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Invent a New Boss Contest - Submissions Thread

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Submissions thread for Invent a New Boss Contest! Post your work here.

Contest and rules:

Invent New Boss Contest

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Good luck!

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Entry 1 - Remixer
Character Name - Salidam
Character World - Inferna


Name of the Boss - Senjairan
Background Lore:
The sea of strange lights, the Oramond's sea is home of an ancient depth's dweller, Senjairan, the mother serpent. Some of the sailors who have survived attacks of fierce seacrest serpents told of an extremely bright light in the bottom of the sea - thousand times brighter than the other lights combined. Not a single sailor who got too close to this light, "star of the sea", lived to tell the story.

Local stories tell of Senjairan, a large mother serpent who is responsible of hundreds of ships sinking for the serpent mislead them with her bright light that could be mistaken for a lighthouse's light beam.

Creature Information:

Health - 26000
Experience - 11000
Senjairan is immune to ice and earth damage, strong to death and energy damage but weak to holy, physical and fire damage.
"Head towards the light!" "My light is stronger than your stars!" "Rise! Rise, my children!" "Leave these sacred grounds!" "Serve the tide! Serve me!"
 Melee (0-930+),  Sudden Death (400-600),  Death Beam (150-300),  Water Wave (50-400), Strong Paralyze, Haste, Strong Self-Healing (600-800), Extremely Strong Self-Healing (12000, once in red), Mana Drain Berserk (5000-9000)

Seacrest Grounds (Birthing Grounds), rare unique spawn only during the world-change where seacrest serpents spawn in the area. Senjairan spawns with 3 Seacrest Serpents and 4 Young Sea Serpents.

Senjairan chases her target till death, frequently paralyzing it and hasting up. Her mana drain berserk can be extremely deadly combined with melee and haste.

Notable Drops:
Senjairan drops a light source items (as do Shlorg, Tyrn and many other "new" bosses), known as Star of the Sea, that emmits bright white light.

Author's Notes:
Decided to mimic CipSoft's boss-style as people (including myself) really like how Welter, Shlorg and the new bosses are created, dropping somewhat similar items like light-sources. Oramond's Sea and the seacrest birhthing grounds has been missing a mother serpents, so I thought this would be a neat chance to show some ideas.

PS: Sorry for the crappy art work, I really suck at drawing  :mrgreen: 

Ba'Levi, antica

Azaerius vol Timeråt (aka "Time")



When the gods created the first life forms on Tibia they stumbled upon a problem; due to the complexity of their creations their brains were limited to only a certain processing speed. This resulted in their creations dying before they were even beware that they existed. After much trial and error, the gods found a way to work around this problem: Azaerius vol Timeråt. A force shaped by the gods in order regulate the speed and progress of the physical world. It lives in the fourth dimension, intermediating between the physical realm and that of the gods. Humans have come to call this creation "Time", as these were the only recognizable letters of its name on an ancient writing about its existence.

It is rumored that with a certain quest item constructed by an ancient race, it is possible to open a portal to the 4th dimension and summon Time into the human realm in his physical form and challenge it for a fight. It is not uncommon for Time to respond to these kind of challenges, as it must be quite boring being infinitely trapped in an empty void. However, Time will only accept the challenge when it deems the challenger worthy [must have completed a certain quest and be at least level 250].

Though it has proven itself to be an incredibly strong opponent, a well trained warrior actually has a fair chance of winning; because of Time's interference with the actions of its opponent, its ability to predict the course of his actions expires, giving both equal chances to take eachother by surprise.Additionally, since the battle takes place in the physical world, Time will be limited to the speed and power of its physical embodiment, and altering its speed or that of its surroundings will take him a lot of power, especially since it still uses a large part of its power to regulate the time of the world.



Mainly melee attacks. Movement speed varies from regular to strong haste. Frequently teleports around the map, making it almost impossible to trap it. Has a wave/effect spell called "time shift" which paralyzes all creatures/players in the area of effect (except for itself), creating a slowmotion-like effect. Can summon up to six creatures called "Wanderer of Dimensions", which have the appearance of hellflayers and are about as strong (but slightly faster) as cyclop smiths.

When the player wins the fight with Time it cannot allow itself to actually die however, as this would detach the physical realm from the course of time, which would result into complete chaos and eventually destruction of the physical world.Therefore, when the player manages to defeat it [= when it reaches 0 hp], it will reset the time back to before the battle. [player receives xp and is teleported back to entrance of the bossroom].



