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Invent a New Boss Contest - Submissions Thread

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Character Name: Melanie Tierna

World: Luminera


Boss Name: Lady Nerium


Many adventurers have wondered how such a beautiful woman can be as ruthless a person as Lady Nerium. Her real name is Neria but the Tibians named Nerium for being one of the most poisonous beings of Tibia. Neria was born before Tibia was created, she is the sister of Tibiasula, Neria is also a goddess; Yes, my little Tibian, just as you read it. In the genesis of Tibia tells how were the attempts to create living beings which were in vain but that brought Tibiasula to life, but a small part of the story was changed over the years .... When Tibiasula was born, the gods turned into purple dust, creating a tornado giving another beautiful girl with big wings, she was so beautiful that hypnotized anyone, there was only one defect in that young woman, pride and selfishness could Than his own loyalty. Neria thought she was superior to her sister.

One day, Neria decided to steal from her sister a medallion that had great power and this would make Neria stronger than Tibiasula. Neria put it on her and a glow came out of her; Tibiasula realized that Neria was halfway through a transformation. Tibiasula tried to take the necklace but she flew through the air into the cold ground. Quickly the goddess thought of creating a world to which she would send Neria who would be alone so that she didn’t do another evil act like that, nevertheless, to create it would need to use all her power and for that reason she could die. She didnt think about it any more and created the world sending Neria and stripping her of what she knew as her home.


Never was known that it happened with Tibiasula, some say that she actually died for using all her power, others say she was trapped in the medallion. Neria ended up in a city that had many plants and trees, the city that is now known as port hope. Little by little the world that created Tibiasula (which has always been called and is still called Tibia) took on life and color, the goddess made a grave error .... The intention to create this world was so that Neria didnt do any other evil act but tibiasula created humans and also many monsters like dragon lords, orc berserkers, demons, among others.


Neria became "friend" of a snake called Equidna but they had a fight. Neria defeated her, absorbed the venomous powers of Equidna, and acquired new abilities. The white part of her dress paralyzed anyone who approached her and was now capable of poisoning her opponents.


The goddess gained a lot of fame and the fearful adventurers gave her  the name "Lady Nerium". Nobody knows exactly where in Port Hope is this girl but if you meet a beautiful young woman with brown hair, purple mask and big wings, RUN!, is Lady Nerium who will summon the Rafflez to help her finish with you.


Creature Information

Heatlh (HP) = 190000

Experience = 70000

Location: Anywhere in port hope, random.


“My revenge is near! “I have the power” “Tibiasula, where are you? Come, my Little sister” “Do you think you can against me?” “Kneel or die!”

Skills = Paralyze (2 sqm near Lady nerium), Poison (800 – 1000), Healing (500 -700), life drain (200), mana drain (300), death wave (2000 – 4000).

Haste = 1090.

 Inmune to: *Earth.

Strong to:  *Physical 50%, Ice 60%, Death 95%

Weak to: * Energy 80%

Lady nerium have a special skill, one that no boss in tibia possesses, She can combine poison and death  creating a new skill called "Point Death" which can take half of your life or even kill you instantly!

Loot = 0 – 67 platinum coins, 0- 2 Ruby necklace, 0-1 Hibiscus dress, 0 – 2 Helmet of Nature Rafflez wand (rare), 0 – 1 Golden boots ,0-1 Equidna Backpack (Very rare), 0 – 100 ultimate mana potion, 0 – 2 lotus necklace (rare), 0 – 1 Amulet of power (ultra rare).

Summon: Rafflez (3-6 every 5 minutes)

Phrases:  “HAHAHAHA” “Feel Nerium`s power!”

Health (HP) = 7500

Experience = 0              

Notes: Rafflez can heal Lady Nerium (700- 800).

Poison: 2000

Inmune to = Death, Physical, Earth.

