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Mad Def

In game as well as on TibiaBosses.com known as Mad Def , elite knight from Harmonia. His adventure in Tibia started long ago, but he got back to game and created new character in 2012. Lasted until 2016 - leading a guild, collecting achievements, making casino in own house, playing chess and finally fighting with different kind of bosses - it was his most favourite way of spending time in game. To make the last one little easier he decided to find a way to count possibility of bosses appearance automatically without everyday checking kill statistics. Currently semi-retired as a tibia player, but still wants to show his passion and dedication related to RPG part of game by creating fansite about his favourite aspect of Tibia.


Tsunaami from Antica over 10 years ago has entered into Tibia world and stayed there till today as a retired player. She combined her sentiment to Tibia and graphic skills. Now you can find her great works in many contests organised by Tibia’s official fansites. She is also the winner of TibiaBosses’ first contest. Her logotype, as well as other amazing graphics you can find on our site.


Currently semi-retired elite knight. Started his adventure with Tibia in 2005 on Trimera as Church Master, now after namelock you can find him on Nerana as Bosst. Of course nick isn’t chosen randomly, because since 2013 his most favourite way of spending time in Tibia is looking for bosses. Not only the most wanted, but also those less popular which are still quite mysterious for a lot of Tibia players. What is more he loves market trading and is fascinated by Tibian economy. His passion and RPG style you can find in screenshots, articles and market section on TibiaBosses!


Xizyy has started playing Tibia in 2008 on Shanera. Since that time you could meet him also on Calmera and nowadays he continues his adventure on Menera. Being an average player didn’t please him, he wanted to achieve something different, unique. That’s why he started to hunt bosses. He has slained his first boss in the middle of 2012, then he successfully killed more and more bosses. With so many years of experience, today he is surely a boss expert! Currently he is semi-retired royal paladin, left spending time on hunts, but still has a lot of satisfaction as a boss-slayer and what is more important - from very precious friendships, which he will keep forever.
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