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Invent a New Boss Contest - Submissions Thread

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Character name: Joss Koopa (Efidia)
Boss name: The Hammerman

Story and description: After teaching all plaguesmiths in the whole Tibia lands, this master got retired in the lands of Yalahar to look for a far and relaxed place to live in. Due to his free time he created a new hammer in order to force stronger weapons to kill all players one by one...
Stats: It can see invisibles, it cannot be convinced, it cannot be pushed, it cannot be paralyzed, it can push items in the path, it never retreats
Hit points: 37.000
Experience: 15.000
Holy -30%
Energy -100% (inmune)
Physical -30%
Death -70%
Ice -30%
Fire -30%
Earth -100% (inmune)
Location: Alchemist Quarter in Yalahar, where others plaguesmiths use to appear.
Frequency: Like other bosses, between 13 and 25 days. Its a "normal boss", like Zushuka, Ocyakao, The Welter, PoI Bosses, you just need the access, you don't need a world change or a message in server log tab.
Abilities: Melee (0-700), curses(death dmg) you up to 90 hp/turn, Death Ball (300-550), Strong Haste, Self-Healing (500-800, very often). Summons 2x Hammerman helper* at once when he is ~85% hp.
(*)Hammerman helper: Looks like a yellow Plaguesmith but one of them (the one who doesn't talk) can split into another 2x Hammerman helpers when you kill him, up to infinite (if you need more information about this, look at the end of the post)
Loot: Same loot as a normal plaguesmith but with a possibility of looting a silver raid token and (rare - semirare) a 'Forged Hammer' (Atk:51, Def:22), level requeriment 90, two handed. It looks very big and heavy with rivets almost everywhere and its nice for decoration.
Do you see the difference between a single Hydra and The Welter? They have the same appearance but one in green and the other in black, right? The Hammerman would be same as a Plaguesmith but instead of green, it would be in red (a bit lighter than red Demon color), and the Hammerman Helpers would be in yellow color.
About the Hammerman helper; when the boss, The Hammerman, spawns them (at once) at ~75% hp, they look similar each other but one of them can "talk" (those orange words). If you kill the one who can talk, the boss spawns it inmediatly, but if you kill the spawn who does NOT talk, it will split into another 2 Hammerman Helpers, one of the can talk and the other can't.... this means if you kill all the time the spawn who does NOT talk, you will have in the screen: The Hammerman, 1xHammerman Helper who can talk and infinite amount of Hammerman Helpers who can't talk, Do you understand?
Edit (1), 10/04/2017 14:44 -> Added picture and corrected the format

Character: Eniearrion Rohulekas

World: Calmera

Boss: Fetchi Humak

Hit points: 16300
Experience: 10200
Summon: x
Convince: x
Abilities: Melee (0-1840?), Throwing star (0-450?), Mana drain (0-240), Summons 0-6 orc warlordals, Paralyze, Invisibility, Strong haste, self healing (450-700, very slow)

Walks around: None
Est. Max. Damage: 2560+ per turn
Immune to: Invisibility
Strong to: Holy (-30%), Fire (-90%), Energy (-50%)
Neutral to: Physical, Ice, Life drain
Weak to: Death (+5%), Earth (+5)
Sounds: "Buta humak!"; "Fetchi maruk buta!"; "Fetchi humak!"; "KRAK ORRRRRRK!"; "Don't run, you.. you ar alreadi death..."
Behavior: Fetchi humak will chase his opponent while throwing stars. He fight until death.
Location: Orc Fortress?
History: Fetchi humak is the strongest orc known. He used to live in a community where he was learning to defend himself against any type of threat. One day, his community was attacked by a group of warriors who wanted to take over their land and their weapons. He lost his family and a just a few friends survived. They were able to escape from the attack and since that day, his only goal was to kill all humans and take his revenge. His friends decided to call him "Fetchi Humak" which is in the orc language and is translated as " fade humans. " There are rumors that he is hidden somewhere in the orc fortress but there is not prove of that. The reality is that Fetchi Humak isn't seem very often, but when he shows himself, everything ends in a complete chaos and Fetchi Humak always winning the fight. Brave warriors that have discover his hideout have tried to kill him, but they have never come back.