Strong to = Energy 70%

Weak to = Ice 30%, Fire 50%

Notes: I created some items (they are in the picture)




Character Name: Nekogami

World: Antica

Event: Invent New Boss

Boss Name: Dracule




For a very long time, vampires have roamed the Tibian lands feeding on blood of their victims. As time passed, humans started to take precaution measures against these creatures, demon hunters were dispatched to hunt down vampires that came near to human settlements. As vampires were considered a rare sight to civilians, their belongings and even their teeth are worth a fortune among the traders. For that very reason, many vampires were hunted for both the leisure and served as an income to skilled demon hunters. Even the strongest of vampire lords could not defend themselves against the onslaught of the hunters.

Retreating to deserted tombs and crypts filled with their powerful undeads allies were their only chance for survival. The vampire lords were given a special token which resembles their status as a leader of a group of vampires in the district before they scattered around Tibia. Awaiting their fate as they made their escape, some hid their offspring in the mountains which were inhabited by the fearsome dragons in hopes they would survive. Rumors had it that a vampire was adopted by the dragons, but no one provided any physical proof for their existence until now. It's physical appearance as described in the myths are that it evolved and developed horns and a tail while having the appearance of a vampire. Explorers that encountered this fearsome beast met tragic fates, none lived to tell the story. Up until today, it still remains a mystery regarding the existence of this creature. It was named by humans as Dracule, rumored to be residing near Edron.

There are many different stories about this beast, but none had been supported with physical evidence that this creature actually exists. It's physical appearance was drawn by a renowned family of artists based from the descriptions which were indicated in the myths. This mythical beast is assumed to have overwhelming magical abilities based on the fact that no one had ever escaped from its treacherous claws.
Sounds: Unknown
Suggested sounds: "I smell blood!" , "Fear me!" , "GRRRAWWRRR!" , "FCCCHHHH?"
Abilities: Unknown.
Assumed skills: Death wave? Fire UE? Death strike? Great Fireball?
Dracule have ? hitpoints. It is assumed to be immune to death and fire damage. Moreover they are likely strong against earth damage and weak against holy damage. These creatures can neither be summoned nor convinced. In addition, they are able to sense invisible creatures

Dracule yields ? experience points. They may* carry platinum coins, vampire teeth and sometimes other items with them.


*information is predicted





Author's notes: 

Sorry if my drawing is a little "off" as I'm still new to the software and drawing pen. Tibiabosses have the rights to edit the lore, picture or any information written by me on this post. As for the unknown parts and assumed stats, I feel new bosses shouldn't have any stats and abilities leaked if they were implemented into the game. Players will have to explore and find out themselves. Claw, Crown and Bat Form were drawn on the top of the picture to show details of smaller parts/accessories of the body. I would like to thank Tibiabosses for this opportunity given for me to test out my new software and drawing tablet & pen. Hope to see more events in the future. All the best to all contestants.


List of WIP's:






WIP eye

Character name: Lord Zhephard (Astera)

Boss name: Balrog

Story: Balrog is the general of demons. His greatest desire is to be part of the ruthless seven, but they never accepted him because of his weakness. He's considered an archdemon as Morgaroth or Ushuriel. Balrog lives in the deepth of the Edron Hero Cave, the same place where in his youth he met the demon lord, Orshabaal, learning some tactics from him.

Hit points: 23120
Experience: 9694
Armor: 94
Elemental Properties: Same as a demons.

Melee (0-1600)
Great Fireball (100-500)
Great Energy Beam (0-1000)
Self Healing (500-1000)
Summons (0-3 Demons)

Location: Balrog has 3 possibilities of respawn in the depths of Hero Cave. He spawn when a certain number of demons in the hero cave are killed.

Balrog location

(He may appear on those 3 different places, at the green point).

0 - 230 gold coins.
0 - 12 platinum coins
0 - 2 demon horns
Golden Sickle
Stone Skin Amulet
Demon Shield
Mastermind Shield (semi-rare)
Golden Legs (semi-rare)
Magic Plate Armor (semi-rare)
Teddy Bear (rare)
Annihilation Bear (rare)
Demon Helmet (rare)
Demon Legs (extremely rare)
Nightmare Doll (extremely rare)
Demon Dust (always)
Balrog's Trophy (always)


  • Balrog looks as a demon but a with a black skin and red eyes.
  • The Balrog's Trophy looks as a demon trophy but black colour with red eyes.