Health:  25000
Exp: 15500
Max damage: 1700
Location: Player can summon it in an ancient temple below the surface of Chortus, a small forgotten mining island far to the north-east, inhabited by mechanical creatures who where built long ago by the same ancients that created the item capable of opening the gate to the 4th dimension. As the inhabitants are merely workers and cannot fight, they closed the entrance to the underground temple long ago when it got infested by a pest of monsters; player has to talk to one of the workers and do quests for him in order to gain acces to the underground temple, which besides Time's boss room also serves as hunting ground 




Its arms are entirely covered in lines of strange symbols which unfortunately is barely visible in the sketch(too light pencil). As I tried to show in the sketch, it will still move itself forth in 4-dimensional space despite being summoned into 3rd dimension, which causes it to look kinda funny when walking, similar to this: (image not mine)

Character name:

Sir Master Gladiator (Honera)

Boss name:


Story and description

With an impressive musculature, unmatched strength, intelligence and great abilities, Brorcus is the perfect orc. Some say he has power as an Archdemon.

Its creation obeys to a madness of the orcs shamans that with the eagerness to obtain the perfect orc realized this abomination.

Legend says the Orc shamans searched all around the Tibia contiguous for a connection to their god and creator Brog who long ago was wounded with a mythical sword, in their quest the orcs found that powerful weapon that bathed in the cursed blood of Brog . It is said that wandering throughout the continent a legion of orcs located south of the temple of Plains of Havoc found what appeared to be the Magic Longsword that a long time ago was the cause of wounding the God Brog, son of Zathroth and Fafnar, giving to this weapon a great power able to assassinate Gods according to the legend and endowing it with a curse today causes that no one knows the whereabouts of that weapon.

Full of happiness, the orcs took the sword to Orc Fortress in the north of the Venore marsh and handed this weapon to the most powerful shamans in the kingdom. That sword created by the rebellious Cyclopes in their failed insurrection served to perform a powerful ritual using the blood contained in the blade to return to life this powerful orc that was born stronger than some archdemon. However, we do not know what happened to the mighty sword after its creation, for in perishing fear that its great power could defeat its best creation, they threw the sword in the most hidden places of the world never to be able to be found.

The shamans fascinated by their creation decided to name this powerful orc using part of the name of their God and creator Brog and assigning him the termination of their species, thereby naming Brorcus to that orc. From its creation Brorcus developed with an incomparable force, reaching the total control of the hordes, his abilities were own of a warrior but with skills beyond the imaginable, took command of the hordes of the orcs located in the fortress of the Orcs until he reach the height of the orc king, their tenacity can be reinforced whenever the shamans perform the rituals that give them their maximum power. he is cruel, with coldness and precise calculations in the art of war, is not usually seen, is believed to dwell in the depths of the fortress in a room sealed and guarded by dragons, next to the King's chamber, Carrying out his plans and Waiting patiently for the time to conquer the empire of Thais. like the other orcs it looks for the world dominion and has alliances with different races like the orclops in conjunction with the other creations Orcs look for to dominate the continent.

About his appearance, many people say that he is a monster full of muscles, twice as tall as a normal orc with a scar on one eyebrow, he does not have a great armor this for quick movements making him completely lethal. His sword is so large that it can easily destroy human bodies and has an extremely sharp blade. He fights to the death, summons a group of three Orcs Warlords, four Orcs Berserkers and two Orcs Leaders, constantly increases his speed and heals often. He has a special ability to hit the ground and to drop all his enemies to annihilate them later.

His most common phrases are:

"For the power given by the blood of my father !!", "Feel the power of the orcs, little human!", "My fists will be responsible for sending them to hell", "With Strength and determination the Orcs will conquer Tibia and eliminate the entire human breed! "


Hit points:


Physical damage:


Experience for killing him:



Amazon armor, Amazon Helmet, Amazon shield, Dragon lance, Crown armor, knight amor, knight legs, platinum coins, small rubies, crown shield, Boots of haste, Plate armor, Dark Armor, Leather Boots, leather armor, leather legs, bow, brown mushrooms, gold coins, knight axe, maybe old and used backpack of Sam.

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Character name:
Thanarthy (Morta)

