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Best Screenshots in October!

You can read about details and rewards of contest HERE First Place: Zulazza the Corruptor by Beberico (Descubra) Second Place: Ferumbras by …

Change of contest deadline

Draw your favourite boss contest has new deadline! Due to admin absence we need to postpone it until 09.11.2019.

Draw your favourite boss!

As a team we want to thank you for your daily activities and over 10,000 likes on Facebook! We would like …

Winners of September 2019

First Place: The Scourge of Oblivion by Popicii (Bona) Second Place: Ghazbaran by Alex Veltman (Quelibra) Third Place: Pirate Raid by Smuu …

New words online!

New worlds! Statistics pages of Concorda (EU), Mitigera (NA) and Serenebra (SA) are available! If boss did not appear on the server …

Best screenshot of August!

We have winners of the August! First Place: Scarlett Etzel by Knight Narco (Nefera) Second Place: Preceptor Lazare by Ace Kaizoku (Pacera) … © 2019. All rights reserved.
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