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Orc raids and Amazon Set - Mythbusters (English Version)

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There is plenty of information about orc raids and legendary amazon set on various fansites, but what irritates me and Makadamia is that most of this info is simply false! We decided to team up and carefully check all available sources to finally bust or confirm myths that accrued around these mysterious raids.


Why orcs raid Tibian lands and why do they drop amazon items? NPC Thanita on top of the Tower of Whitewatch can provide us an answer.  Short dialogue reveals that she's an amazon guard on the duty of Queen Eloise/Carlin, who's job is to defend the tower against fierce orc attacks. If we help her to fight off the orcs, she's willing to let us keep all items looted from the tower, which they may carry with them. As Thanita is an amazon guard, the conclusion is obvious - items kept in the tower are parts of the amazon set and all 3 pieces can be looted there.

Short dialogue with NPC Thanita which reveals the lore behind the orc raids and possible loot:

Why are these items so legendary? First of all, it may take years to loot one of these. We have cleared about 14 Femor Hills raids along with Makadamia and we were not lucky to loot anything interesting. Let's say that you manage to kill all Femor Hills raids on your server - 12x during a year. There is absolutely no guarantee that amazon piece would drop. There are people with 30+ raids experience who have never looted any part of the set.

The rarity and the fact that all 3 sprites are simply beautiful makes the set very expensive. According to current prices on Antica (main Tibian trading hub), you would have to pay at least 700-800kk for the whole set.

Some external (and possibly outdated) sources appear to confirm the theory that amazon set parts can only be looted during Femor Hills raid. According to them, there is no possibility of looting amazon items elsewhere.  The same source claims that the percentage chances to loot amazon items are the following:

- 0.8%
- 0.6%
- 0.4%

Note that this is unofficial information, so we cannot take it as solid proof.

Minor Orc raids

All of the orc raids vary. It appears that some of them are just recon patrols while there is also a full-scale attack on Thais where the whole city is surrounded by an orc army. Nevertheless, there are overall 3 minor raids.
Two of them undoubtedly won't let you loot anything better than Silver Raid Token .

Let's sum up the facts about each of these 3 raids.

 Orc raid in the woods. This minor orc raid occurs north-east of Carlin.

00:00: Some Orcs are assembling in the woods between Carlin and Northport. (1st wave of orcs)
<2nd wave of orcs>
00:08: Orcs are attacking Carlin from the north-east! (3rd wave -orc shamans, berserkers, and leaders spawn)

Notice that orc warlords do not spawn during this raid, so logically there is no chance to get any amazon set pieces. Also, nothing interesting to be looted, except silver raid tokens.

Small Orc raid north of Thais.

00:00: Some Orcs are assembling north of Thais.

This raid is often confused with the main orc army attack on Thais. You will encounter only normal orcs and orc spearmen, so there is also nothing interesting to be looted, except silver raid tokens.

Orc raid on Thais Lighthouse.

Out of the aforementioned 3 raids, this one is the most interesting. It's unannounced, but unlike the Femor Hills one, it occurs more often - about once a week. Moreover, there are warlords present, so lots of people are sure that there MUST be a chance to loot amazon piece here. Let's bust the 1st myth. You will not loot any amazon pieces during this raid. Literally no one ever published a proof with amazon loot, be it a screenshot, a movie, or anything else. I've cleared more than 25 of these raids, I've been monitoring the web for 15 years already and nothing. We can safely assume that since the introduction of this raid, tens of thousands of orc warlords have been killed in this particular place. Absolutely no sight of valuable loot.

Throughout the years many fansites have been spreading the false info, being sure that you can loot amazon armor/helmet during this raid.
This is simply copying the same false info which someone published, but never proved - probably many years ago.
You have to be especially careful while looking for info on fansites where each user can create content - like TibiaWiki, or TibiaQA. These are just examples, we respect all official fansites, but remember that it's always good to double or even triple check the acurateness and author of such info.

One of the greatest myths of Tibia, legendary major raid of orc on Carlin. As big as the main raid on Thais. There is the lore which could possibly prove the possibility of such attack  ("The Amazons I", book in Carlin's library). But there is no evidence that this raid ever happened. Maybe it was planned to be added, or just doesn't work due to bug of some kind.

Do you believe it exists? Please read the below.

It's so silly and so simple at the same time. Femor Hills are near Carlin, right? Someone must have said like 15 years ago - "OMG there was an orc attack on Carlin!" But it was Femor Hills tower that got attacked... And guess what happened, all fansites started to duplicate this info again and again.

