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How to send screenshots and videos to Tibiabosses gallery - quick guide

Polish version

Portuguese version

How to send screenshots/videos to Tibiabosses gallery?

Hi! Many of you send us screenshots with bosses via multiple platforms and in various ways.

This quick guide will show you the best ways to send us your screenshots, which will guarantee that they will be posted and their quality will stay on a high level.

First of all, if you would like to participate in our ongoing Great Boss Hunt contest then please read the rules carefully (available in English, Polish and Portuguese).

All proper screenshots sent to us will be posted in the site's gallery, on our Facebook page, and on Instagram. It doesn't matter if you send us pictures through Facebook or the site, we will always post them using 3 mentioned sources.

Best way to send us your screenshots

The best way to send us your screenshots is to do it directly through our site.

You can either use this link or go to Galleries ⇨ Photo Gallery (starting from the main page).

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find very easy userform there. Fill it and upload your screenshot, so we will get all required info to post it.

Check this short video, showing where to find the form and how to fill it.

Using this method guarantees that the quality of your screenshot will be the best possible and exactly the same as original (facebook often scales down and decreases the quality of pics). If you have more than 1 screenshot of the same boss, action pic and loot for example, just upload them one by one, filling the form twice.

If you would like to send us large number of screenshots it can be done by sending them directly to our special mailbox - - such e-mail should contain name of every sent boss, server and nick.

If you want to send screenshots via Facebook

If for some reason you don't want to use our userform in site's gallery and choose facebook to send the pic, then please remember to provide the necessary info!

Lots of people send us screenshot by sending message via Facebook. This is an alternative method and it's possible, but can also cause some problems. That's why we do not prefer it.

Look at this "screenshot" below sent to us via fb not long ago.

  1.  It's a photo, not a screenshot. We don't publish photos, but screenshots made with print screen button/special programs etc.
  2. The resolution of it is 640x480. This is definitely too small to show full screen properly.
  3.  The quality is so low that barely anything is visible here, especially player's nick, which is needed to publish the pic.

Generally speaking:

What is more, we will not publish screenshots showing only loot in backpack, on the ground, etc. without boss (dead or alive). If there is server message with loot visible, but still without boss - then the screen may be published (not always though), but it does not take part in the contest.

example of screenshot which was not published at all

How to send videos?

This is fairly easy.

  • Upload your video to youtube and send us the link. Only videos uploaded to yt will be published.
  • Please do not add  copyright  protected music to your videos, as they will be deleted/blocked by facebook.
  • Generally the same rules which apply to screenshots are important when it comes to videos. It has to show the boss, preferably the battle and the loot.

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