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Makadamia [Bona]

Hello! I decided to make my own life thread here, to show some of the most interesting adventures from the game. As u can see in the title, my character name is Makadamia, Elder Druid. For over 3 years I was playing on Harmonia, but recently I changed server and now you can meet me on Guardia. My favorite way of playing since I remember was looking for bosses and collecting rare items. Sometimes I'm trying myself in different kinds of contests organized by official Tibia fansites. Now, because of many stuff in real life, I'm a semi-retired boss-hunter, but I hope there is still a lot to show on screenshots! If you want to know my character better, check out my life thread on!

Let's start with a summation of my game career from level 100 to level 400!

Same day after little accident on Roshamuul I lost my level 🙁

Jul 31 2016, 22:37:03 CEST Died at Level 400 by a frazzlemaw.

So 400 lvl one more time!

Here are my quite current SKILLS without equipment:

My favourite mount is definitely Lady Bug!

I've got also Midnight Panther, Draptor, Undead Cavebear, Ringtail Wacoon, and Skorpion King.

There is still a lot of mounts I want to tame, like Sparkion, Shockhead, Manta Ray, Uniwheel, Tin Lizzard, Rift Runner, Rapid Broar, and Glooth Glider. It will take a lot of time, cus I prefer to loot all of the taming items by myself than simply buy them.

Time to show mine rares! Of course, there is a lot of players among Tibia with a more impressive collection, but for me, the most important is that I gathered it on my own 🙂

Items I get in team:

 2x 3x  2x  15x 2x    3x  

3x  2x    2x

Items I get solo:

4x3x2x 4x 17x 41x2x2x

 2x 2x   2x    2x  


It's all for now! Hope u like it and visit me here to see further adventures! 🙂

Woow, u have a lot of rare items 😛

Good luck bro!

good grinding =]

Thanks guys!

This post (and the next one) shows adventures from past so don't be surprised that in such a short time I've collected so many screenshots. But soon I will show only current stuff, promise!

Let's start with achievements:

And very old one (water has different colour):

Achievement for killing Prince Drazzak:

Guess why I'm in temple 😛 But fortunately rest of my pro team slained this boss easily few seconds later.

Another shit loot from Zulazza The Corruptor:

And Cublarc The Plunderer on the same raid few minutes before main bosses spawn:

Another Cublarcs from different orc raids:

Rotworm Queen #37

Dharalion #21

Well, maybe one day I'll loot Cornucopia, cus now only profit from this boss are Holy Orchids, which I collect to make addons 😀

Man In The Cave #17

Sir Valorcrest #10

... and another one:

Arachir The Ancient One #8

Arachir The Ancient One #9


Diblis The Fair #12

Zevelon Duskbringer #12

Time for some Undead Cavebears!


Time for some stronger bosses!

Let's start with my sixth Tyrn:

The Welter #6

... and one of my favourite boss - Zushuka!

Unfortunately with no luck:


Wow that's so nice! Just recently I got into this 'boss checking thing' since leveling doesn't really give me any pleasure :/

but boss checking is fun! 🙂

now that you are on Guardia there will be some competition 😛 let's see who gets those bosses first 😉

I also really enjoyed your casts , helped me find some bosses' locations 🙂 + it was fun seeing you fight 😀


Mage 🙂

Thanks for comment! I'm really happy that u appreciate my screenshots and videos 🙂 You don't have to worry cus I barely check bosses on Guardia, too many things to do with my friends on this server now 😀 Good luck and have fun in game!

Some another screenshots from Harmonia! Prepare for a looooooooooooong post. Next will show current adventures from Guardia 😀

Let's start with levels 🙂

Two levels during Rise of Devovorga Event:

Recent achievement "Berry Picker":

Finally achievements for making Hive tasks 100 times!




Little luck on Lancer Beetle raid - Silver Raid Token #18

... and Silver Raid Token #19

Hmm... not very strong boss, but still boss - Zomba!

... and Undead Cavebears:

Cublarc The Plunderer #82

Cublarc The Plunderer #83

Rotworm Queen #38

Rotworm Queen #39

I'm very lucky with Dharalion, but also very unlucky with looting Cornucopia 😕

It's time for some Vampire Lords!

Zevelon Duskbringer #13

Zevelon Duskbringer #14

Arachir The Ancient One #10


Arachir The Ancient One #11

Two Hirintrors without interesting loot 🙁

... and the next one on Nibelor:

So I killed 15 Hirintrors and the only luck was  from my FIRST boss 🙁

Thanks No Pasaran!

Zushuka #9

"Dominando" on pirates raid 😀

+ after few seconds next boss!

Finally Ferumbras! Loot isn't as well as I wanted, but still profit 😀

What is more, I want to kill every "rare" or just less known boss at least once!

list of rare bosses

  • Barbaria
  • Battlemaster Zunzu
  • Big Boss Trolliver
  • Captain Jones
  • Dreadmaw
  • Flamecaller Zazrak
  • Fleabringer
  • Foreman Kneebiter
  • General Murius
  • Grand Mother Foulscale
  • Grandfather Tridian
  • Gravelord Oshuran
  • Grorlam
  • Hairman The Huge
  • High Templar Cobrass
  • Mahatheb
  • Rukor Zad
  • Smuggler Baron Silvertoe
  • The Big Bad One
  • The Blightfather
  • The Evil Eye
  • The Frog Prince
  • The Manhunter
  • The Mean Masher
  • The Old Whopper
  • The Voice Of Ruin
  • Tzumrah The Dazzler
  • Warlord Ruzad
  • Xenia
  • Yaga The Crone
  • Zarabustor

Recently I killed boss of Lancer Beetles - The Blightfather and boss of Kongras - Hairman The Huge!

... and I think it was good time to say "good bye" to Harmonia and start new adventures on different server, cus less dominando shit = more fun!


Time to show up some adventures from quite new for me server - Guardia! Here most of the time I spend on hunts or fighting with different kind of token-bosses, so those which spawn is random I met rarely, but hope u will like the screenshots anyway 🙂

Some levels for good begenning:

This year The Mutated Pumpkin really dissapointed me... Again I didn't loot , only some rubbish 🙁

Some achievements added to my collection!

Finally I made "Hat Hunter", which was impossible on Harmonia if u wanted to stay neutral 🙁

... and Shaburak Nemesis 🙂

When I was doing "Askarak Nemesis", I got one Demonic Finger... this time situation was the same and I get my second Demonic Finger 🙂

Time for some bosses 🙂

Firstly - little luck on Mazoran!

It was lucky boss-hunt, cus few minutes later our team looted also Death Gaze 🙂

Rotworm Queen #40

It was quite spontaneous - "Let's check POI bosses, I feel we will be lucky!"...

Handmaiden #2

And finally my 10th Zushuka with my 2nd Icy Culottes 🙂

Good looking and impressive as always 😀