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Idea for fansite item contest - Questions/Comments

Quote from WAXHITA RIICA on 22 April 2018, 04:55

How i post the image?.

Here you have it explained


If you would still have a problem, just post submission with link, I will edit it.

Who won?

Time is up! From now on, editing and adding submissions is not allowed.

We would like to thank to all contestants! There is a lot of submissions to rewiev, so it could take a while to read it all! In about 2 weeks we will publish the results.

Meantime, all contestants will receive additional 1 week of tibiabosses premium. It will be activated in next 24 hours.

We are happy to present results of Invent fansite item contest! Congratulations for all the winners and thank you for all your submissions! It was a lot of fun reading all the stories for awesome items! You can find results HERE © 2019. All rights reserved.
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