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Screenshot of december 2021!

First place: Ghazbaran by Xenu Vitality (Solidera)! Second Place: Countess Sorrow by Amy Winehousse (Celebra)! Third Place: Zulazza The Corruptor by Gibkii …

Winners of November!

First place: World Devourer by Pedraao Ignorante (Javibra)! Second Place: Dracola by Ruvenzz (Nefera)! Third Place: Tyrn by Yalthus (Yonabra)!  

New tool: Online Status Alert

Check out our new tool! This tool tracks every change in a player’s online status and it will inform you about the …

Screenshot of October 2021

First place: Zushuka by Alukhard (Garnera)! Second Place: Mr. Punish by Tom arepeegee (Optera)! Third Place: Mazzinor by Hero Reis (Astera)!  

Best screenshots of September!

First place: Ocyakao by Rael Shinji (Peloria)! Second Place: Orshabaal by Old Hike (Astera)! Third Place: Weakened Shlorg by Exu Imperador (Nossobra)! …

Winners of August 2021!

First Place: Chizzoron The Distorter, The Welter and Midnight Panther (all with lucky loots, all in a row) by Ares War Knight …

Winners of July 2021!

We have a winners of July! First Place: Morgaroth by Eternal Ichigo Kurosaki (Astera)! Second Place: Ferumbras Mortal Shell by Selene Gomez … © 2022. All rights reserved.
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