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Makadamia [Bona]

Many interesting screenshots! Good job with all your work, especially on completing Demon task!

Maka, your screenshots are amazing as always  😉  but till your screenshot from Lady Tenebris I didn't knew about that Shadow Mask item, it would fit for Mr. Punish  !  😆

Is that only a creature product or maybe more ? Can you "use it" with crossairs ?


Kisses !

Quote from Magiiczna on 24 January 2017, 08:00

Maka, your screenshots are amazing as always  ????  but till your screenshot from Lady Tenebris I didn't knew about that Shadow Mask item, it would fit for Mr. Punish  !  ???? Is that only a creature product or maybe more ? Can you "use it" with crossairs ?   Kisses !

Thanks! <3 Well, I can not use it on any object with crosshairs, so I guess it is only a decoration, probably same as Shadow Paint . I'll write more, when loot it all haha ? I had no team to Forgotten Knowledge bosses, so I haven't got much idea about this stuff. I heard that Coal Eyes and Carrot is "usable" and that there is an achievement for Forbidden Fruit!

So many cool pics!!! GZ Maka!
Good luck with the tokens! I stoped to look for those vampire lords when I got 100.
Haven't seen ocyakao for so long :((((( neither tyrn so happy that you killed him! next time hope you loot the sun mirror!


I'm impressed with your collection of rare items! Congratz on finishing Demon Oak Quest. Keep it going!

Sun Mirror looks awesome, but I dream about Eye of the Storm!  When I loot it I'll focus my time on Tyrns... so probaby never haha 😆

Magis thanks! I'll do my best! So many things to do still... I want to loot Tin Key and Foxtail so a lot of informal tasks are waiting.

Celebration of Tibia 20th anniversary has ended! So... I made a lot of screenshots from that time to commemorate and in this post I'll show all of them. Enjoy!

Of course I did the newest quest - The First Dragon! I really like it, unfortunately for a 2 weeks I couldn't have so much fun doing this quest because of lags, kicks and connection losts. Second half of January was much better and I fully enjoyed new adventures!

As all know Gelidrazah the Frozen has changed prices of well known rares like Runic Ice Shield , Icicle Bow  or semi-rare Frozen Plate ... so I really don't know if there is still reason to boast. Anyway even with such a big chance of loot those items, on my account appeared only 1 Frozen Plate, 2 Icicle Bows, 1 Runic Ice Shield (looted in the last day of January) and 1 Northern Star.

The only item, which is quite rare for now - Northern Star!

Meeting with The First Dragon!

... and rewards room 🙂

I am very impatient, so decided to buy half of feathers and one mask to make Festive Outfit faster and later sell the same ammount of stuff on market. Becouse of this unfortunately I can not show my achievement "Reason to Celebrate". They implement it in game few days later 😕

Time for some CM bosses!

Lionet with Lagatos:

Mirade with Rejana:




Siramal and Bolfrim:

... and finally Lyxoph! (two shots, I couldn't decide which one looks better ? )

January was a good time for visiting Vigintia and Nostalgia!

Meeting with Lora:

Looking for treasures:

Shooting to some cans:

Exhibition on Nostalgia:

The most funny part of visiting Nostalgia was meeting with oldschool looking monsters :mrgreen:

... what I can add is that skeletons summoned by Bonelords could look like old ones too!

Around Thais appeared a lot of Piñata Dragons full of sweets and anniversary limited-edition items! While kicks were strong I was fighting with them in the rythm of Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me 😛

Of course I couldn't just sell all of Surprise Bags... now I've got another Teddy Bear! 😀

I really like to watch your screens 🙂 it's nice to see Nostalgia again! Congratulations on loots & full Festive Outfit. Keep it going!

Maka, too much luck with that Teddy Bear, how you're doing that ?! Maybe you shoul play a lotto ?

Haven't been here for ages! 🙂 So.... I've got some old screenshots, which I didn't show here yet! It will be quite poor post, becouse I was bored with game for over a month and most of time I've just dropped in for a chat.

Let's start with some levels!

... and finally with pro EK (320 lvl at that time) who didn't die with me! :mrgreen:

I've made some achievements to increase my collection!

Something from January:

Finally "Mastermind"!

Yep, Guardia with my little help has killed Gaz'haragoth and finally I'm a proud owner of "Prison Break" achievement!

... and the newest one:

I know, I know... Part of a Rune  is cheap as hell now, but it's my first! I have killed so many Forgotten Knowledge Quest bosses and have looted only one! That's why it's so precious to me 😀

... another former-rare item:

Silver Raid Token #23

Well, I just show tokens from random raids. On Oramond it is so easy to get one, that's no point to show it on screenshosts. I don't even count them.

Some bosses as always! But not many this time... no luck 😳

Dire Penguin #4

Pro boss!

This post wouldn't be "mine" without some Cublarcs, right? 😀

Zevelon Duskbringer #19

Sir Valorcrest #14

... and the same boss from little different perspective. Looks funny! But to be honest it's me, who is usually late haha! I just don't share it here... maybe I should?

Sir Valorcrest #15

Finally something, I didn't have before!


Fernfang #9

Man In The Cave #18

Tyrn #8

Actually I didn't find him, but saw on World Chat, that Theeres need help with it, so we slained that beast together!

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Satan Red, who is learning Polish so hard! 😆

*-* Nice pics as alwaysss!

So many bosses GZ! I haven't seen ferfang [for a long..]

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