Here is an example of a fansite spreading false information. Note that we're not questioning the reliability of any site. But those who create the content are also players and they copypaste/spread the unproven info or take myths as reality. Whether they do it intentionally or not, false info always make its way to official fansites and there is no way to avoid it. Cipsoft and game developers can be treated as a 100% reliable source, but it doesn't happen very often for them to take a stand in such cases.

There. Is. NO. Direct. Orc. Attack. On. Carlin


Prove it, you would say. Be my guest:

  • I've been looking for any reliable info about this raid since I started playing Tibia (early 2005) - nothing. 15 years of research.
  • I have seen only ONE screenshot which was supposed to prove that this raid exists. There were lots of orcs near the north gate of Carlin and in close proximity to Queen Eloise. I have later found out that it wasn't taken on the real Tibia server. I've tried to find it to show you, but apparently it's not available anywhere, anymore.
  • I used to have a char left near the north gate of Carlin. I've checked it regularly for about 2 years. I've seen reports of people who also used to have such chars left there. No sight of any orc raid.
  • There is no screenshot on the entire web which proves that this raid exists. I've wasted several dozen of hours trying to find anything. I've even used some very advanced web searching skills which are required for my rl job. There is nothing.

We consider this myth officially busted. Feel free to quote us.

One of the biggest and most epic tibian raids. In the past it occurred very rarely, about 2 times a year. Nowadays it seems to happen more often, approximately once every 1-3 months.

00:00: Orc activity near Thais reported! Beware!

00:04:<2nd wave of attacks>

00:07: Thais is under attack!

00:09:<4th and the last wave>

This attack used to be really scary. I remember when I attended it for the first time, in 2005. Many people were scared to leave the depot, let alone get close to the gates.

My first orc attack on Thais, Trimera 2005. Notice the human bodies and the number of people attending the event.

Years passed and the raid is not very challenging anymore, but there are also some myths related to it, which should be dealt with.

There are quite a lot of orc warlords to be killed, at the end of the attack. But let's ask ourselves - why do we expect them to drop amazon set? In case of Femor Hills, the lore is simple and self-explanatory, but here? It just doesn't add up.

Let's imagine the orc army marching through Tibia to reach Thais.

Here is a map with possible routes shown with black wax. The question mark represents Amazon Camp.

I don't think that the route through Amazon Camp is very likely for the orcs to take. Amazons surely can defend themselves and there are no reports, books, or sights of an orc army marching through the camp. Moreover, are we sure that local amazons even use amazon sets? Let's take a quick loot into their treasure room:

2 rare helmets, one pair of boots, and no other sight of interesting/amazon equipment. This is very interesting, but let's move on and go back to Thanita mentioned earlier in the article. She serves the Queen and it's the Queen + headquarters of Carlin who properly equip her and take care of the tower. It appears that amazons in "wild" camps don't have such high-end equipment.

Back to the facts now.

No one ever published a screenshot nor video with any amazon set piece looted during the main orc raid on Thais. There is also a myth stating that amazon items can be looted only near the north gate - unproven nonsense.

And here comes the game-changer, straight from Tibiabosses. We have an on-going screenshot contest with weekly/monthly/yearly prizes.
It happened that we received a very interesting screenshot from Seikatsu. It appeared unique, so it easily made its way through and was chosen (with some other screenshots) for the monthly prize. Take a look:

We sent a few screenshots from that month to Cipsoft and fansite admins to vote on and guess what happened? Cipsoft stated that Seikatsu's screenshot is faked and should be banned from the contest. There are two possible explanations of this situation:

  • They checked the history of amazon armor drops and found out that there wasn't any Seikatsu's server during that time.
  • Or, more likely, it's not possible to loot amazon set pieces during Thais raid.

This is sad, but let's face the truth. There is no evidence and it's been over 15 years since the orc raids got implemented to the game. Once again we're talking about thousands of orc warlords killed during this particular raid.

The last raid that is left, the one we all should aim for is the Femor Hills raid. I've given you the background and lore behind the Tower of Whitewatch so let's move straight to the facts.
This is the only location/event where you can loot an amazon set piece - all of them to be exact. All amazon shields, armors, and helmets which you have ever seen either on screenshots, market or in someone's house were looted there.

Amazon Shield

Interesting fact - Gwiazda Ekranu looted this shield during his first Femor Hills raid ever.

