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Idea for a Fansite Item Contest - Submissions Thread

Character: Crux Taglux

World: Guardia

Item name: Crow Doll.

Item Text: You see a Crow Doll. It reminds of the mind and thoughts of ancient sorcerers. Awarded by


Description: Its just a doll of one or two crows to keep the game references of rpg!


History/Reasons: Tibia is a RPG game which has reference for a lot of things: vikings, lord of rings, pop culture, science, astronomy and otheres. For some reason, ferumbras has a quite similar appearance to the god Odin from the Scandinavian's/Vikings Culture: he is powerful, magician and has the same look a like of Odin representative nowadays, old long beard with a magic hat over his head. We already have one outfit to be bought in game which we can see a small bird in the shoulder, but not a single refenrece to the two famous Crows of Odin: Muninn and Huggin.

One represents Odin's mind (Munnin), the other represents Odin's thoughts (Huggin).

The translation to the old verses of the poem "Grimnismal" can also be used in part for the description of the item:

"Hugin and Munin fly each dayover the spacious earth.I fear for Hugin, that he come not back,yet more anxious am I for Munin"


Thanks sorry for not drawing but i d rather see your work than my nightmare in a paper XD!



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Nickname: Alkaroku.

World: Ferobra.

Item name:  TibiaBosses Stopwatch.

Text item: You see TibiaBosses Stopwatch. It shows how much time is left for a mighty boss to appear!

Description: Stopwatch awarded to the great adventurers, mighty enough to slay rare and strong foes. Awarded by

Story item: "Long ago a great adventurer known by his great deeds, set foot on Thais where he spoke with Frodo. While having a drink, Frodo told him many stories including several stories about great foes other adventurers faced. So our adventurer, impressed by the stories, decided to start looking and waiting for these bosses to show up. Thinking about the time he should wait, he came up with the idea to forge a watch, which he would use to time the time needed to face each boss."

Item sounds: "Tic Tack Tic Tack","Your time is running up!", "You realize a boss is about to appear", "Time is money!", "12:32 just in a few seconds".

Sketch: I don't know how to rotate pic to show correctly, sorry!

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Name: Vengeful Priest

World: Inabra

Item: Yeti Hunter Doll

Look: You see a yeti hunter doll. It weighs 9.5 oz. A mighty bosshunter, just like you. Awarded by

Description: Although it has a simple animation, this item is has a cute decoration concept. When you use it he will lift up the shield and the lance a little. The colored pencils I had limited the way I imagined the colors of the doll clothes. The cross in the armor could be lighter blue while the rest of the armor and legs darker greyish blue. The boots and glove could be darker brown and the fur around the neck, glove and boots even darker brown.

Story: In ancient times, Stelter Silvertoe used to hunt wolfs and bears on Folda's frozen forests. "Meat to eat and fur to heat", is what he used to say about his hunts. One time he went out to hunt and he saw a frightening image into the woods. At first he tought it was a bear standing up, but when he squeezed his eyes he knew it couldn't be. It was way bigger, way stronger, and that evil look, oh, no bear had that evil look. Stelter froze for some time, he got goose bumps and could not even move. The strange creature walked a little closer and he runned away, faster than he ever has. When arriving in Carlin, he went to the tabern and told the story to everyone: "I saw a Yeti, it was huge and came into my direction". People laughed, called him crazy and made fun of him: "Yetis are just a myth invented by trolls to keep people away from Folda". Once a respected warrior, he was now taken for a fool. But Silvertoe couldn't accept that. He decided to hunt the creature and prove everyone wrong. For years he tried to find the creature again, unsuccessfully. He started looking for books everywhere to see if he could find any information. Once he found a strange old book called "Tibia Bosses". He read: "on the third day after the month, when the dawn embraces Tibia, Yetis are said to roam the ice lands". That was it. He finally found the frightening creature again. With his lance he charged to the creature, but the Yeti throw a snowball on his face. When he finally cleaned his face from the ice, he just saw the shadow of the fury hand coming in his direction. He was thrown far away injured, but when the creature was almost reaching him on the ground for the final attack, he reached his spear and stuck in the heart of the creature. He cut the fur off the yeti and made a cloak for himself. So he proved to eveyrone he was right. He learned how to find this creature and hunted many of them in his lifetime, making the Yetis a rare creature now. He was know as the Yeti Hunter.
This doll was made to honor the Yeti Hunter. He was the first warrior to ever meet this terrible creature, when everyone else believed it was just a myth.

Sounds: "Hail Tibia Bosses!", "I told Yetis were real, everyone told I was mad!", "Have you ever heard a Yoodeelaahooo, <char name>?"