Ines – Dragon Queen

Tibia. A world created by chance, world forged by the Gods. Gods, who were not aware that their plan could not go as planned. Every decision carried negative consequences. Just as if a unknown force tried to keep the harmony. The Creators, Fardos and Uman, were looking for an idea how to defeat Zathroth, who was the father of all evil. It was him who created the monstrosities which stepped on the Tibian world. Evil gave birth to another evil, until one day something which none of the Creators predicted happened… During the ninth full moon since Tibia’s rise, two creatures were born. Offspring of the first of the dragons, invincible Garsharak, finally arrived. Said descendent was a white sapphire-eyed dragon, whose name emerged from fire – Seni. That day a blue-eyed girl was born from the race of Men. Granddaughter of Banor, the Holy Warrior, the first man who swore to face all evil. The child was named Ines.

Races of Dragons and Men fought a war between each other since the beginning. None of the leaders intended to let it go. Only one thing mattered. To annihilate the enemy. Days passed, months, years even, and fighting was nowhere near end. One could say that humans got used to it. They were born to die in battle. Ines could not find herself in this chaos. She did not understand why her brothers and friends were dying.  For what? Every time she tried to speak to her grandfather and convince him to stop fighting and try to bring peace between the races, she would meet with negative response. Banor could not agree to decision, that would see the lives of his soldiers wasted. Elane, who was not only Ines’ mother, but also the grandmaster of the Paladin Order, diagreed with Ines’ judgment. She trained her daughter to hunt dragons. As soon as Ines reached the age of 15, she was conscripted into the ranks of scouts. Soon after, she got her first mission outside the walls of Thais. She was very curious what the world outside the walls looked like. Everything was different from what the city’s inhabitants said. She could stop enjoying the beautiful views, enormous mountains, huge rivers or lush forests. She felt a great adventure coming. She did not have to wait long, for she noticed an inhuman gaze. She immediately took a battle stance, as she did not know what to expect. After a while she felt a bliss calmness, almost as if she knew that whatever was hiding there, had friendly intentions. She came closer and froze. From the bushes a great white dragon emerged. Their eyes were the same. Everything was fast. It turned out that there was a strong bond between Ines and Seni. They understood one another without words. Both did not want to fight. They wanted peace, the end of a war, the end to the slaughter of their friends and family. They met each other every day, at the same time, to think how to convince their races to stop the fighting. Both Garsharak and Banor, despite their power, were growing old. Their time grew short. The dragon and the girl were fully aware, that if any them leaves this world, they would have a chance for peace. So they were patient. Waiting. A few months later the eldest black dragon passed away. Seni rose as the Queen of Dragons in his place. It would seem everything is set on the right path towards peace. Ines was supposed to meet Seni as usual. She had no idea that her mother and grandfather knew about her friendship with the Dragon Queen. As soon as Seni arrived, she was attacked by Banor’s army. Ines protected her with her own body and was wounded. Seni, without wasting time, used the opportunity created by her friend to take her and escape. She found a safe spot to land. Ines’ wound was deep and there was no way to stop the bleeding. The blue-eyed girl was dying. Ines embraced the flying creature, asking her to end the war. The dragon agreed, stating that they will make it together. Seni decided to give up her life and transfer her dragon soul into the girl’s body to save her. This way, the Dragon Queen lived in the heart of the blue-eyed girl. They decided that peace is of utmost importance, and they will kill anyone in their way, no matter who or what they would have to face.

Ines - My sketch

GIF below is only a visualization of my thought/idea. The art presented on the GIF is property of Cipsoft.



"Get out of my way!"; "Peace over all!";  "Grrrrrrrrr…..";  "Join me or perish";  "Vengeance is mine";  "What are you waiting for? Fight me!";  "What are your intentions?".



