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Makadamia [Bona]

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I'm so excited to finally share with you screenshots from Bona, the server I've played for so many years that feels like home! 😀 I've missed these people, but finally, I can troll them again between hunts and boss-checks. And thank you, too, to everyone who welcomed me after this absence. It's been lovely!

Despite this change, we will still start the old way - with levels!

As you can see, we have quite a bit of profit pressure, so we choose places that don't give much XP/h, nevertheless, I'm slowly moving forward with the level.

I'll admit that Sphinxes have long been boring to me. However, shuffles are a good opportunity to visit such forgotten places!

So far everything looks great if it weren't for one little mishap! One time when I was coming back from a POI I was staring at my phone and... ...the bloodthirsty Minotaurs came after me. Unfortunately, I didn't survive that fight!

The worst are such senseless and stupid deaths. And when I was buying blesses I came across a weird mammoth that just stuck its trunk in rock and froze in that position for over 15 minutes.

With the help of my amazing knight, I was able to get one of the outfits collectible in exchange for Tournament Coins! Thanks, Melon! 😀

I wish we had taken advantage of previous editions of the Tournament and only had fun at the last two.

I made a rather unusual choice, as it fell on the Veteran Paladin Outfit. The vast majority chose the one corresponding to the knight or magic profession. Despite the fact that I'm a druid, I liked the paladin outfit the most. The female version looks nice - it's not as big as Lion of War Outfit, while the one for mage doesn't appeal to me at all.

Rathleton Plaza 4

At Monza, I decorated my knight's house in a color scheme of purple and yellow. By complete coincidence, we came across an opportunity to purchase the exact same house at Bona! Of course, we took advantage of it and I decided to refresh the previous decoration by adding a few Tournament and Store items.

Also, the decoration on the upper floor was completely changed, although the color scheme - although in slightly warmer shades - remained the same. Then I mentioned that the decoration cost 200 TC. The current one, however, is more than twice as expensive. I had to spend 550 Tibia Coins on it.

How do you like the changes?

And staying around the theme of houses... I would like to show off a screenshot from my house, in which I present a small gift I received as a admin for participating in the organization of a "Dress Like a Boss" contest hosted on the occasion of Fansite Appreciation Day. It's a beautiful gift, especially since I've always dreamed of this badge and even though it's statistically the most given out, I've never managed to win it.

The last medal I'm missing in my collection is the Heavy Medal, maybe someday I'll be able to win it, although I've noticed that lately it's become fashionable in contests to give away Golden Rune Emblems, which have lost their value more than twice recently and are now hard to sell to anyone.

It's also time for an update on TibiaDrome adventures... Which I still don't take too seriously, but if I can just get some potion, great!

As I've mentioned in the past: it's all or nothing!

So far I managed to get:

  • 3x  Stamina Extension
  • 1x  Bestiary Betterment
  • 1x  Charm Upgrade
  • 1x Holy Amplification

I also managed to finally get some rare loot from the daily boss. I have had no luck with them lately. I shouldn't complain, because valuable items are looted by my teammates (e.g. from Brainstealer), so the profit is nice, but I usually can't boast about anything here.

Okay, so... I think it's time for some bosses!

Once upon a time, when I was returning from POI...

I also came across the popular Orc Marauder raid among the steppes of Zao, where I met Cublarc the Plunderer twice.

Cublarc The Plunderer #118

From 119th I dropped another Disgusting Trophy! In total, I have already looted 4 pieces of this rare item. You may have noticed earlier in the post - two of them are decorating my knight's house.

Arachir The Ancient One #28-29

Countess Sorrow #13

And I'll end the topic with two Welters, from which, of course, I looted nothing special. Maybe one day I will finally see some yellow loot from bosses with a reward chest system.

The Welter #21

The Welter #22

See you in the next post!


I haven't been here for ages! I ultimately did not have time to prepare screenshots, which made me accumulate content for 3 more posts. I think it's the right time to catch up with this thread, while I still remember more or less what was going on then 😀
To illustrate how long I've been slacking - these screenshots are from 2-3 months ago.

