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Idea for a Fansite Item Contest - Submissions Thread

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Nickname: Vatarien.

World: Calmera.

Item name: Lucky Slayer Doll.

Text item: You see a Lucky Slayer Doll. It weighs 18.00 oz.

Description: It is said to tell the tale of the legendary boss slayer. Awarded by

Story item: "Since the beginning of time, adventurers from all over the Tibian land have been in search of glory and riches, looking for the rarest of creatures and the vastest of treasures, but from them all rose a mighty warrior who is said to have found them all and slayed them all just with a touch of... LUCK!!"

Item sounds"Better luck next time!","Beware the might of my die.. now DIE!","BINGOOOO!!!", "Just my luck!!!".



Im a pretty bad sketcher.. but the idea is to show the doll with all the rares and the dice in his hand to demonstrate the luck as much as possible.

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Nickname : Hiki Demonbane

World : Solera (Soon to be Wintera)

Name of the Item : Zathroth's Stone

Text Item : You see a Zathroth's Stone. It weighs 12.00 oz. Inside this stone lies the souls of the Triangle of Terror. Awarded by

Description : This item consists of 3 phases, each one representing one of the triangle of terror members. First phase is Morgaroth, for example. In this phase the soul of Morgaroth can be seen and the stone is orange/red emiting a red light of 3 sqms. After you use the stone an animation follows. The soul of Morgaroth start's to fade away into his skeleton and than the skeleton fading away into red flames. The second phase shows Ghazbaran's soul. The item now is a blue crystal with sparking ice incide of it and emits a blue light. You click it, same animation but with Ghazbaram's soul now fading into blue flames. Third and final phase shows Zoralurk's soul. The item is now a green crystal, emiting green light. Animation follows as before when you click, but now fading into a green flame.

Story: When Zathroth was working to destroy the creation, he stole the prototype of Banor's brother to create the Demon Overlords. But he never stopped. After years of conspiration and studies he created the Archdemons, three of them known as the Triangle of Terror. This stone was created after a frustrated attempt of Zathroth to concieve the three demons to destroy Tibia. Instead of creating the Archdemons he accidentally stored their souls into a magic stone. This stone was found inside melted lava and can now be kept only by honored boss hunter warriors that can protect it from The Cult.

Sounds: "Hail Tibia Bosses!"
"Keep me far from The Cult, <char name>!"
"Zathroth will set us free!"


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Char: Didi Hadid

World: Zanera

Name of the item: Yeti Furry Cap

You see a Yeti Furry Cap. It weighs 19.70 oz. Wearing this cap will make you look just like the Yeti. It was awarded by

Description: It's an animated item, when you "use" it, the eyes will blink twice. It also provides 4 sqm of white light.

Story: In the beginning of Tibia history, there was a boy who was fascinated about the idea of bosses. At that time no one
had real proof that they really existed, but the curious boy had read a lot and was sure they existed indeed. He had a
special admiration for the Yeti. So every single day he would go to Folda hoping to find the furry creature. Several months
passed and one day something was telling him to go check again, so he went in his normal winter clothes, it was enough for
a quick boss check. However, a snowstorm came and got him totally unprepared, he tried to go back home but passed out
before he could reach safety. The next thing he remembered was waking up on the same spot feeling warm, there was white fur
on him and a furry yeti cap on his head that kept him alive. Although no one knows why the Yeti would save someone instead of kill, the boy was sure the Yeti saved his life that day and he kept the
furry cap as the most special boss trophy he could ever have.

Ready to face a snowstorm <player's name>?
Om Nom Nom... It looks like I'm eating your head!
Hail TibiaBosses!


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Nickname- Buffy Summers

World- Fidera soon to be Gladera

Item Name- Lord of the Elements Doll

Text Item- You see a Lord of the Elements Doll. It weighs 20.00 oz

Description- This doll has been overloaded with the four elements-Awarded by

Story of Item- "This doll was created by one of Edrons scholars Arkulius to kill time while waiting for mighty heroes of every vocation to aid in freeing his fellow scholar Alverus. Unknow to Arkulius Alverus watches from his frozen prison while Arkulius plays with his Lord of the Elements Doll"

When used- Doll will change its form to one of the Lord of the Elements with a sound of its own and a light color of its own

Fire Overlord- "Feel the heat"----Provides 5 sqm of redlight

Ice Overlord-"Puny warmblood"----Provides 5 sqm of bluelight

Earth Overlord-"STOMP STOMP"----Provides 5 sqm of Greenlight

Energy Overlord-"Thunderstuck"----Provides 5 sqm of purple light

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Nickname: Vand Woodstock

Server: Quintera

Item name: Tracker's Compass

Look/Text: You see a Tracker's Compass. The needle seems to be trying to point out many places at the same time . It weighs 0.50 oz.

