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The legend of Yeti (English Version)

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BREAKING NEWS - 21.12.2019

Hunter of Dragoes - admin of English TibiaWiki looted bunnyslippers!


Unbelievable - after 15 years we have a confirmation that yetis indeed drop bunnyslippers!It happened on Isle of Merriment, during the last day of Test Server for the Winter Update 2019 (November 18, 2019). There was a regular yeti spawn which could be camped. Hunter of Dragoes and Lee Kun killed about 112 yetis in 6 hours and Hunter was the one who looted the legendary item.
Congratulations from Tibiabosses staff and thanks for sharing the great news!



Yeti - have you ever encountered this creature? It was long believed to be just a myth, apparently it's real and doesn't differ much from other tibian bosses despite the fact that there are still some mysteries behind it.

It was added with the winter update of 2004 - version 7.4. It was the first time when the regulary (more or less) spawning bosses got introduced to the game and therewere 10 of them overall. In the past yetis spawned only on Folda - one of the ice islands north-west of Carlin. Due to the fact that Folda is a very remote place and the respawn time of this creature is quite long, people used to meet it very rarely. The situation has changed significantly since then. Nowadays, yetis are being killed everyday due to the fact that bosshunting is getting more and more popular. Also and additional resp on Chyllfroest island has been added in the meantime.

Loot - what do we know?

According to popular belief, yetis drop one of the most liked, expensive and wanted rares - bunnyslippers. Let's discuss it and sum up some facts and hypotheses.

  • There are no valid and not faked screenshots or videos proving that someone has looted them.
  • During the last 3 years over 2550 yetis were killed (source:
  • on April 1st 2015, Cipsoft published an interesting April fools' joke:

"Also, rumour has it that yetis are roaming Chyllfroest. In fact, Reinhold is the living proof. You can find the peaceful yeti in the chakoya settlement on the isle.
While his eyes are suffering from snow blindness, his hearing is sharp and sensitive. If you manage to make him believe that you are a yeti, he will reward you with a fluffy gift to warm your cold feet. In order to convince him you need to successfully complete his yodel challenge. Raise your yodel skill by taking yodel lessons from various musical NPCs all around the Tibian world and beat Reinhold in the final yodel battle. Yooodelaaahooohooo!
April 02, 2015: Bunnyslippers as a reward for yodelling? Did you fall for this April Fools' joke? While there may be a snowblind yeti called Reinhold somewhere out there, he has not found his way to Tibia yet."

  • On 30th March 2016  Cipsoft posted an interesting hint on their facebook page. Notice that it was just before the April fools' day. It was widely commented on both fanpage and most of the fansites.


Are the rumours real?

According to TibiaWiki, Santa Claus has started giving bunnyslippers as gift since update 8.7. It was released on December 8, 2010. It is a known fact that there already were numerous pairs on various worlds back then, before this update.

The question is - were they looted?

Here is what we've found throughout the internet and wiki.

  •  There was a rare items exhibition which took place on Antica's Tibianic, on 9th oct 2004. As you can see on the screenshot below, bunnyslippers were already there - before the yeti introduction. Was it a gift from Santa or Cipsoft? Or maybe they came from another unknown source?


  • According to some sources slippers appeared on Askara in 2007. Player Ivesky Legend/Mecca Legend found his first 2 yetis and looted them. However, he was forced to sell them shortly after.
  • Monzta from Candia claimed in his posts on forum that he looted bunnyslippers. There are no evidences to prove it, though.
  • Necromancer Illja had bunnyslippers in his house in 2006. He stated that they were looted from yeti.


Did you know that?

Cipsoft planned to add the boss of yetis - Freegoiz. Unfortunately it appeared  only once during test server in 2005. It was the same test server which revealed the Morgaroth for the first time. Freegoiz had the ability to summon 3 yetis and was far more powerful than them. In the past people used to discuss if yeti is a boss or just a rare spawning monster. Freegoiz somehow divided people and intensified the discussion.

I was unable to find any screenshots of this boss and apparently no one has ever seen it anymore. We can only wonder of amazing loot he could drop.

Yeti and his loot have always been one of the most popular and enigmatic tibian secrets. It's been 14 years since the introduction of yeti and there is still a lot to discover. If you possess any unknown screenshot regarding the topics above or have any unique knowledge, then please share them with us.

Let me open the discussion and encourage you to join.

Fellow bosshunters, do you know anything more?

Special thanks to Mad Def for providing some useful info.


Really nice article, Williams.

I remember that there was a guy who had bunnyslippers on Chrona (and as far as I know it was the only pair of bunnyslippers on that server). He claimed that he looted them from Yeti, but again no proof and I think it's just a rumour since CipSoft opened Chrona in November, so just 1-1,5 month before Santa Claus arrives.

Well, the only thing we can do is to keep killing Yetis. And who knows, maybe someday - someone from us will be lucky enough to loot bunnyslippers and show the evidence of it 😀

Also we can mention that people often miss Yeti, not because it has a really long spawn (once a month), but also because once it spawns, it will stay for around 1 or 1,5 hour (I don't remember exactly, what is the time that Yeti will disappear, but it's either 1 or 1,5h).

Thank you niiir. You are right, the best what we can do is to keep killing them or maybe someone has unique screenshot with a proof.

I've also heard about the shorter time of their presence in game, but someone would have to sacrifice 1 yeti, lure it away and stay with it until it disappears. That would be kinda hard to organize.

Interesting video about this topic:

Nice vid, good job with the editing. The idea with fake feet indeed deserved a try.

According to the stolen Tibia 7.7 server the Yeti drops bunnyslippers at a chance equal to a Minotaur dropping bronze amulet.

In the loot system of 7.7 that is the rarest possible loot with a chance of 1.  The scale goes from 1 to 1000 so that would make it 0.1% drop.

We all know the loot changed a lot since then but one could assume that it is still about that rare or even rarer since they at one point made all items harder to loot..