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Idea for a Fansite Item Contest - Submissions Thread

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Nickname: Ig gi

Server: Fidera (soon Gladera)

Name of the item: Angry Reward Chest or Yeti Reward Chest

Text when looked at:

You see an angry/yeti reward chest. It weighs 45.00 oz. Claim your loot! If you can get past the teeth... Awarded by

Description: Everyone loves opening their reward chests after defeating a Boss to find some rare items or money! With this item, you can finally have your own!...Except it's tiny and VERY ANGRY! It can also look like a Yeti to fit Tibia Bosses' theme.

- Sounds:

- <Ouch> Did the chest just bite you?!

(Player loses some HP with this one, not too much, maaybe like 30 or 40)

-The following items are in your reward chest: Nothing.

-You can't get my loot <player name>!


-I think a Yeti just walked by your house!

- Sketch: First sketch is angry reward chest and second is yeti reward chest.

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Nickname: Veredian

Game World: Laudera (Lobera)

Item Name: Boss Hunter's Mirror

Text: You see a Boss Hunter's Mirror. It weighs 4.00 oz. There appears to be a yeti trapped inside.

Sounds: "I'm Freee!", "Grrrr", "Not my slippers!", "Hail TibiaBosses!"

Description: The mirror looks like a finely decorated mirror with a gold trim and faint blue light emitting from it. A yeti appears to be trapped inside slightly moving (winking, head tilting) and when used the yeti will vanish for five (5) seconds and one (1) of the four (4) messages will appear along with blue, purple, green or yellow sparks(coordinated with each sound). The mirror itself can be placed on a wall or when freely placed on the ground will appear on a stand.

Story: Many years ago, when Tibia was still young, a brave but fairly immature wizardess set off on a journey to be the greatest boss hunter of all. Along her travels from Thais to Carlin she faced many orcs, goblins and trolls. A few nights in to staying at a hostel in Carlin the wizardess met with some of the other female town folk. They spoke of a great monster of the snow on the newly discovered island of Folda. Interested in this monster, the wizardess set out at dawn and met with the ferryman. The wizardess was determined to find this monster. Days on the icy island turned into months, and the wizardess was starting to lose hope... but then, HE APPEARED! The great monster of the snow, the yeti! Readying her wand, the wizardess attacked the yeti dealing nothing but a scratch! Realizing her mistake the wizardess ran for her bag, pulling out a small mirror. "If I cannot defeat you here, then I shall enslave you forever!" The wizardess trapped the yeti in a mirror. To this day, the wizardess has many descendants practicing her trade. They practice the way of boss hunting, finding many of the great bosses that were not in existence then. But as for the mirror, no one knows where it has gone.

Picture: Sorry! No picture - I cannot draw worth anything! (would not want to terrorize you all)

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Nickname: Dedeka Sapeca
World: Justera

Item name: Yeti Backpack

Look: It was awarded by Where the best secrets are kept. It weighs 17.00 oz.

Description/story: Constantly shines the eyes and provides a green light in the eyes with a range of 5 sqms

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Elfo Fantasma

Solera (to be Wintera)


Item name: "Yeti Snowball"

Look: You see a yeti snowball. It weighs 17.00 oz. You see a small yeti inside it. Awarded by

Description/story: This item is supposed to be animated. Inside it can be a yeti like Tibia's or the yeti in the logo of TibiaBosses (which is my favorite). Animation can show the yeti walking, snow flakes falling, tree leaves moving, and a bright blue light. The item has a 5sqm blue light.

This item was found long ago by a bosshunter while wandering in the Chyllforest, stuck in a wall of ice. Legend says it was made by the north god Chyll himself, and the little Yeti inside is a real yeti cursed by the god Chyll to be trapped forever inside this small glass globe. To assure it will never be set free from this curse, only true bosshunters can possess this item.

Sounds of the item:  "Set me free, <char name>!"; "I blame TibiaBosses for this...";  "AHHHWW SET ME FREE!"; "Alright, alright.. Hail TibiaBosses!"


