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Makadamia [Bona]

I'm back with new levels!

Double experience/skill weekend on Asuras 😀

Making bestiary on WOTE solo is horrible. Don't do it, if you don't want to loose all your inner enthusiasm to the life 😆

After all I made next magic level:

I'm still not checking bosses, so I don't have much screenshots to show...

Cublarc The Plunderer #103

Diblis The Fair #23


... and finally something special, I was so happy that I've met him!

Smuggler Baron Silvertoe #1

list of rare bosses

  • Barbaria
  • Battlemaster Zunzu
  • Big Boss Trolliver
  • Burster
  • Captain Jones
  • Dreadful Disruptor
  • Dreadmaw
  • Flamecaller Zazrak
  • Fleabringer
  • Foreman Kneebiter
  • General Murius
  • Grand Mother Foulscale
  • Grandfather Tridian
  • Gravelord Oshuran
  • Grorlam
  • Hairman The Huge
  • High Templar Cobrass
  • Mahatheb
  • Rukor Zad
  • Smuggler Baron Silvertoe
  • The Big Bad One
  • The Blightfather
  • The Evil Eye
  • The Frog Prince
  • The Manhunter
  • The Mean Masher
  • The Old Whopper
  • The Voice Of Ruin
  • Tzumrah The Dazzler
  • Warlord Ruzad
  • Xenia
  • Yaga The Crone
  • Zarabustor

Another consolation prizes:

3rd Dark Whispers

4th Dark Whispers

5th Dark Whispers

2nd Enchanted Sleep Shawl

2nd Book Backpack

I rather don't visit Warzones very often, but recently I tried my luck and the only gnome item was... Gnome Sword 😆 Still better than nothing, right?

See you soon! 🙂

Hello! Today I want to present my newest design for - an Omnscient Owl 😀 I have won my third "Fansite Item Contest" and after 6 months finally got this adorable bird 🙂

Why an owl? Because it's world symbol of knowledge! Sounds like perfect idea for the item which represents TibiaQA. The foundation of this fansite is to create huge database of question and answers to help you guys with resolving all your doubts. Worth to add, that Omniscient Owl is avaliable in their contribution program! You don't have to take part in the contests if you don't like. All you have to do is to build TibiaQA's community!

Well, hope you like it!

Well, when I saw the entries of other contestants I knew that the outcome was never really in doubt. And you won with the Lupus Aurelius himself, that must be satisfactory as hell.

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