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Mystery of Mahatheb II (English Version)

So, I've created an account just to post this. I've been leveling an EK this month and found that edron forgotten tomb was an excellent junt place for lvl 45-70. 2 days ago I came across Mahateb. Funny enough it was the first time i was visiting the boss room that day. The vampire killed in the photo was from a second visit after killing the boss. I had been hunting on that cave for a few days so i wouldn't know if that played any role on the boss spawning for me, but that encounter seemed totally random since i just rushed to the bottom floor to lvl up fast. I took a photo from my phone since the internet has been saying that Tibia was preventing screen shots since the last update. Good luck everyone trying to find him!

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Nice story. I have never met Mahatheb without killing vampires. I always needed to kill a some of vampires or bonebeast before he appeared. You were very lucky. Did you know that before you only 3 players killed Mahatheb on Impera ?  ?  That's how rare Mahatheb is. Congratulations  ❗


I had no idea it was that rare. Btw, where do you check how many times it was killed in a server?

About the loot, he didn`t drop anything unique, some gold, magic light wand and a flask of embalming fluid if i remember correctly.

@nin-s I'm checking it on Below is a link to the Mahatheb statistics. It's a trusted website. One of the Promoted Fansites.


@Monte Mahatheb and I are waiting for you  😀  When will you log in to the game?

so Golden Hyena Pendant is dropped by King Zelos.

What do you guys think?

It is really dropping something interesting?


Quote from Andreas Gerk on 11 November 2019, 11:21

so Golden Hyena Pendant is dropped by King Zelos.

What do you guys think?

It is really dropping something interesting?


That's a good question. Unfortunately, no one knows the answer to this question except Cipsoft employees.What you will read below is just speculation. I will quote a fragment of the article:

Mahatheb is a boss with great story behind. He even has a book dedicated to him in-game. Not many bosses have been honoured in such way. Whole Forgotten Tomb - quite a big hunt place and his own crypt has been devoted to this boss. He has been killed very few times. In my opinion it's quite possible that he drops something interesting.

Mahatheb is a weak boss. That's why I don't think he drops powerful items. Mahatheb is a mummy, so the most suitable items for it are:

Golden Scorpion Pendant, Ceremonial Mask, Light Mace, Bonfire Amulet, Djinn's Lamp  Who knows, maybe Eagle Shield

Yeah, I know it's a dreams ?

Of course, we are talking about items that are unobtainable. Of course Mahatheb can drop an item that is already available in the game. There's also a possibility that he's not dropping anything interesting. The field of speculation is really big.

Ocyakao was also almost never checked until he droped the Eye of The Strom ( I once read a topic on a some forum and the bosshunters complained about Ocyakao that it's another boss without a good loot). Who knows, maybe a similar situation will happen with Mahatheb.

@mariuszns Congratulations. It was a pleasure to be there.

Today we have something interesting for you. If you are still interested in Mahatheb, there is a better chance of meet him for the next few days.

Player Haishen and I have discovered that increased respawn has an effect on bosses. I mean bosses like Mahatheb, Zugurosh, Pharaohs.

After the Winterlight Solstice event in the whole Tibia, the respawn was doubled.

In my world a vampire or bonebest appears every 5-6 minutes normally. Look how it looked today:

18:09 Loot of a vampire: 44 gold coins
18:11 Loot of a vampire: blood preservation, 41 gold coins
18:14 Loot of a vampire: 5 gold coins
18:16 Loot of a vampire: 28 gold coins
18:19 Loot of a vampire: 60 gold coins
18:22 Loot of a bonebeast: a bone
18:24 Loot of a vampire: 24 gold coins, a skull
18:26 Loot of a vampire: 47 gold coins
18:29 Loot of a vampire: 55 gold coins
18:31 Loot of a vampire: 18 gold coins
18:33 Loot of a vampire: nothing
18:35 Loot of a vampire: 32 gold coins
18:37 Loot of a vampire: 37 gold coins, a skull
18:40 Loot of a vampire: 35 gold coins

As you can see above, the vampire appears twice as faster than usual. If you're hunting Zugurosh, Pharaohs or Mahatheb, I'd recommend you to check it out. The next such opportunity will be in 2021 🙂

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