Entry - Smokeddhany
Character name: Dhany
Character world: Efidia

Name of the creature: Arachidan, You see Arachidan. ''Help me, Save me'' ''Nooooo'' ''It huuuurts, I can't see'' ''Make the pain go away''
Lore: Arachidan, a warrior that was defeated by the tribes of demonic arachnoids near the gates of hell. The warrior was dragged down deep within the dread pits of hell whereas the brood queen lies and feeds on mortals. The warrior has been reborn as half human and half spider with no consciousness. Arachidan is now situated in the dark and decayed caves of hell, whereas he awaits for his prey to arrive.
Health: 300.000
Experience: 200.000
Damage taken from elements:

Web Trap (500) Engulfs 3 random players within a cocoon with 1000 health points, kill it and free the player inside.
Necrotic spray (1500-2500) Frontal wave that poisons the enemy with ticking debuff that hits 400 per hit, last for 10 seconds.
Self healing (1000-2000) Every 15 seconds.
Aracanoslash (1500) Slashes all targets in a frontal.
Demonic spiderling - Arachidan summons 5 demonic spiderlings that run slowly towards fixated targets, if it reaches it target it will explode the player for 3500 hitpoints and divide into 2 more Demonic spiderlings.
Berserk - At 40% health, Arachidan will enrage and run towards random targets with 10% damage increase and run speed increase 100%.
Reincarnation - If a player dies within Arachidan range, the player will be converted to a weaker version of arachidan with same abilities.

Deep inside Ferumbras citadel

Arachidan will explode for 5000 hitpoints when it dies to everyone in range and you'll hear a screaming sound deep insides the cave, could it be the brood queen that awaits you?

Loot: It is unknown as none has been able to open the portals to the pits of hell, however rumors say that the warrior had fought previously with a great axe. Could it perhaps drop a corrupted great axe?

Character name: Guigosz

World: Honera


Boss creature name: Bewitched Bard

Health 14000
Experience 8500
Est. Max Dmg 750+
Summon (not possible)
Convince (not possible)
Classification Human
Spawn Type Raid
Rank Boss


This boss is part of the A.I system bosses creature.


Melee (0-450) poisons you up to 25hp/turn, Life Draining Musical Bomb (100-350) on herself, Death Hit (65-550) from close only, Paralysis, Self-Healing (425-440).


Location is currently unavailable. Possibly, it could be implemented in a future update in the game.




The rarest item can be looted from this boss is the bewitched crafted object called, "Bewitched Watch-Pocket". This item can be equipped on source light slot It emits a red light of 5 sqms while equipped without limit to use. (Item similar to the following rare ones: Glass of Goo, Sun Mirror, Trapped Lightning and Eye of the Strom). From the other rares bosses with A.I system loot.


Story: In a far away village there was a gentleman in which Bard was invited every night to play his songs on Tibia Tavern's . All admired your talent by the mastery of his songs and chords. But one day during one of his presentations at the tavern, was a pilgrim in which wore a Hooded robe by watching the great success and admiration by all by the noble Bard. It seemed that this stranger was not satisfied with your merit. Then, in one of the night for the return of the noble Bard to the village where he lived. Unknown Pilgrim captured while he was walking on the roads and led to your hideout. It indicated by views of the noble Bard obfuscated, as soon as regained consciousness this hooded Pilgrim, seemed to be interested in the occult and magic. Looking at your surroundings on all the walls of your hiding place had documents, manuscripts and books of sorcery grimoires in every corner of the place. Apparently, it was certainly a wizard or cultist. The noble Bard a little with your vision overshadowed could see the stranger and asked him:- "What will you do with me? Why was I captured? ", then he answers:" - I'll craft an object so you can never get admiration by the people when you're performing in taverns. With this object will have control over your chords and songs during the introductions, and so I can control the mind of all citizens under my spell through you. And the curse of the object cannot be undone by the carrier! Only the four heroes Tibians may destroy it and so negate the spell under his carrier. I nominate the artifact from "Bewitched Watch-Pocket"!


Boss Sketch

Bewitched Bard_Sketch


Thank you in advance, to the attention and kindness of TibiaBosses team.



Elder Dragon

Boss Name: Flamizdras the Elder

Type: Dragon

Location: Varies

Most dragons live for a very long time, some even develop the ability to speak and become very wise and aware of the dangers that humans have become. He knows that one day an adeventurer may come to his lair to bring an end to his existance.

It is uncertain how old this dragon is. But his experience on the battlefield, defending him and his brothers makes him a formidable opponent for any adventurer bold enough to face him. His breath is said to melt the known weapons of simple mortals and his fire can't be quenched as easily. It is said that the  Jakundaf desert once was a forest in which he lived like the rest of the main continent but when humans started to invade deeper into his lair, he set on fire the whole forest and no tree was left alive, the fire went on for years even with no tinder.

Now, he left this place to find some peace... which may never come as human nature is to hunt him and every single dragon.

Azteko Azkoatl


You see a Garunix



Lately, there has been a rare activity of creatures that killed all Vulcans and took their place in the warm areas of Gnomebase Alpha.
Many adventurers have come to confront them, but they seem to be too strong.
These creatures do not stop running, laughing and saying something like "graniux".


Melee (0-400), Fire Bomb (around itself), Fire Beam (592-900), Strong Haste, Mana drain (30-120), Self Healing (80-160),Fire Berserker (60-530), Great Soulfire Ball (size like Hell's core, makes target burn for a long time).