Name of the boss:
Midgard Serpent

Description of the boss:
The former King Xenom had an exhausting and endless battle against the Orcs to defend his lands, so in an attempt to succeed against these attacks he resolved to something no man, nor king, should ever attempt – he spoke to the darkest of wizards, and received an egg. The egg proceeded to fail King Xenom as it never hatched in his reign, but with his death, King Tibianus III succeeded him.
One day, many years later, King Tibianus was sitting comfortably in his throne, sort of almost carelessly, as his entire Kingdom was thriving and blossoming. All of a sudden the loudest crack could be heard, all the way through the entire city of Thais. The streets instantly became dark, the winds rose and water was rising everywhere – the egg had hatched. Before the King now stood the most malevolent, dangerous and vivid sea monster he had ever seen. It’s body stretched so far that it could reach all around the Main Continent and bite its own tail.  Tibianus was left with no choice, he picked up his Thunder Hammer and desperately fought the Midgard Serpent for days, until he to his despair had realized it was an impossible match – he could not kill this monster. Other methods had to be used, and Tibianus could think of nothing better than to drown it in the Blood Bay east of Thais. He told Captain Bluebear to take him out on his ship and together they could lure it away from the city. What happened though, Tibianus could not have predicted, the Midgard Serpent could not be drowned, and the King failed his attempt – now the Midgard Serpent roams the depths of the sea.
The Midgard Serpent does not retreat. It preys on the weak, the strong, the wise – it does not see differences among men, it simply attacks until it is defeated.
It fights mainly in water, but due to its incredible length it can reach anywhere on the Main Continent.
It is extremely resistant to all elements except physical and energy.
It uses extremely strong ice and fire attacks.

Health points: 32.000

Experience points: 19.000

Max damage: 2790

Location: The Midgard Serpent is not found by you – it finds you. Walking around the shores of Tibia there is a chance you might encounter it after you have spoken to the King about an egg.
Notable drops: There is a slight chance that the Midgard Serpent swallowed Tibianus’ Thunder Hammer during their historic battle.



Charceter Name: Nobk

Character World: Luminera


name of boss: Shkrym


Background: The cold of the mountains, Okolnir was a quiet island surrounded by frozen creatures, a place where the Eskimos, used to live in peace and harmony next to the frost dragons, it is said that each full moon reflects a very bright light to the Frozen island, is the arrival of shkrym, claiming its island, and terrifying population, causing many deaths and disastrous.

History: It is believed of a legend that two Eskimo warriors went in search of the mythological creature "Shkrym" that atomizes the population, but never again was what their frozen bodies next to an iceberg.

Creature Information:


Health: 26000

Experience: 11500

'' Feel my cold power '' '' The iceberg will be your grave '' '' Grrrrsh, schhhhh '' '' Cold winds, mountains are mine ''

skills:   Melee (0-800), Strike Smoke (0-420; do physical damage), Wave Smoke (0-350; Do Drain Life), Ice Wave (very strong Paralyze), Avalanche 280) or (strong paralyze), Berserk Ice (0-410), Smoke Berserk (Paralyze Fort), Self-Healing (around 7800? Life Points), Haste.

Max Damage: 2.400?

summon: freeze Dragons (1 - 6).

Location:  The Skyrim is located below the island of Okolnir to which, to the center of the island, next to the frost dragons.

behavior: You can summon freezing dragons that can help you to be immune.


Physical: 70%
Holy: 100%
Death: 80%
Fire: 0%
Energy 100%
Ice: 0%
Earth: 0%
Drown: 100%
Drain Life: 0%

Loot:  0-242 × Gold Coin, 0-13 Coin Platium, 0-6x Dragon Ham, Green Mushroom, Book (Gemmed) 0-6 Current × Bolt, Small Sapphire, Energy Ring, 0-3 Silver Symbolic Raid (Rare), Freeze heart (rare), Dragon Slayer (rare), Dragon (rare), Dragon Slayer (rare), Dragon Scale of mail (very rare).


As well as the other bosses (Tyrn, Zushuka, Shlorg) have their special point, the Shkrym, also has a chance to get a (Freeze heart) takes into account that this item can only be obtained by this boss.

Extra: Let's emphasize that most creatures have their boss, this boss would belong to the boss of the frost dragons, just like the dragon lords have his (Demondras). However, this will have a special game.





Hazagrath, the one in charge to protect Yielothax dimension, not easy to find but some say once you kill a raging mage you can cross a gate and go deeper through the darkness, your eyes will be capable to see Hazagrath and you can feel how your skin breaths out your soul when you get close to him, but these are just rumors... the ones that has been brave enough to face him never came back.
"your soul will leave your body to feed the lord" are the words whispered by spirits that walk around these areas. Hazagrath's  body is a massive concentration of darkness, the sin and pure destruction.
Health: 30200
Experience: 13000
Est. Max Dmg: 2500+
Summon (not possible)
Convince (not possible)
Rank: boss
Illusionable: x
Pushable: x
Physical: 100%
Holy: 100%
Death: 5%
Fire: 100%
Energy: 5%
Ice: 80%
Earth: 100%
Life drain: 100%

Character Name: Koqa Geruz

World: Antica

Boss: Loki  "This name comes from the Nordic god who deals with carrying Demons"

History: Legend has it that many years ago the gods lived in the world of mortals, in those times were many gods who were in charge of keeping the world safe from immaginables demons, but for some strange reason, the gods decided to disappear from the lands Of Tibia and observe how the mortals themselves defended their world, among those Gods was Loki, in charge of maintaining the most valuable objects of the Tibian world, when all the gods decided to return to their world he could not believe what was happening, the He was not going to leave that world, so after a great fight against all the Gods, he was locked in some place of Tibia very hidden, where he would go crazy and would end up passing next to the demons, the legend says that the achievement to escape. And it makes the mortals madden by showing them valuable objects and leading them to death, it has never been known if he really escaped since the one who has seen him could never have explained it.