I am always mega excited when I can show off another magic level. It costs me a lot of money to improve my skills, and it's money earned in the game, with my hands, so I'm all the more proud of this result.

It's already hard to be as proud of a level these days when it's so easy to buy 1000 lvl for real money, but tradition is tradition, so I'm also inserting more levels gained!

I know that there are plenty of RPG players on this fansite who find character leveling extremely boring and... I have never agreed with them! Hunting together is really a lot of fun, especially with long-time friends that you enjoy spending time with. The problem, unfortunately, is the limitations caused by the small selection of places to hunt.... what choice in 2022 does EK+ED have? On most of these places playing duo gives less experience per hour than a much lower-level Royal Paladin can easily do. Has Tibia ever been so badly balanced? For the time being, we are betting on profit, because there are quite a few goals to achieve (items to buy).

Midnight Panther is a rare guest in this thread. I don't usually hunt this mount, and I came across this one by chance. I ran through Tiquanda on a map click, the character stood up, and when I turned my gaze toward the game window, the panther was close to killing me. It didn't make it, I killed it, and thus it became the 10th panther on my account.

Arachir The Ancient One #30

Arachir The Ancient One #31

Zushuka #21

I'm sad to say that Zushuka is also quite a rare guest in this thread lately, which is a shame! She is definitely one of my favorite bosses. On the other hand in the case of The Welter, I was lucky and this time also managed to meet him. Unfortunately, no valuable loot, but it was nice to meet him again.

The Welter #23

Tyrn COMBO! There's never enough of this boss.

And here we've got the 33th Tyrn:

The Imperor #3

It will be interesting to see who will be the first to loot the Tempest Shield. Me, or Bomdrax? 😉

Who knows? Knowing my luck, it will be Bomdrax! 😀 So far I've had a little luck killing the fourth Dracola in my life.

This is the second Reaper's Axe in my career. The first one I looted a few years ago from the first Dracola I met. This boss likes me!

Well, this post was pretty straightforward, aside from leveling character and checking out bosses not much was going on. I've gotten too used to publishing contest-related content in almost every post. This time there is nothing to brag about. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed it.

See you next time!


I've noticed that I'm creating more and more traditions myself on this topic. I guess the most noticeable one is the black frames around each screenshot. I've been doing this since 2014, so it's not likely to change! Another tradition is the schematic insertion of screenshots by theme: magic level ➝ level ➝ achievements ➝ bosses ➝ contests.

I'm announcing a new tradition: whining that I haven't been here for ages in the introduction to the post! 😀 And seriously, preparing screenshots so that I'm satisfied with it myself takes time, and sometimes I don't even have it for a couple of months. Fortunately, yesterday I caught up on content creation a few posts ahead!

Meanwhile, here we are in the second half of June, this is what my adventures looked like at the time:

It promises to be fascinating, I know! 😀 And this is the beginning of leveling, I'm just getting started. From the perspective of a few months, I can't remember if there was an event going on at the time to increase the experience points of monsters, but I hit an unusually high number of levels then!

I still need to complete the bestiary entries on elves, both fire, and ice. I neglected this a bit earlier.

Oh, again bestiary!

I'll admit that I can't recall the last time I hit so many levels in any post (and I don't want to check), but fortunately, this is the end of the monotony on True Asuras. On the other hand, considering how often these monsters change the target, it's hard to be bored while hunting there!

And below is some nice yellow displayed gift from TibiaDrome. And although the potions I have received so far have been quite valuable, after this little luck I forgot about the arena for the next 2 months!