Story: A good boss tracker should always bring with them the best equipment. A Tracker's Compass is not just a reliable tool to help explorers on many situations. Due to it's strange magic powers, it also points out if, suddenly, a place get disturbed by a visit of strongers, uncommon monsters (of course it's only for lore/rpgistic effects, the item itself has no usability)

Sounds: "Seems like the needle is trying to point out many directions...", "Hmmm, I think it is telling me to go over that dungeon...", "How TibiaBosses enchanted this tiny compass???", "Better hurry or I will lost my track!", "TibiaBosses should definitely see the boss I'm about to find!", "Oh my God! Is it a boss over there?!"


Images (I'm sorry, first for my camera have some serious focus and quality problems, and second for my drawning skills, but I'll try to explain the images):

There would be two stages of the item: opened and closed.

The closed one, which is the standard, has a convex surface on the top. Some well designed details on wood. (I imagine the compass box itself being brownish like a wood, with some golden or red painting details. Also there would be a known Tibia item there that reminds me of hunting, tracking, going to the jungle (of course there are bosses in other places, but junglish is the theme I imagine as the context of this item), the item is a colourful feather, dropped from Terror Birds (If the artists find more interesting, instead of colourful feather, a Yeti's paw or Midnight Panther's paw should fit nice aswell). For me, this detail shall show that the owner of it is a skilled hunter, and also a compass with feather's on it sounds pretty awesome to me


When it's opened it would show us the needle, pointing to many different directions, as the compass is trying to tell us that there are many bosses around and we shall explore and check this out

The standard, as said, is the compass closed. When we open it, one of the item sounds appears and the animation of the needle pointing many places would happen (this animation should stand for 5~10 seconds, and then it becomes closed again. Also, it would be nice if, when opened, the sqm of the item shows green sparkles effect, to represent that "magically" the compass is sensing bosses and trying to show us where they are.


Well, that's my thoughts.

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Nickname: Skivipipopop

World: Estela

Item name: Flask of yeti urine.

Text item: You see a flask of yeti urine. It weighs 19.00 oz. There are tiny blue crystals floating around inside. From the looks of it, this yeti is suffering from kidney stones, and should probably see a doctor. Maybe someone at could do a more thorough analyze of this sample. You can almost smell the horrendous stench of what's inside, even when the flask is tightly sealed. Handle with caution.

Story itemThis unique sample of urine from the rare and mythical creature was obtained by a brave adventurer during one (and unfortunately, the last) of his many expeditions on a winter island called Folda. How did he get it, you may ask? The adventurer himself does not live to tell the tale, but according to the journal found next to his frozen body, he was examining some of the plantations on the island, when suddenly, the ground started shaking as if something big was on the move. He quickly hid among the bushes, terrified of what beast he was about to witness. And there it was, the creature he had only heard stories about, the Yeti. He could not believe his eyes, and the fear and panic intensified as the Yeti started walking directly towards the bushes where he was hiding. At this point, he was sure that the creature had seen him, and was coming to get him. He covered his head with his arms, curled up like a stone, and just braced for whatever horrible pain he was about to feel when the creature got a hold of him. The Yeti, however, had not noticed the hiding adventurer, and was just out of its cave to, uhm.. water the bushes.. As disgusted as he was over the situation he had found himself in, he quickly came to realise that this was once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect some evidence to prove that the Yeti actually does exist, so he emptied the flask of fine liquor he had brought from home, and held it to the sky until it was full. The adventurer must have perished shortly after this encounter, as the journal abruptly stopped after this story. It is not known exactly what killed him, though. Was it the cold? Or was it the outcome of being exposed to this seemingly toxic fluid...?

Item sounds:  I want the item to have a rather big radius of yellow light, and a smaller radius of blue light. <Use it> to open it and a "smoke"-effect comes out of it.


