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RARE BESTIARY (English Version)

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... or unusual bestiary entries in a nutshell.


Ever since the possibility of getting charms for completing bestiary entries was implemented to the game, the rarely found monsters and mounts are getting more and more popular. Killing these rare creatures is often rewarded with a higher amount of points, while you only have to kill a few of them.

This guide contains all the required information about unusual bestiary entries which I have chosen. I hope that gathering all of it together in one place will come in handy and motivate you to fulfil your bestiary 🙂

Crustacea Gigantica


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: Giant Crab Pincers

Crustacea Gigantica is quite popular and intensively looked for monster, not only due to the bestiary but also the possibility to tame it and using as a mount.


It's worth noting that every monster which is a mount can be both tamed and killed at the same time! Right after using the taming item, the monster stays with us for a fraction of a second. At this very moment, we have to strike a death blow. Unfortunately, the item used to tame the Titanica doesn't give a 100% guarantee of success, so by using this method we won't get the mount in the worst case, but at least we'll stay with one more lobster added to our bestiary count!

There are 3 ways of meeting her:

  • Treasure Island

To be able to dig the hole in the specific place marked on the map, you need to have a Treasure Map (dropped by the pirates) with you.

Remember not to buy the treasure map from NPC John on the island!

The lobster can be found at level - 2.

A single specimen respawns here every 3-5 days.

Getting to the respawn place is easy, even for 8 lvl char, that's why players often check her by logging there with their low-lvl chars with Stealth Ring on. The only creature with invisibility resist in this location is Crustacea Gigantica, so chars are perfectly safe until they meet the monster.

  • Calassa

Crustacea Gigantica respawns in 2 places shown on the map below:

The first one respawns in the spot to the south. The next one (5 hours after respawn of the 1st) - to the north.

Crustacea respawns approximately every 3-5 days.

Unfortunately, this location excludes the possibility of using noobchars to check the lobster. There are many Quaras of various types  and Massive Water Elementals around, which are ready to attack us on sight.


As you can see in the screenshot above, Crustacea Gigantica doesn't disappear, that is why it's possible to meet 2 creatures at the same time.

  • Oramond Sunken Lands (Seacrest Grounds)

Crustacea Gigantica's respawn works differently here, as it uses specific mechanics implemented along with Oramond island.  The difference lies in the fact that when you alternately kill the specific monster another monster may respawn instead. In this case, there is a very small chance that Crustacea Gigantica will appear instead of Abyssal Calamary. The respawn of calamary has to be killed as long as needed until the lobster will spawn.

Below you can find 3 locations tested by me, but there probably are many more of them:


It's a good idea to benefit from the rapid respawn weekend and complete this entry in the Seacrest Grounds. There are 3 locations, quite close to each other, where the Abyssal Calamary can be met. You just need to split between these locations, so everyone can kill calamari in a specific location, and in case of success call the others, so they would be able to hit the lobster.

Thornfire Wolf and Crystal Wolf


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: none

Finishing the first and the second entry requires the knowledge of Thornfire World Change.

The day, when Shadowthorn is conquered by the fire elves (Firestarters) and the whole fortress burns - we can trigger the spawn of Thornfire Wolf. To do it, we have to use a special bucket prepared beforehand, which can hold the holy water and extinguish the flames. While we are doing this, there is a possibility for the wolf to appear in the place marked on the map below. It's announced through orange communicate which is hearable/visible even in Venore -"Unleash the fire wolves and burn the house of the enemy."

Right then we can kill him and complete the bestiary by doing it 5 times.

The wolf respawns with random frequency - each fire has its own % chance to summon it. Thanks to this, with a little bit of luck we can summon 2 Thronfire Wolves by the minute. On the other side, we can extinguish hundreds of fires and don't respawn even one if we're unlucky.

It's worth mentioning that fully extinguished Shadowthorn will burn again after each floor reset - along with server save, then 6h, 12h and 18h later.

As is well known, luring Thornfire Wolf to the temple placed in the east side of the fortress and forcing him to step on the "bog water", we make him turn into Crystal Wolf.

To complete both entries we have to make the fire wolf appear no less than 10 times!


There is another method to complete both entries at the same time. Summon Thornfire Wolf, then lure it to the temple. Attack him and strike a death blow at the same moment when wolf steps on the bog water and transforms. Crystal wolf respawns at the same time, allowing us to kill 2 types of wolves simultaneously.

This method makes us able to complete both entries by summoning Thornfire Wolf just 5 times.

Dire Penguin


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: none

Dire Penguin is one of the easiest entries among these rare and highly scored ones. It usually respawns in places with a high amount of regular penguins and because it looks exactly like them  - it's very easy to miss him. What distinguishes him from other penguins is the specific area attack.