So far I managed to get:

  • 3x  Stamina Extension
  • 1x  Bestiary Betterment
  • 2x  Charm Upgrade
  • 1x  Holy Amplification

I know I'm letting the boss hunters down at this point! In the previous post, I presented so many cool screenshots of boss fights, this time I completely didn't want to check them out. Those who follow the topic know that with me it depends on my mood. I'm not such a typical boss hunter, who deals exclusively with hunting bosses. I appreciate a lot more different activities, such as hunts, achievements, and recently even bestiary or house decorating! If I wanted to take care of everything with equal attention at the same time I probably wouldn't have enough time not only for the daily duties but would also run out of hours in a day.

Therefore, I present to you the only boss in this post:

5th Elven Mail

Every cloud has a silver lining! Leaving the bosses I had a bit of time to get creative! Thanks to Porki, I had the pleasure of decorating one of the most prestigious guildhalls in Tibia! - "Warrior's Guildhall" just north of the Thais depo. All in the style of the wide Liberty Bay!

Upstairs, the palace interiors - inspired by Percy Silverhand's palace. I wanted to give these rooms and the balcony a rather luxurious look.
The first floor I made was designed in the pirate style, but there were references to Talahu (Hydra Island) and Kharos (with the infamous Ferumbras' Citadel).

I make no secret that I like the northern part of the first floor much better. It looks much more refined. The difficulty in the first room turned out to be the table, which can't be hidden, and the need to put up a significant number of exercise dummies for skill, and other useful but not very decorative objects.

My creativity manifested itself not only through decoration! I also took part in the "Magic and Creativity" contest organized by The participant's task was to design an illustration depicting a story written by them in some way. I love such contests! The opportunity to draw something new always gives me a lot of happiness.

I managed to win second place and third Yellow Rose to my collection!

You can see my drawing and the story here.

It Was Not Furb

The sun mercilessly shone on the slums of Liberty Bay. Sayu woke up lying face down in the mud covered in Quara entrails. She squinted her eyes, as she lifted her head. Carnage surrounded her. She wondered how she managed to survive it this time, she didn’t remember much of the past night, she had no access to protection from the finest warriors in the land like the rich folks who hid in their ivory towers. They never even had to stop their lavish parties while the outskirts of the city burned over and over again. She got up, and started slowly walking towards the beach, where she used to hang around with her friends, most of them were gone, taken into the depths, or joined the pirate ranks, where in turn, they were slain by knights in golden armours.

She sat down on the soft sand, and looked toward the horizon. Once she wished that she could escape this hellhole, discover Tibia, but those were dreams of a naive girl. She was stuck, help was not coming, she was simply waiting for her turn. Once she served a sailor who mentioned a citadel to the south, in which lived an insanely powerful wizard, who struck fear in all the Thaian elites. Sayu knew he probably was not real, but.

'I wish I had a fraction of your powers', she whispered into the horizon.

Darkness took her. She woke up at dusk, the tide gently sweeping at her feet. Hours had passed. She briskly jumped to her feet, something was different. She felt a strange sense of purpose. She walked toward the northern part of town, from which music was carrying across Vandura.

No one stopped her as she entered the palace of Percy Silverhand. It was packed with at least a hundred nobles, warriors, and wizards. All of them dining on the goods produced in the Shattered Islands. Still, no one stopped her, and she noticed why. Her reflection in an ornate mirror told her everything. Her regular clothes were gone, she was draped in a fine purple cloak, and on her head was a purple magic hat, adorned with golden stars, it almost felt sentient. It must have been this item giving her power, giving her motivation, egging her on. She gave in, she spread her arms wide and pandemonium erupted. The confetti came alive and started wrapping itself around the nobles, the wine caskets erupted with great force, balloons turned to lead and collapsed on the heads of the panicking guests. Stars fell from the sky causing even more destruction. It didn’t take long, soon Sayu was standing in the middle of the room, amongst total carnage, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of exhilaration and fun at what she had done.

Through the half-collapsed roof, the moon shone over her, sinisterly laughing at her.

Hope you like it!