Deeper Fibula Quest

Ines spawn


 Creature Information:

Appears only when 999 999 dragons die.

(For example it would take 11 weeks for Antica)

Boss can be defeated in two ways, with different rewards for each.First is to simply vanquish this legendary creature in battle. We will recieve incredibely rare loot.

Second way is to prove Ines we do not have evil intentions and seek peace aswell. It can be done by surviving 10 minutes without dealing any damage despite her attacks. After 10 minutes boss calms down and disappears, and we recieve an achievement „Peacekeeper”

Ines has two forms – human and dragon. At the beginning of the encouter she stays in her human form, attacking people with magic arrows (bolts) and area of effect spells. She is incredibly fast and always chooses the weakest enemy as her target.

After taking her down to half health points or 5 minutes, she transforms into dragon. It is powerful form which significantly decreases her damage taken. She will attack using only area of effect spells. She will also heal by draining her opponents’ health.


Hit points: ?

Experience: ?



Melee (0-3000+?), Smoke Wave (250-600+), Ice UE (999), Fire Beam (1700-2500), , Death Ball (1234),  Energy UE (0-?),  Paralyze AOE Bomb on everyone, Summoning all kinds of dragons.


 Damage Taken From Elements:

-Human form - 20% from all

-Dragon form - 69% from all




Best Regards

Leci Dym





Character name/world: Lady Mass, Amera 😳


Boss name: Bulbie

Bulbie is a fluffy, purple monster that lives deep under Edron, surrounded by Warlocks. Don't let this fluffiness fool you though, this little creature is way stronger than he appears to be! Once attacked, he gets mad at humanity and takes a while to come back. Rumors say that one time he made people wait for him to show up again for a year!



But why would anyone even try to kill such a sweet creature?! The reason is simple. They want to steal his slippers. 

 When you look at them you are not really sure why one looks different from the other... A legend says that he lost the other and had to create it again himself. As Bulbie is a very clumsy creature, he loses them everytime he gets attacked and runs away, which means that it is sure you will get the slippers if you cause the most damage.

It is impossible to kill him. Once he has black hp he disappears yelling "You did it again." If it happens it means you are free to collect loot that he has left for you as a price for sparing his life. 

He is completely immune to any energy attack, what's more-the magnetic shield around him makes him 50% immune to every kind of attack. It's hard to say how much HP Bulbie has, as he disappears.

Zoltan took his time to make a little research about this creature; however, the results might not be satisfying for majority of the boss hunters.


To find out more about the monster you need to face it yourself. 😈 





Character name - Magis

Worid - Efidia

You see Chillheart.

Sounds: "I am the Ice King!", "There is no escape!", "I have lived so many centuries and you think about defeating ME?!", “Muahaha!”, “Where?!”, “Where is the way out?!”, “Help me!”, “Finally someone!”


Combat Properties:

Health: 25000

Experience: 13000

Est. Max Dmg: 5000

Summon: (not possible)

Convince: (not possible)


General Properties:

Rase: Human

Classification: Wizzards

Rank: Boss

Spawn Type: Unique

Illusionable: no

Pushable: no

Pushes: yes


Elemental Properties:

Physical 60%

Energy 60%

Holy 40%

Death 10%

Fire 30%

Ice 0%

Earth 0%

Drown 0%?

Life Drain 0%?


Immunity Properties:

Paralysable: no

Senses Invis.: yes



Melee (0-2500), Invisibility, Mana Drain (200-400 mana per turn), Summons 0-6 Frost Dragons, Ice Beam (0-1500), Life Drain Beam (100-400), Death Bomb (300-600), Self-Healing (800-2000), Sparks (turns you into an Ice Witch)



The Otherworld.


Behaviour and strategy:

When Chillheart appears, first he is immune and he does not attack. For some time, all he will do is just try to get answers to these questions: “Where?!”, “Where is the way out?!”, “Help me!”

When his patience ends, he will start attacking but he will still be immune.