All information we require are his respawn places:

It respawns irregularly, but taking into consideration that we have at least 10 spots to be checked - it's very hard to determine the time range for each spawn. Even though, a short glance at the statistics tells us that it's possible to kill even a few penguins during one day!

You can find out yourselves by checking the screenshot taken by Zaran:

One penguin has been already killed (analyser shows it), and another one stands just next to him.



Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: Draptor Scales


Draptor, same as all mountable creatures can be tamed and killed at the same time! After using the taming item, the monster stays with us for a fraction of a second - as shown in the picture above. At this very moment, we have to strike him a death blow. In Draptor's case, this method is effective, as using the Music Box guarantees that the mount will be tamed at the first try.

There are two ways of finding them:

  • Muggy Plains

The first way is dragon raid on Muggy Plains, placed in the north of Zao. It occurs quite often (approximately every 5-10 days).

You can recognize it by the message:

00:00: The dragons of the Dragonblaze Mountains have descended to Zao to protect the lizardkin!

During the raid, you will face 3 waves of dragons along with a random number of Draptors (usually a few per raid). The waves will take place 15, 20 and 25 minutes after the 1st message.

The picture below is a map with marked areas, where the chance of meeting discussed creatures is the highest.  Keep in mind that it is only indicative!


In the 25th minute, along with the last wave of monsters, you have the possibility to meet the dragon boss - Grand Mother Foulscale! She always respawns to the north of teleport leading to Fazzrah (boss known from Killing in the Name of... Quest).

  • Razachai Palace

Draptors respawn in -3 level of the palace, every 4-7 days in 2 groups of 1-2 creatures. Two respawn areas are marked on the map below.

Unconfirmed information:

I haven't been able to test this theory yet and it's difficult to provide any concrete timeframes, but most probably this mechanics resembles the lobster respawn in Calassa. The first group (1-2 Draptors) appears and then after a few hours the second one (1-2 Draptors). I'm unable to confirm it, but I think it might be worthy to check both areas every time we are there and don't give up if there are no Draptors in the first room.

Elf Overseer


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: none

This is another entry which requires knowledge of Thornfire World Change.

If the Shadowthorn was burning the day before, after the next serve save elves take over the fortress. During that day it's possible to find a single Elf Overseer in 3 places marked on the map.

The only difficulty you may face is the fact that these creatures respawn only once. You have to log in immediately after server save to be able to deal some damage. It may be especially difficult on crowded servers.

Feverish Citizen


Required amount: 500

Valuable loot: none

This entry cannot be counted as rare, but the knowledge of Feverish Citizens respawn mechanics may come in handy to finish it.

If NPC Ottokar didn't receive required amount of Medicine Pouches, then raid of Feverish Citizens gets triggered randomly every 30 or 60 minutes, since the servers start after save.

Goblin Leader


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: none

Leaders are among one of the rarest entries known from the bestiary. This is probably due to the fact that there aren't many of them in game. We can meet those goblins in 3 situations:

  • Tower Defence Quest

We face one of the leader representants during one of the missions of - Tower Defence Quest, the exact place is marked on the map:

Unfortunately after finishing the mission, we won't be able to meet him again.

  • Femor Hills raid

Second, much more effective method of completing this bestiary entry is attending the goblins raid, south-west of Femor Hills.

00:00: Goblins are preparing to attack Kazordoon from Femor Hills!

00:04: Goblins attack from Femor Hills!

00:06: Goblins attack from Femor Hills!

00:08: Danger! Now the goblin leaders attack Kazordoon from Femor Hills!

Monsters we are interested in appear along with the 4th wave.

  • Fenrock undergrounds

The easiest option out of all 3 is visiting the Fenrock undergrounds. Straying from the path a bit on a way to Beregar city will get us to the place marked on a map above. There are 7 Goblin Leaders. Just one quick expedition to this place guarantees to complete the bestiary entry. Respawn of the leaders is regular, which means that you will meet them every time and you don't have to wait for/attend any raid!

Iron Servant, Golden Servant and Diamond Servant


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: Golden Can of Oil (Golden Servant)

These creatures can be faced during The Master's Voice World Change.

At first, we have to visit NPC Servant Sentry in a place marked on a map and ask him for Slime Gobbler , which devours the slime from walls and floor in rooms below.

Player: hi
Servant Sentry: The. Slime. Has. Entered. Our. Master. Has. Left! We. Must. Help.
Player: help
Servant Sentry: Defeat. Slime. We. Will. Why. Did. You. Kill. Us? Do. You. Want. To. Rectify. And. Help?
Player: yes
Servant Sentry: Then. Take. This. Gobbler. Always. Hungry. Eats. Slime. Fungus. Go.