Hey guys! I don't know when exactly the update was introduced, but this post is from that time! 😀 Getting to know new areas, doing quests and such, you know.
I went exploring Marapur, and while the graphics are great, and the Naga statue made by Jan Pedrojetta (who I interviewed quite recently!) is really impressive, the comfort of getting around the archipelago, is horrible. Seriously, running around this area, I felt that this is the only place in Tibia that is able to piss off the players only because of the map design, haha! 😀

As a consolation, however, the new content quickly resulted in a new piece of equipment. Cool pants, they come in handy, I strongly recommend them!

By the way, while measuring myself against a new boss, I also pocketed another magic level. Does it look cool? I think it's ok.

I also did one of the new quests. Guess which one? Well, yes, just the one on Marapur - "Within the Tides Quest". Unfortunately, my Elder Druid is currently touring the world, so we'll have to wait a bit with the second one. Something doesn't add up, because I'm an elder druid myself? That's okay.

Here I tamed myself some new mount, but I'm not a fan of them, so the element of great delight can be skipped. By the way, the item for catching this beaver looks very cool! In this update really a lot of items are pleasing to the eye.

I made some levels, of course:

It was also the time of Rapid Respawn Weekend, which I personally consider one of the most useful in the game. Thanks to it, I completed some rather annoying entries in the Bestiary.

I've noticed that it's very popular on Instagram to do a recap of who killed how many and which monsters during such a weekend, and how many completed entries in the Bestiary it resulted in. I'll admit that this is good content for any Tibian life thread, so here's my summary.

As you can see, I'm still finishing fairly easy positions, I'm in no hurry to do so, as with anything in this game anyway. 😀 I recommend this approach, this is not racing.

Well, now the bosses!

3rd Soap

3rd Eye-Embroidered Veil

And it's time for bosses with that less regular respawn, or rather, irregular respawn!


With the summer update, something like Bosstiary was introduced to the game. I'll admit that I have strongly mixed feelings about it, but it's not at all relevant here.

Instead, I was wondering how to embrace it in this topic. How to present it in the best way? I came to the conclusion that changing the way bosses are counted here makes no sense at all. I'm a very old school boss-hunter, I often have dozens of kills of a particular boss to my credit, and I don't want to cross that out because of the new feature in the game. On the other hand, Bosstiary is something where it's not meeting a boss that counts, but hitting it. As a result, over time, the most completed entries will have players who are simply called out most often for bosses, rather than those who actually meet bosses, who have some experience, and who know a lot about it. That's why I'll treat it a bit lightly. Maybe I'll give some kind of summary of the Bosstiary in a post with 900 and 1000 levels, but bragging about completed entries because someone met a boss for me is not appropriate for this life thread. Well, you know... it won't be to my credit.

Cublarc The Plunderer #119

Necropharus #3

How disappointed I was when it turned out that this boss does not count to the Bosstiary!

Arachir The Ancient One #32

The Evil Eye #2

I'll admit that if I had met this guy before, I would have just skipped him, because "it's a waste of Stamina." Now I look at The Evil Eye completely differently!

Tyrn #34

See you in the next post!


I've had a lot on my mind lately. Standard duties + I've been heavily involved in creating content for you on dedicated to house decorations, so I've taken a break from updating this topic again. The screenshots shown here are from (if I'm not mistaken) September, so a lot has happened since then. For example, I bought myself one of the coolest houses in Thais!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is Upper Swamp Lane 8!

I'm mega happy with the purchase and unhappy at the same time that my limit of houses has been exhausted because I'd most like to buy a few more! 😀

As you know (or not) I already own two houses in the city of Rathleton, where I have always had the plan to display my collection of rare items and fansite items. Here, however, I don't want to make such a show-off, and I will create a decoration that is hopefully nice, but devoid of rare items. Instead, I will replace them with more fitting quest items and decorations from the Tibia Store. We'll see what comes out of it in the next post!

Well, I bragged. I'll also let you in on a secret that this is probably my biggest accomplishment in this post. It doesn't get any better than that. So let's move on to the levels...