Hot Spot (in Gnomebase Alpha),  Lower Strike and Chyllfroest.


Avoid its lethal beam and fire berserker, it can do up to 900~ hp of damage. Try to be at full hp at all times. Mages should use mana shield (Utamo vita)  and stay far and diagonal from it while shooting sd's, Icicles or Ice Strike, or if high enough level, you can block them diagonally by using Ice Strike.




He is not a "powerful" boss, but he appears in alot of places in tibia.
Her spawn is similar to undead cavebear or crustacea gigantica.

And we can drop  Furious Frock .

Sincerely Laraxgreen

Exfiria - Refugia


Character Name - Marcarita
Character World - Celesta


Illustration by Chakaleit - Celesta.

Name of the Boss - Mecha Tiquandas Revenge
Background Lore: Deep in the Port Hope jungle a group of brilliant scientists were seduced by agents of the Ruthless Seven to work for them. In their secret laboratory, the scientists used a combination of technology and biology to create unspeakable monstrosities to release unto the world.

Their evil work culminated into the strongest creation, when they obtained the freshly slain body of the fierce plant monster known as "Tiquandas Revenge" They took it to their lab and revived the creature and enhanced it with golem technology.  With metal jaws and tusks, and a beam cannon mounted in its mouth the half plant, half machine was set on its journey to cause maximum carnage and mayhem.

Creature Information:

Health - 7000
Experience - 8100
Mecha Tiquandas Revenge is immune to earth damage, strong to energy and physical damage, but weak to fire damage.
"Auto-repairs online."  "Target locked" "Klonk klonk" "Charging beam cannon"


Melee (0-450), Blood Rage (increases melee up to 910), Stalagmite (0-500), Great energy beam(0-1500), Strong Paralyze, Strong Haste, Fast Self-Healing (200-600),

North-east of Port Hope town, close to ape city.

Mecha Tiquandas Revenge retargets frequently to weaker players. Will try to flee below 1000 health, recommended to trap  since it is rather fast when hasted. Also must be noted that it's beam should be avoided at any cost, since it hits very hard (Energy protection might be a good idea).


0-500× Gold Coin
0-6× Platinum Coin
0-3x Ultimate Mana Potion
0-4× Carniphila Seeds
Mandrake (always)
Green Gem
Carrot on a Stick (always)
Gearwheel Chain
Crystal of Power (rare)
Earthborn Titan Armor (extremely rare)


Character Name: Didi Hadid

Character World: Zanera

Boss Name: Thariana


Thariana is a goddess to amazons and valkyries, she protects their tribes with all her strength. The legend says she was once an amazon that was killed by evil hunters while trying to find food for her child in the woods. The hunters chopped her head off so now she does the same with all her victims as revenge.

So don't be tricked by her beautiful looks and fiery eyes, she will kill you with no mercy. She rarely appears on amazon camps to protect and renew the strenght of her tribe's sisters, you can tell when she is there because there's more amazons and valkyries around, they all want too see their goddess protector.

Combat Properties:

Health: 1000
Experience: 850
Speed: 110
Armor: 12
Est. Max Dmg: 200

Behavioural Properties:
Walks around: Poison
Walks through: Fire and Energy

Melee (0-200), Spears (0-150), Fireball (50-125), shoots Fire Fields with her eyes, Self-Healing (200).

Damage Taken From Elements:
Physical +10%
Death +5%
Holy 0%
Fire 0%
Ice 0%
Earth 0%
Energy -100%

Venore Amazon Camp underground, here:

and Carlin Amazon Tower top floor, here:

She will always try to keep distance from her attacker to throw spears and shoot fire from her eyes, fights to death and summons 0-3 amazons. She always keeps the skull of her victims as a trophy.

0-100 gold coins , 0-4 skulls , 0-3 spears , 0-3 small rubies (rare), amazon armor(very rare).


"Your skull will be mine!", "Wanna join my cursed ritual?", "Iehehe".


Character Name: Anubis the Pathfinder
World: Ferobra


The Machineman



The Machineman is a half human, half robot prototype said to be designed by Zathroth himself in order to infiltrate and undermine human civilization. They are cyborg-like creatures that got the main purpose of destroying the economy, balance and security that humans achieved after years of struggle and war. Mindless wanderers most of the time, they keep wasting human resources as food, riches and supplies whenever possible. Unsuspected by the crowd, they have been among us for many years and now they are being revealed by the Uman's Eye magic that the Gods casted upon us. Are you ready to face them and free Tibia from this evil forever?