Going down to level -2 leads us to the dungeon, where we can meet the Mad Mage himself. To trigger 20 waves of servants (each one spawns after another) prior to fight with a mage, we should remove 350 pieces of slime from the floor and walls of the dungeon. It can be done both solo and with the help of other players.

To face the servant waves, at least 25 pieces of slime have to be removed. If our friends or other players cleaned up the whole dungeon and we just got in on the act, then we will be kicked out of the room once the servants appear. We won't be able to get in until the walls and floor will be covered in slime again.

Once the Slime Gobbler devours all the dirt, the following, orange communicate should be displayed - "The floor vibrates as bizarre contraptions are being set in motion everywhere around you." Servants will start to respawn in the rooms and corridors.

Midnight Panther


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: Panther Head , Panther Paw (guaranteed drop)

Panther is one of the most annoying entries to complete in our bestiary. It's quite hard to meet her due to rarity. Moreover, lots of people tries to find it, as it's also a mount and they want to tame it. There are also rare trophy hunters who kill it to loot the head. The competition is really intense.


Midnight Panther same as all mountable creatures can be tamed and killed at the same time! After using the taming item, the monster stays with us for a fraction of a second - as shown in the picture above. At this very moment, we have to strike her a death blow. In Panther's case, this method is effective, as using the Music Box guarantees that the mount will be tamed at the first try.

Midnight Panther can be met randomly in one of the 3 places marked above. A single specimen respawns every 3 (rarely 2 or 4) days. When the chance to meet the panther is the highest, the first number in the stats is 3 or multiple of 3:

It's good to know that the panther which wasn't killed and didn't kill any player will not be noted in stats. It applies to both the met and tamed ones.


Don't hurry while running through Panther's respawn areas! Always focus on the graphic effect of spells casted on you. Midnight Panther is the only creature out of all others around, which deals energy damage and can also be invisible for a long time. You may not see her, but spot her attack.

Nightfiend and Vicious Manbat


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: none

Both entries can be completed during one event The Pale Count raid. This raid is recognized by the following message:

00:00: The Pale Count has risen from his crypt deep under Drefia. Blood will flow.

You have to get to the place marked on the map of Drefia (level -5) as fast as possible.

After the opening of a secret passage which normally is blocked by the wall, you should go 2 levels down. You will find yourself in a room which shape resembles a bat. It's full of monsters such as: Vampire, Vampire Bride, Nightfiend, Vicious Manbat and Banshee. This is the place where the Pale Count respawns in his invulnerable form.

Discussed monsters can be also found one level below (-8) in the room where we face the killable version of the boss.

After defeating the boss his cave and all the area which is usually locked should stay open for 10 minutes (after this time all players will be kicked in front of the wall, blocking us from the chambers). Nightfiend and Vicious Manbats will respawn there all this time. Unfortunately, the high amount of monsters is there only after the raid will begin. Killing all of them will result in respawning discussed creatures singly and intermittently.

level-5: 1x Vicious Manbat

level-6: 1x Vampire Bride, 1x Vampire Viscount

level-7: high amount of Nightfiends, Vicious Manbats, Vampire Brides, Vampires, Vampire Viscounts, Banshees

level-8: some Nightfiends, Vicious Manbats, Vampire Brides, Gravediggers

Raging Fire


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: none

Raging Fire bestiary entry can be completed practically anytime, it depends only on you. It requires finishing the Hero of Rathleton Quest, and if you completed it before the bestiary was implemented to the game - you need to repeat one mission. To do that, you have to activate 8 machines which can be found in the 3rd area (the one with Vulcongras and Hellfire Fighters). I marked them with dots on the map below:

Afterwards you just have to go into teleport on the left side which will transport you to the room where discussed monsters will start to respawn after a short while.

Troll Guard


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: none

Trolls are known among other things, from Rookgaard, where you can meet them during one of the missions of The Rookie Guard Quest. Completing them on the mainland can be done in 2 ways:

  • raid to the north of Carlin

It occurs quite often and you can recognize it by the messages below:

00:00: Trolls trolling north-west of Carlin!

00:02: Even more Trolls north-west of Carlin!

00:03: Beware! Troll Champions north-west of Carlin!

20 Troll Guards respawns among with the 2nd wave, which is more than enough to complete this bestiary.

  • raid on Thais arena

We get the chance to face Troll Guards during the King Tibianus Days, Which occur occasionally in Thais. Then, every hour counting from the time where servers were turned on after server save, random raids of specific creatures take place. One of these raids consists of various trolls. We can take advantage of it and kill a few.

Undead Cavebear


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: Cavebear Skull , Maxilla

Undead Cavebears are very popular among rare monster hunters, not only due to the possibility of taming them but also thanks to unique items which they drop. Since it was added to the bestiary, Lich Hell is visited even more often.