Oh well, two levels from the "Raise of Devovorga" event also fell into place.

Unfortunately, advancements were not the only thing that happened to me. You know, due to the fact that practically all the time I do something on my lappy (often being online) and it requires me to focus on 5 different things then such situations happen:

Situations are unusual for an almost 900-level character... but they do happen. And they will probably happen more than once! It's a pity about the level, it's a pity about the magic level, and it's a pity about the money wasted on making up for it, but at least I'm the owner of a particularly absurd collection of screenshots of such deaths. Is it worth it? NO! 😀

"Makadamia, and did you finally drop something interesting?" - Of course, I didn't. Only some shitty loots.

1st Naga Wand

Anyone who looks into this topic knows that Grand Master Oberon hates me. Anyway, not only me. This Melon, who accompanies me in battles, has even more bad luck with the loot! Therefore, to our surprise, an amazing thing happened! We looted something gold! It's not the same as Falcon Greaves, I realize that, but the golden loot appeared really a lot... I mean twice!

1st Falcon Circlet

1st Falcon Wand

I know that these items are not impressive, but I was nevertheless surprised. Who knows, maybe we'll finally be able to loot something more valueable.
In addition, I dropped several other unimpressive items.

I finally gained Eldritch Crystal, thanks to which I grabbed the ugliest mount available in the game - so ugly that I didn't even put it on for a screenshot. I want to forget about this mount as soon as possible.

1st Tagralt-Inlaid Scabbard

And this is the second addon I missed to make a full Citizen of Issavi outfit! Very cool outfit! I think it is heavily underrated by players.

And what about Bosstiary? Well, nothing. I was terribly reluctant to check the bosses, I was busy decorating a new house for a contest that was about to end, so the bosses fell into the background.

Dire Penguin #15

Cublarc The Plunderer #120-122

Diblis The Fair #32

Despite the fact that, as you can see, the bosses I didn't meet too much, I took the opportunity (or rather, the rather rare world change) and used the Tentacle Pieces collected in earlier years. Once again, it turned out that my silly habit of collecting all sorts of objects, even the most useless, pays off sie

I'll admit that in order to present this in a cool way, I had to help myself a bit with GIMP. Hope you like it.

See you in the next post!

I run past your knight's house on Bona quite often and I think it's one of the prettiest houses I've ever seen. Btw, I didn't suspect that he could decorate it so nicely himself and now I can see that I was right, haha.

Lovely thread!

Quote from abel on 25 January 2023, 20:16

I run past your knight's house on Bona quite often and I think it's one of the prettiest houses I've ever seen. Btw, I didn't suspect that he could decorate it so nicely himself and now I can see that I was right, haha.

Lovely thread!

Hahaha, oh my! In fact, if this decoration depended solely on him, there would probably be backpacks of all possible colors and piles of loot waiting to be divided in the middle of the first floor. I, on the other hand, have gotten heavily into decorating and am happy to do other people's houses as well! 😀

Thanks for reminding me that I have a life thread. I haven't updated it in a long time, and I have screenshots still from September 2022 to publish here!

Well, it would be appropriate to refresh this topic finally. I'll admit that lately, having a choice, I've preferred to devote my free time to contests, fanart, and, of course,, so I've neglected the fun of the life thread. But thanks to this, I will make an interesting throwback to the second half of 2022, and the topic will be revived. 🙂

And the return will be strong and certainly special for me because the end of August last year turned out to be a very special time for me! It was then, on August 23, 2022, that the unique project I have been creating over the years was introduced into the game. Yeti Doll representing my fansite in-game has met with extremely positive feedback. It was probably the most liked post in the history of my Instagram. So I'm curious to see which place on the list of most-liked items it will get during Fansite Appreciation Day. But until then, it's still a few months away.

This item is special to me not only because I created it myself, and not because it represents a fansite that I built from scratch. It is special because it is one of my first sprites. Its original version was created in 2017. Back then it was an idea to represent However, I myself underestimated the project. I considered it poor and hid it away somewhere deep on my hard drive.