Description: You can see how it has a resemblance to the ancient Tibia Gods, but over the years the madness and darkness the clothes have dyed a darker color more like that of the sky at night.
It is said that the hands usually carry Golden Helmets or Ferumbras Hats created with dreams of inhabitants of Tibia.
The glow of its objects resembles that of Demon's eyes.

Creature Information:

Health: ???

Experience: ???

'' Come i got something for you'' '' Follow me... '' '' AaaaaaaaWwwh!'' '' Gold is better than friends, no..?''

Location: Somewhere far from the world of Tibia, Is believed to have been locked up in the depths of Edron, where he lives with Orshabaal.

Max. Damage: ???

Summons: Fake Golden Helmet, Fake Ferumbra'sHat



Physical: ?%
Holy: ?%
Death: ?%
Fire: ?%
Energy ?%
Ice: ?%
Earth: ?%
Drown: ?%
Drain Life: ?%

Loot:  0-100 Crystal Coin, 0-100 Golg Ingot, Stealth Ring, Key of Gods, Golden Toy Helmet(rare), Ferumbra'sHat(rare), Golden Helmet (very rare), Blessed Shield ( very rare), Dragon Scale Legs ( very rare).

Extra: The day that Loki reappears, Tibia and the Gods will have to fight together against him in order to defeat him.



Thanks for Watching !

Character: Iorek Birnningson

World: Pacera


Boss: Zaryan


There are rumours about an old creature that once existed in Zao. She was very powerful and inspired fear where she passed by. Such power was incredible and drakens made rituals giving treasures and food to keep that creature controlled, they believed they could be destroyed if she was out of control. There was a time when Zhing, the draken king had an idea to destroy her. She was conduced to a chamber where they put lots of golds inside and she was admired with so many things there, while she was taking a look on everything, she was closed inside that chamber and her power was drained by the corruption that existed inside that cursed treasure. After many years, this chamber became her lair, her power came back to her body but now with a different form, the corruption gave her a cursed soul. She gained poisoned claws and now she is looking for revenge to every creature that enter in her sacred place looking for her treasure.


Zaryan will attack everyone without mercy, until death. She has strong magical abilities and can move herself very fast.

Ten players will be able to face him at same time.

1st Stage: Zaryan will be sleeping and imune to attacks. There will be 5 Pillars of Corruption inside the room, those pillars have health drain spell in area and attack players. Some Shiny Spirits will spawn and players can convince them to attack the pillars. There will be waves spawn of creatures called "Zaryan Knightmare", they will attack Shiny Spirits and players.

2nd: Stage: When all pillars have been destroyed, Zaryan will appear in his form and will attack players. When its on yellow hp, the room will start to spawn 8 "Zaryan Dreams" when a Zaryan Dream is killed, it heals the boss by 15000 hp. If they get too close to Zaryan, they will keep healing him by 2000 hp.


Health Points: 210.000
Experience: 240.000
Melee Attack (0-1300), Poison UE (0-2000), Corruption Explosion (0-850), Corruption Growth (players inside the spell cannot move for 3 seconds), Self-Healing (150-550).


Myth Mine



Boss: Majestic Phoenix

"There is no chance of escape" ; " Look at me ! " ;  " Im burning " ; " Im the legend of tibia land " 

Health: 999999 Experience: 20000

Abilities: Summons 0-4 hellhounds, Decrease skills, Self-Healing (1000-8000), Great Fireball (0-2000), Mana Drain (5-1000), Firebomb, Ultimate Explosion (5000-10000).

Location : During the World Change, deep under Goroma.


It is not really known where this creature comes from. Legend says that Phoenix travels between gods world and Mainland to keep the balance. It reborns but conditons to make it happen are still unknown. Rumours say that Phoenix may drop best shield in the game. It is still not confirmed whether this creature is evil or good.

Legends say that the owner of phoenix egg might be able to call Majestic Phoenix.

One of the most powerful creature in Tibia. It is suggested to make a team of at least 10 skilled players(500lvl+). It's deadliest attack is huge fire explosion that deals both hp and mana damage. Not many people survived facing Majestic Phoenix.

Loot: 0-1000gp, Great mana potion, 1-3 phoenix eggs, red gem, 1-5 gold inglots, phoenix feather, furious frock ( very rare), blessed shield (extremaly rare)




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