Undead cavebear, same as all mountable creatures can be tamed and killed at the same time! After using the taming item, the monster stays with us for a fraction of a second - as shown in the picture above. At this very moment, we have to strike him a death blow. In Cavebear's case, this method is effective, as using the Music Box guarantees that the mount will be tamed at the first try.

Unfortunately, the item used to tame the cavebear doesn't give a 100% guarantee of success, so by using this method we won't get the mount in the worst case, but at least we'll stay with one more cavebear added to our bestiary count!

When is the right time to check Undead Cavebears? Usually, we can meet them every 3 days. Our statistics show it as a "high chance" and information "last seen: 3 days ago".  Sometimes, but rarely they respawn on the 4th day.

Of course it can happen that no one killed Undead Cavebear during the day, even though they respawned. Then, it will not be noted in statistics. You should take into consideration multiple of number 3 then.

Undead Cavebears respawn in 3 waves. The first one (1 cavebear), as shown on the map, is located on the right side of the Lich Hell and occurs at a random hour, which makes possible the realization of all 3 waves between the server saves. Second wave (1-2 cavebears) respawns exactly 5 hours later. Third one (2-3 cavebears), located on the left side, respawns exactly 5 hours after the second wave and 10 hours after the first.


  1. Undead Cavebears, unlike the bosses, doesn't disappear after the given time, that's why on empty servers it's possible to face more than 1 wave at the same time.
  2. In location marked as "2", you can also meet the Necropharus, popular necromancer boss.

Water Buffalo


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: none

Buffalos are very easy to complete in the bestiary. They can be often met individually or in small groups on swamp areas to the south and east of Venore.

Their irregular respawn is the reason of their classification to rare entries. They spawn along with the server shutdown, after the save, and then every 4 hours.

Wild Horse


Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: none

Wild Horse can only be met if horses run away from NPC Palomino's barn and are running among the trees and around the Troll camp to the east of Thais.

Every three hours since the server save, there is a respawn of a big wave of horses which may contain from 0 to 3 Wild Horses. Their respawn area is marked below.

However, it's good to check the whole area east of the city, because horses are quite fast and they split up very easily.

Unfortunately, killing other kinds of horses won't speed up the process of wild horses respawn. They show up only during specific hours. In the meantime, the respawn of other horses, which are also worth completing in the bestiary, is noticeably smaller.



Required amount: 5

Valuable loot: Bunnyslippers

Yetis are probably one of the most mysterious tibian creatures.

Legendary due to their unique and for many years treated as myth loot (Bunnyslippers), rare and for some time meticulously sought after by enthusiasts of completing all, even the most troublesome bestiary entries.

More about the legend of Yeti can be found in our article!

There are 2 ways of meeting Yeti:

  • Folda

They respawn in the area marked on the map in small groups (1-3 specimen) about every 19-25 days.

The easiest way of checking their presence is placing an 8-lvl noobchar there, equipped with Stealth Ring (optional) and logging there from time to time. Unfortunately, the ease of checking this creature favours fierce competition, especially on crowded servers.

  • Chyllfroest

This island is opened for players between April 01 and May 01.

Yetis spawning on Chyllfroest use the same mechanics as the ones during the raid on Folda. They respawn in groups of 1-3 specimen about every 19-25 days. If they respawn at the beginning of April, you can expect them there once again at the and of the month.

You will learn more from this video:

Unconfirmed information:

I haven't been able to test it myself, however taking into consideration the source of this information I can with fairly high certainty assume that Yeti disappears after an hour from respawning. Keep that in mind if you don't know when did they respawn and you would like to call your friend to help them with completing the bestiary. Unfortunately, I witnessed some cases where met Yeti, while waiting for the rest of interested players, just disappeared in front of everyone.

Remember that creatures analyzed in this guide are characterized by irregular respawn, but they can be found all year round.

Significant amount of points can be obtained by killing monsters which are available during annual events:

  • Bane Bringer
  • Berrypest
  • Cake Golem
  • Dryad
  • Dusk Bringer, Shadow Hound, Herald Of Gloom, Acolyte Of Darkness, Nightslayer, Doomsday Cultist, Midnight Warrior, Bride Of Night, Midnight Spawn, Bane of Light
  • Grynch Clan Goblin
  • Undead Jester

I tried to include every possible detail in this guide, but still there is much to be completed. If you feel like you have something to add or discuss, feel free to comment. I will be grateful for any advice, help or verified information!


Special thanks to:

  • Williams - for translating the guide to English,
  • Xizyy - for translating the guide to Portuguese,
  • Bigg Melon - for help with the completion of a few bestiary entries,
  • Skayu Zimmermann - for substantive support. © 2020. All rights reserved.
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