New rares pricecheck!

Hello fellow bosshunters!

I am honoured to present our upgraded feature – RARES PRICECHECK. You will no longer have to check the prices of rare items by yourself, because our RARE PRICECHECK is going to aid you. Its usage is incredibly easy, all you have to do is type in the name of rare item that you are looking for and voila. Consequently, you will receive information regarding its price range (both in Tibia Coins and kk’s), trending (increasing, stable or decreasing), additional comments and which bosses drop that item.  If you are not interested in any particular item, you may leave the item name rubric blank and check out all rare items that are in our database. Furthermore, you may also type in any boss and find out what rare items they drop.

RARES PRICECHECK is going to be supervised by Williams. He is going to update the prices and add new rare items. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to contribute on our forum  HERE

Pricecheck is availiable on our main page, and on William’s thread.

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