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Idea for a Fansite Item Contest - Submissions Thread

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Please place yours submissions on this thread. Please read detailed rules before posting (lik at the end of this post)!

The most important things:

On this contest you DO NOT creating fansite item. You need to present an idea for it! Fansite item will be created by our graphic artist.

Entry must contain:
- nickname and world of contestant
- name of the item (max 5 points)
- text which is shown after looking on it in game (max 5 points)
- description and story of the item (max 15 points)
- sounds of the item - what it does after using it (max 5 points)
- sketch of the item - hand-made sketch, just to show how you imagine the item (max 5 points)

The contest starts at 03.04.2018, and ends at 22.04.2018 at 24:00 CEST. All entries must be submitted before this deadline. If you edit or post your entry after the deadline, your entry will not be judged.

If you have any questions, or comments, please write on questions topic. This one is for submissions only. Good luck for everyone! 🙂




I will edit every submission and at the end I will write Valid or Unvalid (and why). Post should be valid and lastly edited by me. If it is edited by contestant again, it need to be checked again and validated again.

Nickname: Guigosz.

World: Honera (Nefera soon).

Item name: Yeti doll.

Text item: You see a yeti doll. It weighs 18.00 oz.

Description: This little yeti looks adorable and harmless. Awarded by

Story item: "To many decades yetis are considered a myth throughout the icy continent of the Tibian lands. One day, a yeti puppy was playing outside his lair at Folda. But eventually he found a witch nearby who marveled at this lovely creature, decided to kidnap her into a doll to decorate her creature dolls collection."

Item sounds: "Did yooou find somee boss todaaay?","Cheeeck ooout all info ooon!","Yooodelaaahooohooo", "Yooodelaaaheehee".


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My idea is:

You see a Baby Yeti
It weights 18.29 oz.
It is a baby of rare and mysterious Yeti. Awarded by

Extra informations: Provides a small amount of blue light

Story: Some time ago, some boss hunters were in Folda, in a relentless search for the legendary Yeti, they did not find. But this time they noticed a certain movement and a strange noise in some snowballs that was there. Curious, they went to check and found a baby Yeti that was cowardly abandoned by their parents.
Because of this, the hunters welcomed him and took him home. From that moment, they declared that this baby Yeti would be the symbol of the hunting team "TibiaBosses" for never forget how cruel and cowardly are the Yetis, always encouraging the hunt for these bosses.

Sketch of the Baby Yeti:

Item sounds: "Have you seen my pareeents?", "I am cooooold", "Help meee", "I'm huungry <Name Player>"


Nick: Wakandian

Server Ferobra

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Kinao Rushador





Item name: White stain.

Text item: You see a stain. It weighs 17.00 oz.

Description: This small parchment with an image of a frightening creature.

Story item: "there was a story that had spent a lot of time with a creature that had the same rarity and strength as the demonic chiefs, but now there are only old traces on paper with figures of what the creature could be, now said map changes color as it approaches to a boss."

another history, you can change the name of ferumbras by bosses or another boss

"there was a boss who rivaled the strength of ferumbras but he was an ally of the citizens of Tibia, the citizens had to pay tribute to ferumbras to win their affection, since their ally was weak, then this boss left them a small parchment with a stain that changed color according to the boss that appeared that week so that they could give their tributes."

Item sounds"Did youuu have found somethng today?","if you need rares visit!!!","pay your debts", "scrtch". and you can add an effect when you open it

sketch (is a bad image but is a good concept)

first concept


last concept




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Item name: Find-a-Boss-2000

Text item: You see a Find-a-Boss-2000. It weighs 22.00 oz.

Description: Fully energized to find every creature in Tibia! Awarded by

Story item: "Created by Edron Magic Academy students to improve the precision on every hunt made by themselves, a peculiar gadget which use a magic shard as energy source. Tired of losing hours and hours looking for you prey? We have something for you! The Find-a-Boss-2000!! Fully charged with the pure Edron Magic Shards to help you to get your boss without any trouble! (Magic Shards not included)"

Item sounds: "Zzzsssssss...Calculating.....","Thanksssss for purchasing your Find-a-Boss-2000 on!","Boss located at X 32361 Y 32250 Z 7!! Bzzzsssssss", "Low energy!! Beep Beep".


Nickname: Derigard

World: Astera

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Elfo Fantasma



Item name: "The Bosshunter Chest" (can be "The Boss Hunter Chest")

Look: You see The Bosshunter Chest. It weighs 90.00 oz. It is filled with rewards and honor that only a true boss hunter could collect. Awarded by

Description/story: This is a decoration item. It has two phases, before and after you use it. In my conception it could have two phases or an animation where it opens and closes. By having the two phases you can choose if you want to expose the chest opened or closed, emiting different sounds in the different phases. By having an animation where it opens and closes again it could emits a brigh gold light. When you open this an animation with small souls of bosses (ghosts) go out of the chest.