Sketch of the item:

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Nickname: Haera.

World: Peloria.

Item name: Yeti trophy.

Item text: You see a yeti trophy. It weighs 5.00 oz.

Description: This trophy belongs to one of the best boss hunter in tibia . Awarded by

Story"One time inexperienced explorer was hunting frost trolls and got attacked by yeti. He tried to run away but failed. Yeti caught him and started eating him legs first as he screamed for help of his best friend. He did not made in time, but after ruthless battle managed to get his revenge, in honor of his best friend he made that yeti in to the trophy so he would never forget him and that day."

Sounds: "You got me this time<player>!",  "It was my honor to be slayed by you", "I will never tell where i hid my slippers!", "Yooodelaaahooohooo", "Yooodelaaaheehee".


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Nickname: Yogannath

World: Fidera

Item name: Magical Trap.

Item text: You see a closed/open magical trap. It weighs 45.00 oz.

In-Game Description: This trap is desired by boss hunters all over Tibia . Awarded by

StoryIt is said that the patient hunter is the one that gets the prey and, for eons, hunters have set out traps to catch game.  This gold trap was crafted by a master smith from Thais and magically imbued by the Edron Magic Academy to be able to catch only the biggest and rarest game of them all. It is said that if you're close to rare or big game the trap will be armed automatically by magic and, when sprung by one of these mighty creatures will glow blue to let the hunter know the prey has been caught so she can collect the spoils.

Description: The item looks kind of like a trap in tibia, a gold metal rim with spikes around it and a trigger at the centre so the trap can be sprung when stepped over and it changes to its closed form, it is heavily adorned with gems and has a magical aura surrounding it. It is closed (sprung) by default and in this state it glows quickly from gold to blue every 13 minutes for 2 minutes. When open (armed) it won't glow blue. It can only be "manually" armed once a day but will be automatically opened every time you attack a boss and have this in your backpack.

Sounds"Clonk!" -When opening (arming) or closing (springing).

"The patient hunter gets the prey".  - Sometimes, only when opened.

"Gotcha!"  -Only sometimes when stepped over by a creature/player.

"Patience, hunter!" -When trying to arm (open) before enough time has passed.

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Nickname: Fiery Legend

World: Estela

Name of the Item:
Digged Trace

Text Item:
You see a Digged Trace. It weights 24.00 oz.

This trace belongs to the rare monster, only worth's hunters can obtain it. Awarded by

For many years, the Yeti was considered a figment and hypocrisy of people from the north to lure adventurers into their regions. Nobody believed in the existence of a winter creature. Until now! An unknown seeker came across a footprint, it was huge, which did not resemble any trace of known species. Is this Yeti? Or maybe another unknown creature?

Item Sounds:
"Dig! Dig! Dig!"
" I am so CLOSE!"
"What is it?"
"FINALLY! I found the trace!"
"Are you on track, <character name>? Keep going!"

Draft Design:

Very draft design of transition between them by when the item is used. Snow is melting and the Lava appear, Grass is growing up on Lava to see the Grass item, then Snow falls down effect to the Grass to appear Snow stage. The effect stay till the user use it again. Different animations during each stage.

I have been thinking that maybe each stage can appear different trace depending on the stage. For example the Snow - Yeti's footprint, Lava could show Demon boss or Demodras footprint. Different type of lights can be interesting because people like to decorate the houses in specific color and light. One fansite item will contain 2 - 3 different look of the item, and this is unique.




Nickname: Fiery Legend

World: Estela

Name of the Item:
Boss Radar

Text Item:
You see a Boss Radar. It weights 48.00 oz.

An advanced device that helps to find rare creatures. Awarded by

The Radar can track rare monsters around the world. Nobody knows who created this advanced technology, but one rumor says the radar was found at Old Glooth Factory. Probably this advanced item was created by one of the Glooth Engineer. Who knows?

