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Idea for a Fansite Item Contest - Submissions Thread

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Nickname: Gilgamach

World: Gentebra

Item: Yeti Sleeper Doll

Text: You see a Yeti Sleeper Doll. It weighs 17.00 oz. The Treasure of Tibia Bosses. A sleepy baby holding a Bunnyspleep.

Description: This Item is a Yeti Baby holding your precious Bunnysleep. He is almost always asleep, so you need to nudge him into awakening. He will be annoyed to be awake and shortly afterwards will return to sleep always holding his Bunnysleep. Some sleeping Z letters float around.

Sounds: "Oh ... why did you wake up <player name>?" I was having such a good dream! Do not disturb me again. I want to try to continue that dream.


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Nickname: Vatarien

World: Calmera

Item name: Bohem, The Bohemian Yeti.

Text item: You see Bohem. It weighs 18.00 oz. Its bohemian ways start to spread into your body.

Description: This is a doll of a yeti, sitting, chilling, playing some sax.. with his priced bunny slippers coming outside of his backpack.

Story itemSo long as we can remember, adventurers al across the land have been trying to locate bosses, for the fame, for the fortune, for the thrill. Whatever reason hunters may have, bosses have had to fight and defend themselves for generations just because they are species on the edge of extinction. But for all there fighting and there struggling, they have lost the war, hunters will continue to come for them, Ferumbras will keep dropping his hat, the man will have to stay in his cave until somebody finds him, and kills him, Yetis will continue to leave besides frost trolls a wolves just to try and hide its magnificent fur and ofcourse, there bunnyslippers. But there is a legend, of a Yeti that chose another path, not the path of war, but the path of music. Legend says that this Yeti, called Bohem, was tired of having to help his fellow yetis once a month to fight some hunters who had the advantage, why not just leave folda and no one will ever find you. And so he did, with his backpack carrying his bunnyslippers and his saxophone in his hands he left, and never returned. Rumors have it that he has been recruiting all kinds of rare bosses, trying to convince them to stop fighting and join his traveling band and roam aroung the Tibian World forever, allegedely he already got Tyrn as a guitarist and the Mad Mage is a great vocalist. And that is the story of Bohem, The Bohemian Yeti who defied the odds and altered his fate, legend has it that once a month in folda, at the touch of dawn, you can hear his saxophone playing a sad melody at a distance as he plays songs of his missing home. 

Item sounds"(song notes) turu durup dup durup dup (song notes)","I will not fight you brother","Music wil save you soul", "Sorry, i cant do any sounds for you, im cleaning my Sax".

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Character name: Licad

Server: Talera

Name of the item: Frozen Rose

**The item have two phases, so it means that the player will be able to change it to it two forms.

You see a Frozen Rose. It weighs 7.00 oz.

You see Crunor Rosenheart. It weighs 7.00 oz.

Frozen Rose:

You see a Frozen Rose. It weighs 7.00 oz. The Inner feels warm there resides the heart of Crunor. Awarded by

Crunor Rosenheart:

You see Crunor Rosenheart. It weighs 7.00 oz. It is the true and reliable heart of Crunor, it represents purity on Earth. Awarded by

Sounds of the item - what it does after using it


Frozen Rose side:

Only who is pure has the right to see me!

If you are pure… I will show up.

My hidden light can guide your way!

I will warm your life. If… <transform when using>

Hail TibiaBosses!

Crunor Rosenheart side:

I can feel the purity of your heart… <nickname>!

I belong to those who are brave!

Hail TibiaBosses!

Hail <nickname>!


  • It is transformed to be used, going from a frozen rose to Crunor Rosenheart. The change will cause the rose to thaw, which may include some kind of animation for its defrosting, also an animation for the frozen stage.
  • Each rose should have a personal shine that represents the warm and the cold respectively.
  • The color and the type of light that radiates will change depending on the way in which the item is.

Sketch of the item:

Description and story of the item:

This Frozen Rose hide inside a warm heart which can be seen only for pure and brave hearts warriors. The heart of Crunos lives inside.