Will attack you as soon as possible, runs on low health and walks through fields.
Shouts: "I'm inocent, I'm 100% human!", "Must...bzzz...Hunt...", "Avoid the eye, avoid the eye...", "Hello, fellow human! Such a beautiful human day, right?", "You cannot kill me!", "Your riches will be mine. Mwahahaha!"



Health:  2250
Exp: 1650
Max damage: 0-650 melee attacks, 50-250 exori hur,  fast low auto-heal
Location: Darashia Dragon Cave, Yalahar Dragon Cave in Foreign Quarter, Venore Amazon Camp, Svargrond Crystal Spiders.
Weaknesses: 0% to all.



0-100 Gold coins, 0-5 Platinum coins, Strong health potion, Mana potion, 0-5 brown mushrooms, 0-2 black pearls (semi), Mercenary Sword (rare), Medusa Shield (rare), Royal Helmet (very rare), 1-20 Nails (Always)


Graphic Representation

Basically a normal and unsuspecting human until you look with more attention. They have a citizen sprite with a small wind up key on their back.


Thanks for the oportunity. Hope you guys enjoy.
Hail team! Happy Birthday!

Character Name: Pedro Warborn

World: Kronera

Boss Creature Name: Bozzer


Boss Introduction

Bozzer is a time wizard, born of an unsuccessful experience of his former master, blinded by revenge, his plan is to defeat the one who made him suffer, but to do it, he needs more power.

Background Lore





In the Ivory Towers, Spectulus finds great strides in his recent studies on the stars, more specifically on how time influences their positions, in order to find the perfect alignment, Spectulus focuses his studies on temporal manipulation with the help of his apprentice Buzzer, The powerful Mage uses his powers to create a Time Manipulator, but during his experience, something went wrong and his apprentice Buzzer is struck by a lightning composed by matter of time, which apparently causes his death. Thrown to the river by his master Spectulus, Buzzer is taken to the Dark Magician Tower, in Thais. When awakened up by the residents of the Tower, he figures out that he gained power, specifically, the power of the time control, wanting revenge, Buzzer dominates the Tower and now he’s acclaimed by his new serves as Bozzer.

His plan is to use all his powers to kill Spectulus, but to do it, he needs to use all his knowledge and build a new laboratory in Dark Magician Tower to increase his powers.

Sinclair is a Dark Apprentice commanded by Bozzer, tired of its abuses, Sinclair traces a plan of escape of Dark Magicians Tower, after wandering by Tibian lands, he discovers the origin of Bozzer, and then plans a to Edron and tells Bozzer's plan to Spectulus.
Now knowing Bozzer's plans, Spectulus is looking for Tibian Warriors able to defeat the Time Wizard.


"The buzzer will beat!", "At the buzzer!", "Your time is short!", "Do you know what time it is?", "Bozzer wants revenge!", "My chain will rule you!" and "Your existence will be erased from time."


Chainkeeper - (Physcal - 100-200) Bozzer throws his chain at his enemy, causing physical damage. (3 seconds cooldown)

Time Eraser - (Death - 250-350) Bozzer launches a temporal radius in order to erase the existence of his opponent. (8 seconds cooldown)

The Bozzer Beater – (Death 500-600 basic damage) begins a 10-second countdown (signaled by "The buzzer will beat"), each second representing a 10% increase in your base damage (maximum 100%), To stop the counting the player must give a total of 1000 damage, as long as this damage is based on one of the 4 elements (earth, energy, fire and water), if it does, the penalty will be reduced by 50%. (60 seconds cooldown)

Time Freeze - As the time freeze, Bozzer gets stronger and deal +75% more magic damage and +50% coldoown reduction - this hability is not affected by its effects-.

Summons - dark magician 2 Dark Magicians and dark apprentice 2 Dark Apprentices

Passive - The Time Heals: 5% magic vampirism

Loot:gold coins   0-200 gold coinc,platinum coins  0-10 platinum coins,gear wheel  0-5 gear wheels,small amethyst 0-5 small amethysts,small sapphire 0-5 small sapphires, always watch (always) velvet mantle velvet mantle (very rare),wand of dimensions  wand of dimensions (extremely rare)

Frequency: As this boss drops some rare items, the respawn will be likely Yeti, with rare apparitions as well.

Location: Dark Magician Tower (Thais)

Dark Magician Tower - Bozzer

Stats: 18.000 Life Points

22.500 Experience Points (Bônus Stamina)

15.000 Experience Points (Normal Stamina)

7.500 Experience Points (Low Stamina)

Strong Against: death damage -40% Death Damage and holy damage -40% Holy Damage

Weak Against: fire+20 Fire Damage, earth damage+20 Earth Damage, ice damage+20 Ice Damage and energy damage+20 Energy Damage

Neutral Against: physical Physical

Immunity: paralyzeParalysis and invisibility Invisibility

Walks through: fire Fire, earth damage Poison and energy damage Energy


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