Some energy fields will appear near him. Make Chillheart walk over them and he will start weakening. When he walked over 5 different energy fields he will not be immune anymore.

When he has red HP he will heal to full twice, so prepare for a long battle and look after your HP because the lower his HP the bigger his ability to make combos.



Chillheart, descendant of Zathroth the Destroyer, was born in Hrodmir 3.000 years ago. He was the king of Hrodmir, but one day he got injured and the loyal councillor of the family used an ancient artefact to save the life of his king. This rare artefact is known as Frozen Heart.

Chillheart survived, but he had to pay a huge price. His body became so cold that everyone around him was freezing to death. People was dying inside the mines and getting trapped in the snow… After some time, the great kingdom of Hrodmir was nothing but ice and snow.

Tired of being alone and not feeling the love of anyone, he became the search of a powerful witch that lived deep inside the Formagor Mines.

After a long search, he found her, Yakchal, the trapped witch. To speak to her he had to use a Frozen Starlight, passed on for generations on his family, on her sarcophagus. There she was, cold like ice…

He explained her his situation and begged her for help, but all she could do was tell him about a queen, named Zushuka, that was also healed with the Frozen Heart. But he could not go to find her empty-handed, he needed a present…

Suddenly, he reminded a tale that everyone in Hrodmir used to know. A tale about a beautiful tiara, the Ice Queen Tiara. The only problem was that this item was lost in a parallel dimension, the Otherworld, or that was what the tale said…

A few days a month, a mysterious portal was opening on Hrodmir. It was said that it leads to the Otherworld, but no one who ever entered came back. Still knowing his odds, he went inside the portal. Bzzztt… Bzzztt… He appeared in a dark world and full of dark energy. It had to be it. The Otherworld!

He started searching for the Ice Queen Tiara, but the way was dangerous and full of creatures he had never seen before.

He lost track of time while searching the tiara, but after defeating 6 bosses he found a chest and inside… there it was… the Ice Queen Tiara! Finally, he found it! Now he could go find the queen Zushuka.

But after taking the Ice Queen Tiara from the chest, the Otherworld changed and he got trapped in a room with no escape. He desperately tried to leave that place, but he could not find the way out. All his hope was lost now…

His last thought was that if maybe some brave adventurer could find him, then he could find the way out of that mysterious place and finally bring the Ice Queen Tiara to Zushuka.


Loot: Ice Queen Tiara (extremely rare), Frozen Heart (very rare), Trapped Lightning (very rare), Icy Culottes (rare), Silver Raid Token (rare), Boots of Haste, Crystal Mace, Glacier Robe, Glacier Mask, Glacier Amulet, Glacier Shoes, Ice Rapier, Platinum Coins, Ultimate Healing Potion, Mastermind Potion, Shard, Ice Cube, Frosty Heart


Best Regards,



Character name: Licad

Server: Shivera

Name of the boss: Ogloothopus

The Ogloothopus lives in the deep sea of Oramond Island, is a rare boss who was born after a pollution produced by a special glooth potion that came into contact with waters near the sea west of the town of Rathleton on the island of Oramond.

The Ogloothopus is shaped like a mutant octopus, where we can see the effects of the special glooth potion which seems to be part of its energy, you can distinguish tubes and hoses that pass through his body and tentacles that carry this liquid energizing it and keeping it alive.

Some of its tentacles are endowed with metallic parts and some of them with tubes with electricity similar to a Rustheap Golem, and strong pliers like a Glooth Golem, its other tentacles count with lethal poisoned fangs, that could poison anything that they touched, generating a Immense and incurable pain.

One day while Alaistar was studying a new species of plant that he found around Oramond after examining it, he realized that his consistency seemed to contain a strange power, Alaistar exclamed: "Interesting. It could boost the new formula I have in mind... "

He took the glooth potion aware about its toxic effects and mixed it with this new liquid extracted from the new species found... the vial turned in a brilliant purple liquid; Alaistar had found a new and much stronger new formula! which effects were unknown he quickly took a pencil and paper left notes about the particular new potion and euphoric by his new discovery ran to report on his new discovery... but strange creatures  besieged the city of rathleton, attracted by the singular power that this potion emanate... in a sec the purple potion disappeared.