It also scored a failure in its history, in the competition for - it did not take any place on the podium.

This is what the little Yeti has changed over the years:

Fortunately, after more than 5 years, this shaggy creature has finally received recognition, first in the eyes of my dear friend, and then in my own eyes. I started improving the sprite and creating new animations. The results of the first attempts to create a snowflake looked more like a lace napkin, but eventually, I managed to create something I was happy with.

Actually, I could write about the creation of this item for a really long time, because not many projects I have put so much commitment into, but on I have already prepared an article dedicated to Yeti Doll some time ago, so if you want to know the details, I encourage you to read it!

However, I won't deny myself a little advertisement that I wanted to do for my friend Misha, who makes beautiful Chibi-style graphics on commission. Exactly like the one below. You can find her on Instagram (@mishaartwork), among others! If you would like to own your character in her design, I wholeheartedly recommend it! The girl is incredibly talented, and your support will ensure her growth in her passion!

Well, this time it was relatively short. 😀 But see you in the next post!

Last time I announced I had so many screenshots to post, however, I had to put off updating this topic for a while... but here I am! With the "new" content from September and October 2022. It's been a long time, but I hope we all remember those times! 😀

And what was I sacrificing back then? Acquiring new levels on True Asuras, of course, because I'm fond of the profit there. But sometimes I would leave them to complete more bestiary entries on Marapur.

I even happened upon a short trip to The Hive for research purposes 😀 Though not only that! While it's true that Hive Overseers' bestiary entry for me is a pure pleasure, the vast majority of the Tibian population definitely doesn't share my opinion 😀 So I decided to help my EK get it over with!

And that's more or less how our thrilling adventures in the underground of The Hive went:

We also checked how many Hive bosses can be killed during a single 3rd stage duration. Well, with a really excellent knowledge of the mechanics of these bosses, the results are poor. Categorizing these bosses as Bane is just as thoughtful as the Deepling bosses. Not recommended! 🙁

I also took the opportunity to come up with another useless test - how long it would take me to kill a Tremor Worm solo. At first, I thought it made sense, at least it would unlock a boss in the Bosstiary. I didn't check if Tremor Worm was even in Bosstiary... it isn't. :mrgreen: Anyway, it's not the first time. I made my first attempts of this kind at lvl 400-500. Since then, my level, equipment, imbuement system, etc. have changed. I thought it was worth repeating.... this fuckup.

Character statistics:

  • lvl 876
  • magic lvl 130 (157 with equipment + loyalty)

Waste - around 97k (97,296):

  • 797 Sudden Death Runes,
  • 115 Avalanche Runes,
  • 3 Mastermind Potions,
  • 18 Ultimate Mana Potions,

Time - around 1 hour (56 minutes).

Memories - priceless. Just kidding...

And I don't know if you've noticed, but once again, I haven't even loot a mount component item. I don't recommend it!

But my Tibian life is not just a string of endless failures, haha! I have succeeded in this and that... You know, I've earned some new Bestiary entries, for example 😀 These are my stats from the Rapid Respawn Weekend (10.2022).

Also, I managed to extend, at least a little bit, my luck with the drops from Grand Master Oberon. Although it can hardly be called luck in this case. This dizzying profit split in two does not cause much enthusiasm. 😀

1st Falcon Longsword

While completing some basic Nemesis Bosstiary entries, I got another achievement.

How about Bosstiary? At that time still very slow... I was hunting for Bosstiary all alone, my friends were not interested in it, but despite the huge "competition" I still managed to meet something.

Man In The Cave #25

Tyrn #35

Shlorg #24

The Welter #24

Time for what Makadamia likes best, which is competitions! This is the first time (or is it the second time?) I've taken part in a decorating contest! Well, I like the results of my work, the jury had a different opinion, haha, but my latest concept for the competition also resulted in the full decoration of my newest house - Upper Swamp Lane 8, in Thais.

