear ye! Hear ye! Stand and deliver! That's what they shout, robbing banks in main's coastal towns and then hide out. Catch the thieves and make us proud, bring back the gold to please the crowd!

  3. Check all 4 respawn places of Bank Robbery bosses - either classically, by running around with 1 char or with several chars logged out in each location to check/kill.
  4.  Check the World Board, which can be found in Adventurer's Guild headquarters. It gets updated straightaway after the MWC triggers, with the message seen on the screenshots below:

What if you check the board and the MWC seems to be active, you run to the specific boss respawn location and the boss is not there? It means that someone has already killed the boss, but haven't returned the bag yet. Bad luck.


Here you will find detailed routes to each boss and some interesting facts about them. Just click on the specific name to expand the section.

Jesse the Wicked

Jesse the Wicked

Keep in mind that there are 2 banker NPCs in Thais - both are affected by the MWC and you can decide to whom you would like to return the bag with stolen gold.

It's quite easy to reach this boss, as he respawns in the underground of the Ancient Temple, so in close proximity to Thais. However, we need to go 4 levels down. It may be a good idea to use the in-built map markers to mark the holes beforehand, in order to make sure that you won't forget the way during the MWC. This little trick may come in handy also with most of the other bosses.

Detailed route:

Jesse is ideal to be checked/killed by logged out low-lvl char. There are only some weak orcs in this location, so it's safe to use stealth rings and check very easily.

Elvira Hammerthrust

Elvira Hammerthrust

We've got a long way to go, to reach her. Elvira robbed the bank in Ab'Dendriel and hid really far away in one of the dwarven mines, west of Kazordoon. The route is not very complicated, you just need to remember which mine to enter, still it requires some minutes to reach her, especially if you are running straight from Ab'Dendriel.

Detailed route:

Note that we have provided you with the most accurate boss respawn location. Other sites marked it wrongly. Just as you go down to lvl -4, the boss should be in close proximity to the rope place.

You can log out a stealth ringed char on lvl -3 (4th route picture). There are only dwarfs, so it's safe. You can just quickly go down to check if the boss is there or not.

Here is the movie of killing the boss, by Mogh:

Robby the Reckless

Robby the Reckless

Robby's location is very distant from Carlin. We need to get to Ghostland's undergrounds to find him. There is one positive fact about it - not every player (especially those less experienced ones) knows how to get there fast. Additionally, Carlin is not excessively populated, so the chance of someone finding out that the MWC is active by asking banker NPC is relatively low (similar to Ab'Dendriel).


Detailed route:

There are some places on lvl -2 with just scorpions so it's possible to log out stealth ringed char there and just take the ring off while checking Robby's respawn with ghouls.



Mornenion respawns in Shadowthorn, which is not that far away from Venore. Getting to him shouldn't take more than 2 minutes if you know the way.

Detailed route:

It's a popular FACC hunting place, you can also do the bestiary for thornfire wolf and crystal wolf here, as well as tame that last one. Undoubtedly this place is popular, so it often happens that Mornenion is being killed by some random player, unaware of the MWC.

Mornenion can be checked by logged out char. There are some possible logout places in the undergrounds and just before the entrance to the fortress.

Kill movie by Mogh:


Boss Killed in Tibia since 2015 Killed on Antica since 2015 Killed on Astera since 2015
Mornenion 1707 48 49
Robby the Reckless 1638 41 47
Elvira Hammerthrust 1597 53 53
Jesse the Wicked 853 19 28
sum 5795 161 177

Let's analyze this data, captured on 6th June 2021. We can see that Mornenion is the most killed Bank Robbery boss, as his respawn place is also a quite popular hunting spot. On the other hand, Jesse has been killed the least amount of times out of all bosses. Antica's and Astera's stats can help us to understand how often the MWC occurs. We know that Guildstat's data is being gathered since 21st Feb 2015. So based on Antica's total number of kills (161) and the time that has passed (2298 days), we can divide these numbers. The result is approximately 14  - it means that the Bank Robbery boss was killed statistically every 14 days on Antica the same calculation results in 13 days on Astera. Of course, some bosses could be missed, but these 2 servers (especially Antica) are largely populated, so the data should be accurate enough.

So it looks like this MWC occurs approximately every 2 weeks. But we should also check the kill stats of single bosses to make the research complete. We will focus on Mornenion and Robby, as it seems that they are the bosses with the least chance to be missed.

Stats of Mornenion from approx. last 2 years - Antica:

Stats of Robby from approx. last 2 years - Astera:

The single bosses stats above look a bit confusing. The timespan between boss kills is totally randomized. We can notice that it was as short as 2 days up to even 175 days. The conclusion is simple - there is no pattern. Even if one of the bosses is killed approximately every 2 weeks, they should be checked as often as possible to increase your chances of meeting and killing them.

I have to admit that such wide randomization would make regular bosshunting much more interesting than it is now and it would bring back the oldschool thrill of the hunt when there were no sites or other tools to track the bosses.

Achievements and gold

We can take part in this MWC multiple times. Each time we return a bag with stolen gold, we get 10 platinum coins. Additionally, the 1st returned bag will grant us the Honest Finder achievement, which is worth 1 achievement point.


But that's not all. 5 returned bags are needed to get a very rare Goldhunter achievement, worth 2 points. Are you an achievement hunter? Bag with stolen gold is the Bag You Desire. 😉


There is one very important thing to be taken into consideration - you can trade these bags of gold to other players. They are not character-bound. But note that they will disappear along with the next server save so you have to hurry. Is trading bags worthwhile? That depends on your server and the availability of achievement hunters. Personally, I have seen them being sold even for 10kk. It, of course, requires some time to find a buyer, but don't hesitate to use the Advertising chat or to write a post on your server's trade subforum on

At the end of the day, you may end up with quite a fortune in your hands.


Interesting facts

Haishen managed to do something which requires really massive amounts of luck. He killed Elvira during one of the 2x loot events. She and the rest of the Bank Robbery bosses have regular loot, so it of course gets doubled. Two bags with stolen gold could possibly give an interesting possibility regarding the achievements.

Haishen returned 2 bags at once to NPC. He received the usual reward and MWC ended. Logically, two bags should be counted towards his Goldhunter achievement. Not long ago he killed his 4th boss and returned his (overall) 5th bag. Surprisingly, he didn't get the achievement, so thanks to him we have possibly the first proof ever, that regardless of the number of bags returned at once - only one counts.

Having that knowledge - be warned! Don't buy the bag during the 2x loot events, as you may get scammed. Either buy 2 bags at once or none.

What happens if NPC asks us if we found the bag and we deny it (while really having the bag with us)?

NPC "feels" that we have the bag, but just accepts the fact that we're not giving it back and ends the conversation.

Very little info about Bank Robbery bosses abilities can be found on the web. We have noticed that Robby the Reckless is probably able to heal himself, and his "burst" attack which probably deals physical damage.

Mogh has found 2 new sounds of Robby the Reckless!

And 2 new sounds of Elvira Hammerthrust!


It looks like no one has published them yet, enjoy. 🙂

Jesse the Wicked is a clear allusion to famous outlaw and bank robber - Jesse James!



Special thanks to Mogh and Haishen for their invaluable help and materials which are the core of this article.

Also, thanks to Makadamia for the beautiful banner and to Xizyy for Portuguese translation.



Is there any report of someone having delivered more often? By the possibility of having an achievement to deliver, for example, 10 times? An undisclosed secret achievement? Currently delivered 8 times, I'm trying to get to 10

No achiev for 10