This chest has been filled by a collector who was a real boss hunter. After years studying Tibia Bosses library books he achieved the final lore on the spots, days and time where bosses usually appears to haunt even the mightest warriors. 

A lot of warriors seek bossers all around Tibia, while a lot of warriors don't even believe they are real. The fact is, without the proper knowledge a fact is just a rumour for those who doesn't seek the truth. A mighty warrior named Ghost Elf, was certain about the existence of bosses. He was more worried in exploring new lands than hunting over and over in the same spots to gain experience in fight. He was called "The pathfinder" by most of Tibians. And that is what he was, a pathfinder. Even though he saw strange creatures hiding in the woods on his explorations, he could never find a boss to fight. Back in his time, no one ever had. Rumour or fact? On one of his explorations he found a secret library, buried somewhere is now a desert. This library looked like a particular libray, since all the books were written by the same author, identified as M.D.. Several books was about the so called bosses behaviors. Ghost elf spent days studying those books, until he had the lore about all bosses cataloged so far. Places, times, rewards, everything. As he was walking away from that library he found a old chest abandoned, with a letter signed my M.D. In the letter he wrote: "If you found this library, you'll probably need that chest". He took the chest and started his journey, facing insane battles with the bosses. The chest was filled with his glory, as a proof that bosses are real and still wandering Tibian lands.

Sounds of the item: General Sounds-> "You are a true Bosshunter, <Char Name>!"; "Isn't TibiaBosses right?";  "Hail TibiaBosses!".

In case it has two phases, the sounds when it is closed->  "Inside this chest lies the rewards of a legendary bosshunter!"; "Only a true bosshunter can open this chest"

Sounds when it is open-> "Your deeds have been noticed, <char name>!"; "So you read TibiaBosses a lot, huh?"

Sketch of the item:

Extra notes: All items inside the open chest can be replaced, those added are my favorite boss items that could fit in a chest. I drew all the items spaced so you could see it better, but due to the limited 32x32 space items should be overlapping or simplified. Since fansite items can't be furniture this could be a small chest, by removing the large weapons and replacing it for smaller items such as wooden whistle, horn(ring), vampire's signet ring, etc.

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Nick name: Jose War
World: Laudera

Item name: Hunter Doll

Text: You see a hunter doll. It weighs 10.00 oz.

Description: This doll contains the soul of a hunter of rare monsters, by the great master Oodok.

Story: When the hunter was in a boss hunting routine, entered the domain of Oodok Witchmaster and was turned into a voodoo doll, now his soul is trapped in the Hunter Doll.

Sounds: Have you seen any boss? Hail Tibia Bosses !!


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Nickname : Egocentric

World : Luminera

Item name : Bosses hunter's necklace

Text item : You see a bosses hunter's necklace. It weighs 9.80 oz

Story : "The good luck charm from an unknown old man who tells you his stories about spending his life slaining high class monsters"
Item sound : "you should slow down i cant bring you luck anymore"

Sketch : Work in progress
green is dragon scale
Yellow is golden blade
and the red background is a pillow
And blood on the sword

Sorry if my english is wrong ?

sketch should hand-drawn (please delete this message after editing submission)

Ruat Caelum



Item name: "Yeti Claw" (can be "Claw of the Yeti")

Look: You see a Yeti Claw. It weighs 40 oz. Existance is now undeniable. Awarded by

Description/story: This is a decoration item, that can be used. I.E. after use it gives an eternal winter effect on the character. Similar to the item "Rain Coat" but with a different spell.


Sketch of the item:


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Burro Banton


Guardia (soon Bona)


Item name: Dice of Desire


Text: You see the Dice of Desire. It fulfills your deepest wishes. It weighs 1.20 oz.


Description/Story: You can use it the same way you can use the usual dice ingame. Before first use, it's a regular dice with a question mark but just in dark red. After that it can change it's sprite to 6 different stages/sides, with the same randomizer as a usual dice. The other sides look like a desireable bosshunter item. You can use it once every 20 hours, to reroll into another item. All the items will have a glimmer on them like Golden Boots do.

1st Side: Red Dice with a question mark

2nd: Bunny Slippers

3rd: Eye of the Storm

4th: Thunder Hammer

5th: Holy Scarab

6th: Wooden Whistle


It's not tradeable via market.


Item Sounds: "What is it, that you heart desires the most?!" "Don't you fear the depths of greed?" "Is it your lucky day?" "Count the days until you will feel the real one in your hands!"




The yellow stars shall look like the shimmering on golden boots, and for the sprites of the items, just hook up the original ones.


Off Post: Damn you, Guigo, Yeti Doll was immediatly my first thought and i'm pretty sure it will win :D!

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