The inhabitants of rathleton seen these creatures in the city and began to shout, quickly Alaistar alerted ran in search of the formula, and a strange feeling invaded him... entering in his study he realized of the great error... the "Special Glooth Potion"  was not there anymore...

Different speculations occurred around this episode and all the suspicions pointed to Jaccus Maxxen and its henchmen who betrayed the town of Rathleton. However no one knew the whereabouts of the strange potion that was created by Alaistar.



Only appears during the Oramond Mini World Change. Alaistair will start to act stranger without responding to he’s usual work.

Creature information

You see Ogloothopus.

25000 hit points.

12000 Experience points.


  •     Do you need an arm…? Errr a hand!
  •     Bloup… bloop.
  •     Everyone must die! Feel the fangs!
  •     Dieeee!
  •     Green? Purple?  The purple has the power!


  • Wrath of Nature, this power can deal damage from 0 to 5000. The power will be called when the Ogloothopus yells “Everyone must die! Feel the fangs! ". This power will be activated after 15 minutes after start attacking the boss.
  • Mele (0 – 500)
  • Smoke Explosion (0 – 300)
  • Poison Explotion (0 – 300)
  • Purple Explotion (0 – 500)

Damage Taken From Elements

  •     Earth -30%
  •     Physical -10%
  •     Death +0%
  •     Energy -10%
  •     Holy -40%
  •     Ice -10%
  •     Fire +30%

Location: Deep Sea of Oramond Island

Behaviour: Walks around, Energy, poison.

Spawn Type:

  • Regular Raid
  • Unblockable

Strategy: Unknown.


0 - 50 Platinum coins, Poison fang, Bowl of Glooth Soup, Slimy Leaf Tentacle, Ultimate Health Potion , Ultimate Mana Potion, 0-10 Small Emeralds , 0-10 Small Topazes, Purple Rose (Very rare)


Achievement: “Octo Fighter!"

Skecth Process:


Character Name: Carol Witt
World: Kronera

Amdir - by Carol Witt

Name: Amdir
Meaning in the elf language: One who lookout - Composed by "am":on by, above the and "dir" (variant of tir): lookout.

In Ab'Dendriel, is in harmony one of the most ancient breeds in the tibia world, the elves. For long years, they lived in peace, protecting creatures and the nature around your city. However, from time to time, occurs a mysterious migration of the herd of wolves (Overhunting world change) to the surroundings of Ab, causing an intense concern for their population because the majestic White Deers (who are considered "deities" to the elves) are threatened by wolves, who have become dependent of the white deers as prey. In addition, they are hunted by travelers too, because of their valuable skin and horns are coveted by the merchants from neighboring cities.

Seeking means to protect and save them, the elves of the Cenath family, who are the best magicians elfs, studied means of manipulating the effects of nature and create a Guardian for the White Deers, who they proclaimed "Amdir" - in elvish language means "the one who lookout."

Amdir, is a white deer seemingly common, but make no mistake, it's one of the most powerful creatures of Tibia, able to dominate the four elements, as it was created by the best and oldest elven magicians. Its main characteristic is its antlers and eyes, that change the color according to your humor and causing change of its strategy of combat, being able to vary of 2-10 seconds between Fire, Ice, Earth and Energy. It has increased chances of appearing during a Overhunting world change, although, it can also respawn in rare invasions.

Location: Forest around Ab'Dendriel.

Special Skills: MOOD!
 Red Antlers (Angry): Attack with fire damage. Their damage increases by 100% (0-500)
 Blue Antlers (Scared): Attack with ice damage. (0-250)
 Green Antlers (Hopeful): Attack with earth damage. (0-250)
 Purple Antlers (Energetic): Attack with energy damage. (0-250)

Sounds: "Born of magic, the protector of the forest""Now, you will feel my anger!","My fear will not make me fail, ice runs in my veins.""As long as I live, hope will not die." and "The energy of the forest makes me powerful!"

