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Makadamia [Bona]


Congratulations on all the levels and all the bosses kills!! Specially that awesome culottes!!

This is insane! feels like you know ur bosses. Keep it up and goodluck. :mrgreen:

My new-old house! New, cus I bought it today on auction (30kk so cheaper than I thought). Old, cus I had it on my former server - Harmonia. It is definitely my favourite house in Tibia!

Gz. Rathleton is truly the best place to have a house 🙂


Some new screenshots... with Cabinets' invasion on Thais! 😀

It was quite late evening, our team was bored... perfect occasion for some trolling!

Making of...:

Final result:

Oooops! Trapped.

Guardia! Forgive us, please 🙁

Hello everybody! It's a good time to show some more adventures from Guardia! Recently I had really bad luck with levels and skills. Kicks all the time... if it wasn't cause of DDoS attacks, then my own PC crashed and killed me 👿 My most recent list of deaths is really impressive. But at least I've met some bosses! 🙂

Let's start with levels as always:

And it's all for now. I was 417, I had 111 magic level... but it isn't current anymore. RIP.

Finnaly I did it!

It's funny, cus I looted so many rares from pharaohs, killed thousands of them and still (till level 400+) didn't have HOTA Quest 😀

We also started new, Forgotten Knowledge Quest. Seems to be very nice, similar to Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest or Heart Of Destruction Quest, but easier 🙂

 I thought that Pillow Backpack will be another rare item, but I guess drop chance is quite big.

Also I'm dissapointed that Cipsoft gave so big drop chance to loot items like Snake God's Sceptre  or Runic Ice Shield .  They destroyed it's rarity...

Since update my friends looted Sceptre three or four times and Shield two times.

Silver Raid Token #20

Silver Raid Token #21

I don't know why this raid is always almost free from other players, but it's opportunity for me to kill some Cublarcs and maybe one day to loot my 3rd Disgusting Trophy! 😀

Another four on my "killed list":

Undead Cavebear #16

Undead Cavebear #17

Dharalion #25

Yassss! I need some more  for new addons 😀

Dharalion #26

... and finally some Vampire Lord Tokens to my collection!

Arachir The Ancient One #12

Zevelon Duskbringer #15

The Pale Count #4

I was so happy to see Tyrn! It was first time when I found it on Liberty Bay. Of course not first time when I killed him there, but before it was Mad Def who called me on boss. I was more lucky with Drefia spawn 😀

Finally my 1st Dracola ever!

Hi hun! such a cute LT! Gz on all :3

ye... about the rares cip just mess with it on this update :/  (sigh)

Amazing as always, keep up the great work!

i expect to see many more accomplishments here from you 😀

Amazing screenshots. Congratulations rares. I'm glad i could be part of Cabinets' invasion! 🙂

Hello there! First of all, thanks for your comments! Since my last post already passed over a month, so I have made some screenshots to share it here.

Well, I don't have any team for now to make hunts, so I can't show you actionshots or many token-bosses' loots, but still trying to do something interesting 😉

I want to start with something quite special for me, because each character can do this stuff only once and for me it was first time... I mean Demon Task and The Demon Oak Quest!


Finally it's done!

I've made also loot statistics, unfortunately I didn't copy loots from random Demons from team hunts or POI, so it shows about 2/3 of loot from whole task.

I'm sure that there should be 7th  Magic Plate Armor 😀

Anyway I get Holy Icon from Grizzly Adams and decided to do Quest to gain some new achievements, outfit and beautiful !

I wanted to make a selfie with Demon Oak, but it was hard! Quite agressive tree...

Few moments later... finally perfect selfie! 😆

Time for rewards!


... and my new shield!

Last, but not the least - achievement for full Demon Outfit!

It's all I wanted to show related to Demon Task, but it's not the end of this post!

During so many "connection losts" and lags I decided to use this opportunity to make more achievements and easy tasks.

Perfect example is long and boring "The Gravedigger of Drefia Quest":

I changed outfit to look more dark and gloomy and tamed Gravedigger!

With NPC Ned Nobel appeared also "Fireworks in the Sky":

One of those achievement which appears without special efforts:

Finally "Scourge of Death" for 50 journeys during event A Pirate's Death to Me! ... and I promised myself, I'll never ever come back on this ghost ship. Bleeeh 🙁

What to do besides achievements during mass kicks? ... maybe Turmoil Task? Yup, why not.

I took a part in Bewitched event too! Maybe one day I'll fill cauldron with 500 ingredients >.< For now I have already made all easier achievements (included "Fire Devil"), but never met Bane Bringers boss before, so it was my plan for this year:

It wasn't the only boss I killed recently.

Draptor raid solo? No problem!

Anyway, it was quite poor raid, because not many Draptors appeared.

Few minutes later another raid with Cublarc The Plunderer 🙂

Rotworm Queen #41

Finally again! White Pale after such a long time since I've met him before 😀

It made me happy even if there is no loot!

I'm still full of hope, that one day I'll loot Eye Of The Storm , but anyway I'm glad to see another Ocyakao 🙂

Few weeks later Nibelor was so crowded again!

A lot of Vampire Lords stepped on my way:

Diblis The Fair #13

Diblis The Fair #14

Sir Valorcrest #12

Sir Valorcrest #13

Zevelon Duskbringer #16

Zevelon Duskbringer #17 - thanks to Demonic Vicino!

Zevelon Duskbringer #18

Unfortunately no luck with loot from random-spawn bosses, just recently got something semi-rare from Lady Tenebris:

Levels. Not many, but still.

CipSoft gave back, what's mine! <hard leveling in my house>

Finally! My 111 magic level - on which I advanced 6 times 😀

It's all for now! Hope you enjoy it 🙂 © 2020. All rights reserved.
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