Uman united himself with the earth, which we know as Tibia. And the earth bore him Crunor, the first tree. Crunor was full of charm and vitality. Also he loved his own shape and possessed the gift of modesty. Inspired by the creation he bore from itself all the plants, small and large. And they spread out on the body of mother Tibia, like a dress - it was a delight to see.

One day Crunor beginning to feels that something was growing out of him... He could not explain what it was... however, he could feel the beauty of it due to the warmth it provides. As the days passed, Crunor felt that soon he would witness the most beautiful creation that his eyes could see and that his hands could create. The day had arrived and Crunor knew it... without being able to explain it... he felt it was time, suddenly something bright began to come out from inside him... it was not big... but not very small... it was the most beautiful thing that could exist in that moment either in Tibia... finally the bright light vanished and in front of Crunor it showed up his heart, it was his heart represented in the most beautiful Rose that you can imagine... A beauty shinning and her color were as warm as Crunor's own heart. However, fear ran through Crunor... what would happen if someone stole it? His beauty was not equal to anything... and fearing this Crunor began to think what to do... where could hide it...

It was a dark night only illuminated by the light of that beautiful rose... and suddenly and although nothing seemed to foresee that such devastation would seize Crunor, a malicious group of goblins that prowled the neighborhood almost haunted by the brightness of the rose was approaching stealthily... suddenly it was gone, it had disappeared... not even its wolves could help.

It is said that Crunor can feel how part of him is frozen, and that at the same sometimes he can feel the heat of her still alive.

Details of the story can be heard by the murmurs of the ancient trees that inhabit Fae, who lament the sadness that their loss causes to Crunor. It is said that the rose fell from the pockets of one of these little bandits while they were trying to escape from a helidear snowstorm that was passing through the Southern Ice Islands while committing one of their many misdeeds.

As for the rose, fell among the snow of one of the Southern Ice Isles... half freeze and with almost nothing of its bright light... suddenly it was taken by some warm hands... but it was late its light little by little vanished... the cold covered it, but from time to time the cold ice leaves it and it shines again and show its beauty to those who protect it.

The destiny of the rose for Crunor is uncertain, nevertheless happy Yetis, a not very sight criatures… have being seeing more than before… apparently they are custoding something with ferocity... perhaps and who knows is what's Crunors has lose?


Note-off: Within the story I wanted to relate the item and the site since the logo of a yeti represents the site, so in this way I gave it a role within the history of the item. ajjaaj as well as many I also had the idea of a yeti doll... but it was already set.

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- Nickname and world of contestant:
- Name of the item:
Yeti explorer doll
- Text which is shown after looking on it in game:

You see a Yeti explorer doll.
It weights 8.50 oz
- Description and story of the item:
Tribute to the explorers who go in search of the strangest creatures of tibia.
- Sounds of the item - what it does after using it:

"I got you!"
"I am looking for you"


- Sketch of the item - hand-made sketch, just to show how you imagine the item:

The yeti holds a lens when you use the item.

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Name: Bastesh

Server: Harmonia

You see a Kiwi Boss Book. Represent the work of years looking for all bosses in Tibia.

Welcome (character name) are you ready to learn about the bosses in Tibia?

Visit my page

Be carefull (character name) maybe you can find something that scares you.

This book was create by a crazy scientific that he loves recolect of class of information about all type of creatures in Tibia. This crazy warrior dedicated all he's live looking for the most rare creatures that the word see. He travel to all cities in the word looking for see and kill the most powerfull  monsters. After years recolecting information he finally complete all the collection about all bosses that you can found and he makes he's book.

The book is create with parts of all bosses that he kill in all his live. One eye of zuchuka, put the mouth of rotworm queen, the eyes of The evil eye, 3 skins of The imperor Groam and thul, all pages in book are wet with the liquid of The plasmother and finally put 2 horns because he kill a lot of White Pale and he has a collections that more 1000 horns of thie creature.

First idea (draft)

Better defined

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Time is up! From now on, editing and adding submissions is not allowed.

We would like to thank to all contestants! There is a lot of submissions to rewiev, so it could take a while to read it all! In about 2 weeks we will publish the results.

Meantime, all contestants will receive additional 1 week of tibiabosses premium. It will be activated in next 24 hours.

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