Life Points: 12000
Experience Points: 8500

Strong Against: Death Damage , Earth Damage  and Energy Damage. 
Neutral Against: Physical Damage  and Holy Damage 
Weak Against - Varies according to mood:
- Angry (red): Ice Damage 
- Scared (blue): Fire Damage 
- Hopeful (green): Fire Damage 
- Energetic (purple): Ice Damage 

Loot - Varies according to mood:

Any mood:
0-3 Ham , 0-200 Gold , 3-7 Platinum , White Deer Skin , Deer Trophy, Rainbow Antlers  (very rare) 

If it dies in mood:

Angry (red): 0-5 Flaming Arrow, 0-3 Small Ruby , Wand of Inferno , Magma Monocle (semi-rare) and Magma Coat (rare)
Scared (blue): 0-5 Shiver Arrow , 0-3 Small Sapphire , Hailstorm Rod, , Glacier Mask  (semi-rare) and Glacier Kilt  (rare)
Hopeful (green): 0-5 Earth Arrow , 0-3 Small Emerald , Springsprout Rod , Terra Amulet (semi-rare) and Terra Legs (rare)
Energetic (purple): 0-5 Flash Arrow , 0-3 Small Amethyst, Wand of Starstorm , Lightning Headband  (semi-rare) and Lightning Robe  (rare)

Thanks! :3

Character name: Licad

Server: Shivera

Name of the boss: Isiviel

Isiviel is a Siren in pain, lives in the depths of the ocean of Liberty Bay, Calassa.

She Likes to play and explore different places... one day following her curiosity came to the coast town of Liberty Bay, stunned and marveling at what she saw, She cautiously continued observing the city.

Suddenly someone caught his attention! a ship's captain watching the vast sea... Oh! she exclaimed; Isiviel started to dream with the human who captivate her heart… Isiviel: “We could dance on this wonderful sea”

Isiviel returned to her home, but she could not hide her happiness... wich was perceived by her mother who cautiously approached Isiviel, making Isiviel tell her what had happened. Isiviel's mother unleashed its fury, as Isiviel had disobeyed the rules of the kingdom.
The King, father of Isiviel and her mother, decided to lock her in a tower made of a special coral, were Isiviel would be never able to leave.

Isiviel,  laments and mumbles in the corners of the tower... just comforted by a single memory, the image of man that captured her soul and heart and the dreamed dance that she never will happen.



Appears in Calassa.

You see Isiviel.

20000 hit points.

11000 Experience points.


  •     Do you like to dance?
  •     Will you dance with me?
  •     I promise, I will follow the rules!
  •     Meet the power of the sea!
  •     What a beautiful world!


  • Mele (0 – 400)
  • Paralize
  • Energy Explotion (0 – 1000)
  • Death Damage (400 – 800)
  • Large bubble explosion, drowns you for 50+ turns.
  • Yellowspark Manadrain Wave (100-300)
  • Self - Healing (10000) only once and when on red hp around 30% hp.

Damage Taken From Elements

  •     Earth -10%
  •     Physical -10%
  •     Death +20%
  •     Energy -10%
  •     Holy -10%
  •     Ice -10%
  •     Fire -30%

Location: Calassa


Walks around, Energy, Poison, Fire.

Spawn Type: Unblockable

Strategy: Unknown.


0 - 60 Platinum coins, Ultimate Mana Potion, 0-10 Small Emeralds , 0 - 10 Small Saphires , 0-15 Small Topazes,Relic Sword, Skull Helmet, Strange Helmet ,  White Dress (very rare).

Achievement: “A last Memory”!