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Nickname : Myth Mine

World : Guardia

Name of the Item : Fluffy Yeti

Text Item : You see a Fluffy Yeti. It weights 13.17 oz.

Description and Story:

The most fluffy fur in Tibia. Awarded by

In a village near Carlin lived a young poor couple – Noah and Yara. However, they were a very happy family. The smile on their faces was caused by their son, who gave them a lot of happiness. Every day it was getting harder and harder to get money for basic things.

One day when Norah walked around town, he head that a trip to one of the Ice Islands was being prepared. The purpose of the expedition was defeat ice man – Yeti and deliver the loot to the Queen of Carlin. Legend says that the loot of this monster is very precious. Norah volunteered. Yara was not satisfied with the information which husband brought home, she was very afraid that her husband would not come back.

Little Carson was missing his father , every day was with his mother in the port. He hoped his dad would come back home. He did not see his father almost half a year, but he got many letters.  Father wrote about battles with ice trolls or snow wolves. One day he received a letter, which he wrote about the first meeting with Yeti. The fight was very hard, but ended with success, but the loot which Queen expected was not in the hands of the team.

Every day Carson told his friends about brave daddy, that he fought the ice man. He was so fascinated daddy’s story about ice islands. He dreamed about growing up and going with his father an expedition.

The Queen of Carlin announced the end of the expedition, the warriors lacked food, they were not prepared for such so long trip. Carson waited for father in the port, finally the ship was mooring. Each member of the expedition was honored with a special order from the Queen. After coming home, Carson did not let his dad rest, he still wanted to listen to the story of hunting. Finally, Norah opened his backpack, pulled out something small and white. It turned out to be a small, plush Yeti, which Norah did for this little son. Carson never parted with small Yeti.

Item Sounds :

“Hail TibiaBosses!”

“Hail Nickname”

“Im so fluffy” “Hug me!”

“Greetings from Folda!”

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Nickname : Itz Niir

World : Guardia (Bona after 19th of April)

Name of the Item : Mysterious Staff

Text Item : You see a Mysterious Staff. It weights 21.37 oz.

Description and Story :

The greatest staff for bosshunters. However it might work in an inappropriate way. Awarded by

Delcan was a farmer, who came from an impoverished family. He was known for having a good heart and he used to help a lot of people. After finishing his daily work, he always came to a Tavern to take a rest. One day, he sat next to the couple - Louie and Sandra. They were speaking about killing bosses and getting a lot of valuable items from them. After Delcan came back to home, he decided that hunting bosses might be actually a really interesting activity. He could get a lot of cash by selling rare items, so he would be able to help a lot of poor people. Delcan was a guy with a really big heart, in his life he always wanted to help everyone, especially poor kids because he came from an impoverished family and he wanted to prevent others, especially kids, from living in such a bad conditions.

After he woke up, he decided to speak with the most powerful mages in Edron Academy. Delcan asked them for a help with finding bosses. He promised them that he would split the whole loot from them between poor people. Mages were really interested in his idea, also they really liked him and they could always count on him whenever they needed any kind of help, so they decided to help him out. In one of the old books, they read about ''mysterious staff''. Such item worked like a radar for bosses. It gave a bright light each time the boss was about to spawn. Mages decided to create such staff for Delcan, but he had to get required components to power it up. He travelled for many weeks, all around the Tibia, to get all the components that were needed to create mysterious staff.

After gathering all required items, Delcan came back to the Edron Academy. Few days later the staff was ready to use.

For the next couple of months Delcan was killing most of the bosses across the Tibia land. Mages were really happy about that, because the Edron's inhibitants no longer suffered from lack of food.

However, Louie and Sandra, the couple that Delcan met in the Tavern, did not like the fact that Delcan used to kill most of the bosses. They knew about the mysterious staff that helped him with finding the bosses, so they decided to steal it from him. They called other bosshunters and set a trap for Delcan next to his favourite Tavern. They attacked Delcan from behind and stole the mysterious staff. Fortunately Delcan survived and ran straight to Edron Academy. He explained what have happened to the Mages. They were horribly angry that someone could set such a trap and steal such a powerful item. They decided to curse the staff by using black magic. From that time, the mysterious staff was shining in a really weird way and started to work like a bait for all the bosses. Louie and Sandra noticed that something is wrong, but it was already too late. All the bosses from all around the Tibia appeared next to them in less than few minutes. Louie and Sara were defeated.