Amazon Armor

The source of this screenshot is unofficial forum, but it was looted on my former server and I confirm that it's real:

And one more - amazon armor screenshots are very hard to find:

Amazon Helmet

It was the 2nd prize in our Screenshot and Video of the Year 2018 contest:

And one more from the former highest level of Tibia - Maurolkit. Looted in 2010 during his first Femor Hills raid ever:

Official sources:  (Tibiabosses Screenshot and Video of the Year 2018 contest),31995,7:0 (starting graphic)


Special thanks to:

  • Makadamia. It was her idea to write this article. Her contribution, materials, and overall help to make it happen were invaluable. High five!
  • Mogh for his help with finding unusual, but great unofficial source.
  • Xizyy for translating the article to Portuguese.
  • Maurolkit for the full screenshot of his amazon helmet loot, information, and permission to use them. 🙂
  • Gwiazda Ekranu for permission to use his screenshot with amazon shield and background behind getting it.
  • Eldiuca for his screenshot with amazon armor.

nice topic!!

Excellent article. I would like to point out that Tibia QA is a website where the data is literally decided by the public and also voted by the public. The selection of the best answer was made by a website user in the mentioned link. We care about content quality but users have the freedom to decide if an answer is fit or not.

I've made an edit in the answer over there since we had a good study about Orc Raids over here. The question over there does not contain a reference to Amazon Sets being dropped on Thais Lighthouse raid. Tibia QA users have the freedom to edit answers made by other users and also downvote content. In Tibia QA, edits can also be rewarded with points that can be traded for an exclusive item, so we actually support an environment where people will always pursuit a high quality content.

Again, it would be nice if you could do a small edit regarding the modification in the link cited in your article. Thanks for again for being a mythbuster on such theme 🙂



TibiaQA moderator

Thanks FPoPP.
Please notice that the mentioned question was just an example of something which is not possible to entirely avoid on fansites with user-created content. It's not our intention to discredit TibiaQA and its content or any other fansite.

Unfortunately we have lost a good example of what I've mentioned above due to your edit. :/
I understand your point though and also edited the article accordingly.

Congratulations! Great researches that demystify gossips and hoaxes about this subject!

Now about us, we need to say that we are an open encyclopedia, we are based on the concept of collective knowledge: which grows depending on the information received from various sources, our community being the most important. Many of these information are constantly changed or get outdated.

It's importante to add that every single user has the opportunity to edit our encyclopedia. And even though, despite our constant efforts so our articles wouldn't get any misinformation, sometimes we miss a detail; which is instantly fixed once figured out. Any help and constructive feedback is, and will always be, very welcome and of vital importance for the enrichment and conclusion of our articles.

We also emphasize that the topics related to this subject have already been altered; beyond that it also now includes a link to this great article. Whenever there is other topics demystified, which information found on TibiaWikiBR are not according to the true, we would thank if you guys could point it out to our staff, or even if you edit that yourselves, making a great favor to our whole community.

We wish you lots of success, today and forever on!

Best regards,

TibiaWikiBR staff
Liok Dama, Sub Adm TibiaWikiBR.

Quote from Williams on 28 April 2020, 22:59

Thanks FPoPP.
Please notice that the mentioned question was just an example of something which is not possible to entirely avoid on fansites with user-created content. It's not our intention to discredit TibiaQA and its content or any other fansite.

Unfortunately we have lost a good example of what I've mentioned above due to your edit. :/
I understand your point though and also edited the article accordingly.

No problem. I understand and respect the intention. The article was really concise and certainly is a great information for tibians! But due to the following sentences: "Throughout the years many fansites have been spreading the false info, being sure that you can loot amazon armor/helmet during this raid. Here is an example from TibiaQA, where the best selected answer states that Thais Lighthouse orc raid should be prioritized due to a chance to get some big money" I believe that some people would maybe think that Tibia QA endorses poor information. While we give freedom for users to upvote/downvote content, I think that the phrases above can be a little bit to strong for a platform where the same controversial information mentioned in the article was contested by other Tibia QA user in April 8th (which is a good thing in Tibia QA: Even before I did the edit, there was another user arguing about the lack of evidence presented almost a month ago. That's why I think that Tibia QA made something to stand out, since it made sure to give space for better answers and explanations).

I also made sure to edit an entry where I posted some information about Amazon Set items that now we can assume that it is not accurate after so many tests mentioned in your article. It is a really good read about the issue, although here the user questioning didn't select any answer as the best. One user here also argued about Amazon Set items being something only for Femur Hill tower,:

Your great article was added as a source in my answer! Thanks ^^

I made an account just to congratulate and pay my respect to your research. I will try to get to this Raid ASAP and let you know what i find.

Quote from Miasf on 5 April 2021, 21:49

I made an account just to congratulate and pay my respect to your research. I will try to get to this Raid ASAP and let you know what i find.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We feel very appreciated! 🙂

22/04/2021 Recently a player dropped a Amazon Armor in Femor Hills. World Garnera. Orc Invasion.
Twitch Clip  Here

I think this sets in stone your findings.

Anyone knows how long +- untill the raid happens again?


Great article 🙂

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