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Nickname : Myth Mine

World : Guardia

Name of the Item : Infinite Spirit Shield

Text Item : You see an Infinite Spirit Shield. It weights 37.00 oz.

Description and Story :

Shield made by the Gods of Tibia. It makes you invincible. Only the worthy may use it. Awarded by

Once upon a time, Tibia land looked completely different than now. People were terrified by evilness that was surrounind our world, which was dominated by the most powerful creatures that ever lived. A brave knight named Trevedic could not stand this pervasive evilness and decided to confront it.

The Gods of Tibia appreciated his efforts and created a shield for him. It was made of extremely rare materials which gave special bonuses to that shield:

-the most durable steel from Kazordoon which made this shield extremely effective against the physical attacks,

-the rarest ivy which appears once a hundred years near Ab'dendriel which gave protection from the earth,

-the dragon scale from the First Dragon that used to live on Tibia Land which gave protection from the fire,

-the Tyrn's claw which gave protection from the energy,

-the Ghazbaran's horn which gave protection from the ice.

Except that materials, the Gods decided to put inside the shield a soul of the most powerful wizard which made the shield immune to death. An additional advantage was the lightness of the shield which was caused by the last element of it – the pegasus wings.

Such shield made Trevedic invincible. He defeated all the bosses that he met without any difficulties. Unfortunately Trevedic became too confident and started to be less and less focused during fights. And it fooled him out. In his last fight, Trevedic was deafeted by one of the mystical creatures and he died. After his death, shield lost all its powers and became too heavy to use it in any kind of battles. People decided to put the shield in Thais Musem.

The legend says that the shield by itself chooses the person who will be worthy enough of its use.

Item Sounds :

"Hail TibiaBosses! "

"Hail Nickname!"

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Character: Derigard

World: Astera


Item name: Slayer of a Thousand Preys

Look: You see Slayer of a Thousand Preys. It weighs 98.00 oz. Anger and souls of a thousand preys flow through this cursed blade. Awarded by

Description/story: Long time ago, somewhere deep Thais, a ancient cult who praise the hunt and war crafted an ancient and cursed blade to slay any enemy on the battleground. With magic focused on this blade, it could take his enemies souls, and keep them for eternity. For years, it was buried somewhere in Tibia, lost, and now its back, looking for new souls to feed his owner.


Sounds of the item: General Sounds-> "Soooooulssssss...."; "Feed meeeeee..."; "Do not come between <Char name> and his preeeeey!"; "All Hail...TibiaBossesssss...!!!!!!"; "All Hail <Char name>, the Chosen One!!"; 





1- The TB Will glow slowly

2- It could have a blood animation on blade

3- When you use it, it shines with Red Sparks animation, and appears the text

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Nickname: Jedoheva

World: Gentebra

Item name: A captured footprint.

Text item: You see a captured footprint. It weighs 99.00 oz. The time was short, but this mark can prove that He's real. Awarded by Tibiabosses.

Description: It would seems like a Yeti footprint. It's a glass box, snow, a wood base and the mark of Tibia Bosses encrusted on wood.When you click, the footprint appears in the snow, like a man walking in that.

History: Screams, noises, blood and tears... the boat was full, some people jumped in the water, even though not being swimers, some hunters have ran away throuth the moutain, I just heard some confuse words..."WHITE, FURRY, BIG FEET...", my mind started to bind the things. The histories was real. I accelerated the pace to show myself that I can't no longer turn a blind eye to this evil history.

'Yooodelaaahooohooo........ it was your yell..... My body froze and my eyes closed...

I'm dead?!?...

No, I've lost my consciousness and all I can see now it's a mark in front a me. A big footprint in the snow is here to prove its existence. There's no one human to share this experience with me, but getting this portion of snow, I'll be able to take this history forward.

Sounds of the item: "Yooodelaaahooohooo... I've passed in this path, but you wasn't here to prove the power, now just look at my trails."

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World: Impera
Item Name: Yeti Doll Flashlight
Impeccion: You See a lantern of the Yeti. It weighs 62.00 oz.
Description: This is a flashlight that can help you locate bosses. Awarded by
use in object: When you use the blue light if you find no boss nearby, and Orange When ay a boss close
This is the story of (Ghamorzor) the son of Ghazbarran, Morgaroth and Zoralurk,
These 3 chiefs make up the triangle of fear,
that single mind can be awakened by a group of followers of them called
followers of the shadows,
One day the shadow followers saw that a hunter who managed to kill most of
the bosses and them to see that someone killed the bosses decided to make a pact with the
tried to not want him to kill the bosses in exchange for live without and fear of
Die Amasacra do by some of them
So the hunter says that he was ghamorzor and that he would not join them again and that
the only one with enough power to
to kill the bosses who terrorize tibia and who would continue killing them until the end of
their times.
By both the villagers of warm grateful as Ghamorzor gives you go who collects goes
of the bosses to give it to the villagers who with those objects made a
Yeti doll that alerted every time a boss came out to go to kill him and save many lives
Ti Bianas
While shadow followers remain in the shadows waiting for a
good time to attack.
The name comes from :

Linterna Yeti Doll

muñeca yeti

Speak Spanish .
and these translators do not help .
I did my best with many days thinking.......

