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Winners of august!

First Place: Chizzoron The Distorter, The Welter and Midnight Panther (all with lucky loots, all in a row) by Ares War Knight …

Winners of July 2021!

We have a winners of July! First Place: Morgaroth by Eternal Ichigo Kurosaki (Astera)! Second Place: Ferumbras Mortal Shell by Selene Gomez …

Winners of June 2021!

First Place: Countess Sorrow by Eckows (Astera)! Second Place: Ocyakao by Silny Strzelaczi Zabijaczi (Juva)! Third Place: Ferumbras by Angra Hell Druid …

Bank robery bosses – the compendium

Take a look into new guide on the site about bank robbery bosses!

Best Screenshot of May 2021!

First Place: Morgaroth by Tunux (Yonabra)! Second Place: Orshabaal by Pyzaa (Antica)! Third Place: The World Devourer by Royal Euca (Pacera)!

Best screenshots of April 2021

First Place: The Manhunter by Joseito el Humilde (Cosera)! Second Place: Arachir The Ancient One with Gravelord Oshuran by Antraax Ragnarsson (Dibra)! …

Best Screenshot of March!

First Place: Armenius by Pea Ky (Damora)! Second Place: Orc raid on Fermor Hills by Bomdrax (Calmera)! Third Place: Zulazza The Corruptor …

Best Screenshot in February!

First Place: Gaz’Haragoth by Zarvi Wall (Nefera)! Second Place: Chizzoron the Distorter by Thrukobe (Solidera)! Third Place: Ferumbras Mortal Shell by Theron …

New worlds ready!

New worlds! Statistics pages of: Karna (EU), Optera (NA), Mudabra (SA) and Reinobra (SA) are available! If boss did not appear on the server yet, its last-seen date … © 2020. All rights reserved.
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