Unfortunately none knows what happened with the mysterious staff. Mages decided to not make such a powerful item anymore. Delcan came back to his previous duties, he promised himself that he will never try to become bosshunter anymore. Rumours say that the staff was destroyed by bosses. However, people still believe that Mages from the Academy found the mysterious staff by using the black magic and then they put the staff in the safest place in Edron. None yet discovered where is such place.

Item Sounds:

''Happy hunting '', ''Hail TibiaBosses! '', ''Hail Nickname ", "We are so close! "

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Nickname : Hiki Demonbane

World : Solera (Soon to be Wintera)

Item name: Pharaoh Doll.

Look: You see a pharaoh doll. It weighs 7.70 oz. A great but dark power is granted to who posses this doll. Awarded by

Description: This item has an animation where the gem of the ancient tiara in its head will glow brighter and he will lift up the ravager's axe. It will emit a yellow light 3 sqm.
I think it is a great represantation for TibiaBosses since Pharaohs was the first Boss-like creatures to appears on Tibia lands.

Story: This doll was created a long time ago, in darker times. It was hand made by Mahatheb himself, as a gift to his daughter Xetharis. While Xetharis was a kid, Mahatheb was the greatest vizir Ankrahmun ever saw. He served Ashmunrah and saw how Arkhotep was poisoning the pharaohs mind. Wise as he was, he knew dark times was coming so he made that doll as a gift for his daughter but also enchanted it with Urgith's power so she could be have a afterlife when she transcend.

Sounds: "Hello, <char name>. Are you dead yet?"; "Hail, Urgith!", "May we rise again by the power of the wise Mahatheb!"; "Hail TibiaBosses!"; "The afterlife is better than life, just kill yourself and you'll see hahaha".

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Character: Sonda retro

World: Garnera

Item name: Absorption Box

Item Text: You see a absorption box. It weighs 22.00 oz. This item takes the terror inside itself. Awarded by

Description: Is a box found in the depths of the lair of devovorga, with a part already involved in the corruption of there. She has some writings in an old language, some cracks and a lever to "touch" her. This box absorbs the terror of the bosses that its bearer defeats, and every time that it is touched, it reproduced again the speeches of the respective bosses.

(whenever used, the box will play speeches of some of the main bosses of the tibia)
Story: The world united again to fight a great evil that was reborn, devovorga had come back to life. Warriors, magicians, paladins, all working together again to save their world. After an intense battle, many deaths, much blood, much suffering, she was finally on the ground, devovorga had been defeated again and the Tibian world saved. A few days later, an explorer was still rummaging through his lair trying to unravel mysteries about this abominable creature, but found nothing but a strange box wrapped in some tentacles almost buried in the ground, an old box shrouded in local corruption with some strange writing, cracks, and a lever locked, the explorer put it in his backpack and continued his journey. Thery was a brave adventurer, had a life based on unraveling mysteries, exploring places never accessed, and his main hobby, hunting rare creatures, a typical bounty hunter in search of challenges. Thery faced bosses without fear, in spite of the chills that the shouts and roars of speech caused him, he never stopped. As the days passed, Thery began to notice some noises coming from the box he had found months before in the lair of devovorga, they were shouts, speeches, threats, but in a way all familiar, he had heard that before, but where? Thery decided to investigate the sling that box, took it to Falonzo, an old research magician, so that they could decipher what they were written. After long months of research, the discovery, "absorbs". A flash in thery mind and he realized, all those lines, screams, were the bosses he had faced, the box somehow absorbed their lines and re-transmitted the terror passed by them, it was perfect, a smile from ear to ear took over the face of Thery, who spoke loudly with falonzo, "incomparable, the greatest trophy of all in my hands, the essences of all bosses!"
Sounds: "PRAISED BE MY MASTERS, THE RUTHLESS SEVEN!", "I've beaten tougher demons then you even know", "HATE! HATE! KILL! KILL!", "I returned from death and you dream about defeating me?",  "I AM GHAZBARAN OF THE TRIANGLE... AND I AM HERE TO CHALLENGE YOU ALL."
Note: in the sounds I put the lines of some main bosses, however can be changed, or just imagine, put some speech of all the bosses of tibia 😀
when using, move the lever and a black smoke appears along with some phrase

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