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Nickname : Keshav cool
World : Unitera {soon will be Nefera}

Item name : Diamond broom of queen of carlin.

Description : It have have crystal spikes at its end and it have 2 layers of diamond jewells which is used as a rod and it is so bright that the person can see his face like a mirror, it shines like a sun ray but powers cannot be used by anyone other then royal family of carlin.

History : Once there was a war in guilds in carlin. The war was so massive that the creatures under carlin came up to town and Queen decided to use all her powers on the broom she got from her mother "the old queen".

The broom became so powerful and beautiful that the powers helped the queen to prevent carlin from destruction but after that the queen went to a magician in the royal family that made a magic on the broom that the powers of the broom can only be used by royal family of carlin.



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TEXT ITEM: You see a Yeti Snow Globe. It Weight 20.18 oz

Description: Here sleeps the last yeti that was found in icy lands. Awarded by

Story item: For many years a rare creature made its appearances in the frozen Island Tibian called Folda. Local hunters, even knowing of their rarity, sold their fur to make shoes. With its extinction the last visa was trapped in a snow globe by an Ice Witch.

Item sounds: “Who disturbs me!?”  “Yooodelaaahooohooo, summer is here!?” "Hail Tibia Bosses!”



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Nickname: Delta Sin

World: Mortera (soon to be Firmera)

Item Name: Heroic Gauntlet

Text Item: You see a Heroic Gauntlet. It weighs 30.0 oz. The names of legendary creatures are inscribed within. Awarded by

Description and Story:

Description: I picture the gauntlet having either dark red and gold tones or silver and gold tones. The gauntlet is clenched when not used and exposes jewels/stone on each finger (can be anywhere from onyx to different jewel colors such as emeralds, amethyst, ect; it depends on the color of the gauntlet). When used the gauntlet hand opens up with a burst of energy (I was between electric vs a divine type of opening) and once open reveals another jewel/stone on the palm; while open there is an aura around the gauntlet that pulsates. [Sounds made can be viewed below]. The initials TB can be found on the forearm aspect of the gauntlet to represent

Story: As Brog created the menacing creatures that roam the Tibian lands today, his most feared creations, the so called Bosses of such races, continue to lurk in the shadows and unleash their wrath as they please. The great warrior Banor lost many a friend to these ruthless creatures and made it his one goal to explore the corners of Tibia to rid of them. However, Banor quickly came to the realization that despite all of his training he was no match. Because of this he asked the all-powerful Uman for help. One day, Banor and a small force of his men made their way through a secret cave. Instantly Banor felt a pitting feeling in his stomach and realized they had just walked into a Boss lair. Suddenly he began to lose faith in Uman fearing this was the end. A large, dark-maroon creature chuckled and began to speak... "You dare walk into the lair of Tyrn!" Banor pleaded for Tyrn to let his men go and take him as prisoner. With a horrific and bellowing laugh, Tyrn refused and swung his entire might at Banor's forces. Banor reached up to block the blow. To the bosses' great surprise, Banor stopped him in his tracks. Enveloped around Banor's hands were a pair of divine gauntlets that appeared to have materialized out of thin air. With a swift move Banor ripped the claw off the menacing creature and a terrible shriek was bellowed. Tyrn made a swift retreat as his minions plunged into Banor's forces.  All made it out alive. Banor looked down unto the gauntlets and noticed Tyrn was now inscribed within the gold plated lining. For the years to come Banor struck fear into the hearts of every Boss and to this day they only seldom make an appearance for fear that a new warrior should arise wearing the gleaming gauntlets that crippled them once before.

Item Sounds: "In the name of Uman, we shall rid this world of evil!" "Furyosa, Tyrn, Welter... I'll crush them all!" "This Yeti stain won't come out..." "Get a grip!" "Hold on tight [player name]!" "It still reeks of  Banor's sweat..." "Hail!"


Changed the name of the item and sketch (couldn't decide between Explorer's Gauntlet or Heroic Gauntlet). Thanks Mad Def.

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