Mad Def

Admin. Founder and originator of TibiaBosses.

He deals with technical matters, manages the site, social media and organizes contests.


Admin. Founder and originator of TibiaBosses.

She manages the site, organizes anniversary events and “The Great Boss Hunt” contest every year, writes articles, takes care of the content on the site. Also, in cooperation with TibiaFanart.com, she runs a channel on Discord dedicated to the fanart of Tibia bosses.

Instagram: @pochwalona



He writes articles, takes care of the content on site, and Rares Pricecheck. Each month he collects information from Antica’s market and presents you statistics about the prices of unique items. He is also responsible for translations into English.



Creates helpful solutions and tools on TibiaBosses. As the creator of our top tools such as Online Status Alert, Boss Fight Analyzer, and Deathtracker, which gives you the ability to track all deaths from your server live, he makes sure they work all the time properly.



A boss specialist with tremendous experience and many successes. He actively helps on TibiaBosses Discord server and is responsible for interacting with our Portuguese-speaking community. He is in charge of translating texts and creating new content related to bosses.

Instagram: @bomdrax



A boss-hunter with years of experience with an extraordinary knack for testing and proving previously unknown boss skills and sounds. To him, we owe many minor and significant discoveries.