Below is my interpretation of a scene from the FanFic story "Rebellion: The Women's Struggle", which you can find on Decoration prepared for the 'Women's Unite' contest organized by and!

I liked the decoration so much that I decided to upgrade it a bit by adding some items from the Tibia Store and keeping it for a while. Below is the version without the lighting effects:

And although I don't use lighting effects on a daily basis, for decorating purposes they work brilliantly. They enhance the atmosphere and add a touch of magic. 🙂 See for yourself below:

Doesn't this decoration look better with lighting effects?

Whatever the answer would be... I haven't won anything in this contest.

However, things are different in the case of the competition organized by and! And what was this competition? The participants' task was to create in real life a monster from one of the two categories in the Bestiary: "magic" representing and "construct" better associated with

Since I am the author of the item representing, I focused on a monster from the 'construct' category. I assumed that most would focus on the Worker Golem, which is strongly associated with the NabBot concept (I was wrong), so I wanted to create something different. I chose the Golden Servant!

I won second place in this competition, losing to first place by 1 point. This is a really cool result! And the prize was my... FOURTH Grey Tome. I remember that winning the first one a few years ago was the peak of my dreams. If someone had told me then that this was just the beginning... 😉

You can see my figurine here.

Anyone who follows me even a little, whether here or on Instagram, knows that I really enjoy working with FIMO polymer clay. That's why I chose it to make this figurine. To make the armor of this not-so-cute creature gold, I used gold paste (yes, the same paste used to gild antique-style picture frames!). I don't know if the Golden Servant can be liked, but I hope I made it in an interesting way!

PS. This Slime Gobbler worked out 100x better for me than the Golden Servant! :mrgreen:

Okay, that's it for now. I hope I haven't bored you. See you in the next post!

Well, before six months pass since I took screenshots of this post, it is appropriate to post them. It won't be long before I myself forget what was going on back then, and I'll have a hard time even commenting on it! 😛

So..., here's a bit of a leveling to start with.

Oh, that's impossible! Did I go somewhere else than True Asuras? If so, the hunting spot must have been occupied! 😀

Below - we're back to the routine:

And here it was probably a 30-minute burning XP boost:

1st Megasylvan Sapling

This is something I have been waiting for a very long time. I was killing this boss long before Bosstiary was introduced, unfortunately without success. Until that day! My first Megasylvan Sapling, thanks to which I was able to have a little fun as a decorator, create some Megasylvan Plants.... and not use them for anything! 😀

2nd Megasylvan Sapling

There is never enough good stuff! 🙂

Previously, this nowadays famous Bosstiary was going rather reluctantly for me. Anyway, I have been a "seasonal" boss hunter for years. There are months when I do boss checks pretty often. Other times I devote myself to decorating houses or leveling. And still other times I have a full focus on preparing entries for contests. You know, just to not get bored with one thing only! 😀 Okay - this digression went too far. What I'm getting at is that there came a time when I started checking bosses more often... and these are the results of that at this point:

Dreadful Disruptor #2


And here I got some lag while trying to spawn the Dreadful Disruptor! 🙁

Arthom The Hunter #4 & Arthom The Hunter #5

White Pale #18

Oh my gosh, I haven't seen this guy for years! Bosstiary forced me to look for Tibia's most forgotten bosses. Is that a good thing? Apparently so... I personally am not sure.

Hirintror #16

I killed him last time when I was just over 400 level. It's somewhere at the beginning of this topic! Hey, are there any boss hunters here who remember those beautiful times when Icicle Bow and Runic Ice Shield were valuable and desirable loot?

Mr. Punish #5

The Handmaiden #4

Zushuka #22

Tyrn #59678948594.... #36

And again, nothing! Don't ask me why I didn't use the boost on this boss. I'm just retarded.

Okay, as far as I can see, I'm in for a 900-level post and a not-inconsiderable summary of this no-lifing from the previous months. I hope I'll have time to post it this year! 😀

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