Item Sounds:
"Printing BOSS coordinates!"
"Error. SEARCH failed!"
"Located! far North East…" – and others
"WARNING! Overheating of the connector"
"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

Draft Design:

Radar which is rotating and the red light flicker. When user use it, the device is moving faster, give a sound effect and the boss coordinates are printed.

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Nickname : Myth Mine

World : Guardia

Name of the Item : Moleskin Notebook

Text Item : You see a Moleskin Notebook. It weights 21.00 oz. Contains the secrets of the most powerful creatures.

Description and Story :

Necessary for Boss Hunters. Legend says it increases the possibility of meeting bosses.Awarded by

Once upon a time, a guy called Finley was known for killing most of the bosses in Tibia. Many people call him as the Greatest Bosshunter that have ever lived on this land. He was known for keeping a journal with important informations about the bosses such as the place and the time of their appearance, their loot, weaknesses etc. Unfortunately Finley was too old and he did not have enough power to keep hunting bosses across the tibia lands. Before his death, he passed his journal to his son – Thijs.

Thijs promised his father to follow his path, when he was young he used to dream about being a better bosshunter than his dad. After reading his dad's journal, he noticed that his father never killed a boss that appeared pretty rarely in the coldest place in Tibia called Folda and his name was Yeti. He vowed to himself that his first journey would be that place. After few weeks, living in an igloo, he finally met the mysterious Yeti. After a close and even fight, Thijs finally won a battle over the snowy monster. After the battle he was seriously hurt and really exhausted. On his way to home, he encountered a camp with a thousands of frost trolls.

After that none ever saw Thijs. His friends tried to find him but they only found his cloths and a scrap of his father's journal. In this journal's fragment, the only information that they could read was the name of the boss – Yeti and the time that he was killed. People still have a hope to find his journal in the troll cave. However none yet discovered anything about what happened with Thijs and the journal.

Item Sounds :

"Got a secret can you keep it?"

"Secrets, secrets"

"Hail TibiaBosses! "

"Hail Nickname!"

Animation : After using the notebook, the pages will turn over.

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Character: Orion Cerberos

World: Pacera


1st phase

Item name (closed): Ancient Tome
Item text (closed): "You see an Ancient Tome.
It looks old and tattered, but you can see the initials "T.B." carved on it and a Yeti's head.
It weighs 32.00 oz"

2nd phase

Item name (openned): Bossopedia
Item text (openned): "You see an Bossopedia.
It contains numerous informations about bosses.
Awarded by It weighs 32.00 oz."

Story: "As ancient as mankind itself and containing knowledge of Banor itself,
this book contains numerous stories and informations on the most varied bosses in Tibia. Long lost, it was found again by a noble warrior who walked through Folda, in search of a specific creature of that place, in a hole inside the icy mountain."

Description: It's a decoration only item and may have 2 phases.

First one it's closed and looks like an ancient tome (tome of knowledge in my base conception) with "TB" in light blue collour and a Yeti's head printed on it. Can provide 3 sqm of light blue light.
And when used it's change to the second phase where's the tome is opened and has the "fireworks" effects aswell as the item sound "You checked today <character name>?" and when it's closes the sound "CLONK".


Concept sketch: soon

Nickname: Geri Paladin

World: Antica

Name of the item: Thermometer

Interaction: You see a thermometer. It's [temeprature] in [area]. It weighs 4.80 oz.

Description and story of the item: It's a thermometer used by construct monsters such as Golem Guards

Thermometers are built in some Construct monsters to control over-heating. It is located in the "spinal cord" of the machine, that way every time you slay one the thermometer breaks and cannot be dropped.

The proximity to Alchemist Quarter makes constructs have abundant mercury for their thermomethers.

The thermometer shows the temperature of the area (or biome) it is in, and desplays the area name. Tempreature is measured in Kelvin (that way there is no discussion with Celsius of Fahrenheit; could also have a new Tibian measurement). For example, in places like Darashia or Tiquanda the temperature should be high and places like Svarground very low.

Sounds: "*Gulp*"  "Blubb"  "Fshhh"  "Kling"

Aspect: A rather long and fragile mercury termometer

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