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Premium idea


There is an idea, that we should make premium users option, and some of bosses predictions make available only for those premium users.

Bosses that we are thinking of are: , and maybe others.

What you guys think of this idea?

I think it's a good idea.

What i mean is i already know the timers for the bosses i check but i use this website because it's easier to have everything in one screen telling me wich one is available to kill.

You put effort creating algorithms to predict them. And buying this premium with gold in tibia would be pretty nice too.

+ the Welter and I think I am up for this

The idea is good, you absolutely deserve to get some profit for your hard work. I agree with Sone The Warrior, TC payment could be a nice option, think about it in the future.

We will see, I need to ask Cipsoft if it is ok to trade with Tibia Coins this way.

How to ruin good website by stupid ideas... Pretty much everyone could count their own days of bosses. For most premium bosses it's 14 days since last dead. Plus there are website offerting service that avaible you to check last boss death. So pretty much u should shot in ur knee

My god this is bad idea.

- 1 / 7 Days

1 for 1 or 2 bosses running the risk of not getting anything from them. So no ty

It is possible to track them of your own, but it takes time. After this site got popularity I received very many complains that numbers of boss campers appeared. This is also a solution to fight with that.

They appeared and they will appear... Your site was cool and people had a reason to come back everyday. Now I doubt anyone will come back after this kind of "premium" bossses. And it doesnt take as much time as you might expect. I was tracking bosses on my own and I was doing pretty much well without using your site

I mean, this is a very good tool. But, c'mon your site just became official fansite that is awesome. Should'n you wait for a while before getting benefit for your work?