Sketch Process:


Pd: I've lost one of my sketches :c

Submission by Nufebe (Harmonia)


BOSS: Thyra (the Warrior Queen)

Suggested health: 300.000



Thyra was a respected warrior living in Thais together with her younger brother Aemon. One day she went on a mission for the King and when she got back she found that her brother was missing. She immediately did some investigating and talked to people. Aemon had a history of being mocked for being weak. People would make rude comments about him and compare him to his sister who was one of the best warriors of Thais. This time it had happened again and this time it had pushed Aemon over the edge. Thyra found out that her brother had packed his backpack and travelled by boat to Roshamuul. She was furious. How could people do this to him? Aemon was considerate and generous. He cared more about others more than he did about himself. He must have travelled to Roshamuul to prove to people that he is not weak, to get them off his back. She geared up with the finest equipment she could find, picked up her sword and headed for the ship.

She fought her way through the dangerous fields packed with fierce monsters, searching every corner of the map for Aemon. She already knew the place from before when she had been sent there on a mission. But she was too late. In the valley of Guzzlemaws she found her little brother. Thyra was in total shock, boiling with fury and hatred. But she picked herself up and made a small memorial for her loving brother. Then she took off her cloak and wrapped it around her brother and she brought him with her deeper into the darkness of Roshamuul.

When people speak of Thyra today, they say she went mad. There is a rumour that Thyra buried her brother Aemon somewhere where he will not be disturbed by people anymore. It is said that you have to “mend what’s broken” in order to be able to enter this horrible nightmare. People say that Thyra comes out of hiding sometimes; to visit her brother’s grave. And when she does, the flowers growing around the memorial would be cut off the day before.



Rumour is that Thyra lives somewhere in the north-west mountains of Roshamuul surrounded by Sights of Surrender.



Her eyes are blazing with fury and her hair is black. She has a dark cloak attached to her armor, which is large and black with golden details. Thyra has changed a lot since she was a warrior fighting for peace in Thais. She is dressed in a leather skirt and her shield is big and golden, decorated with gems. Her sword is massive, and there are some strange looking symbols written in gold on the blade, and it looks as if it can kill anything in a single swing. There are two words that describe this woman perfectly; “Warrior Queen”.



Thyra fights in close-combat and she chases her enemies until death. She is fast and she is strong. All of Thyra’s attacks deal physical damage. She is weak to fire and ice, but strong against physical attacks. After speaking the words “SURRENDER TO MY SIGHT!” Thyra summons two Sights of Surrender that targets her enemies. When she says “FEEL MY WRATH!”, she casts a spell that beams in front of her, dealing massive physical damage to everyone in the area of effect.

One of Thyra’s most prominent attacks is a spell turning her body into platinum when she has low health. Before she does, a message will appear above her; “Thyra gains new strength and mumbles some words…”. And when she finally changes form she yells “FEEL MY FURY!”. When this happens Thyra’s defense and offense will increase considerably. It is wise to try to kill her as fast as possible when this happens.


This portrait was made back when Thyra was a brave warrior fighting in the name of King Tibianus.





"I will never forget you..."




0-40 platinum coins, 0-2 unrealized dreams, 0-2 dream matters, 0-5 clusters of solace, 0-10 violet crystal shards, 0-10 supreme health potions, broken visor, sight of surrender’s eye, nightmare blade, ornamented shield, boots of haste, magic plate armor, stone skin amulet, crude umbral crossbow (semi-rare), crude umbral bow (semi-rare), crude umbral blade (semi-rare), crude umbral slayer (semi-rare), crude umbral axe (semi-rare), crude umbral chopper (semi-rare), crude umbral mace (semi-rare), crude umbral hammer (semi-rare), crude umbral spellbook (semi-rare), string of mending (semi-rare), pharaoh sword (rare), amazon armor (very rare)



A lot of bosses drop something unique and rare, which makes it so desirable to find them, kill them and collect their “trophy”. Instead of the ornamented shield listed above in the suggested loot, Thyra could drop a rare golden shield decorated with gems and crystals, and a large gemstone in the colour of pink that has fallen off her shield.

You see a queen’s shield (Def 37). Imbuements: (Empty slot). It weighs 90.00 oz. The gems are sparkling beautifully.

You see a ruby gemstone. It weighs 20.00 oz.

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