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Premium idea

Quote from Gee Devil on 25 October 2016, 19:38

I mean, this is a very good tool. But, c'mon your site just became official fansite that is awesome. Should'n you wait for a while before getting benefit for your work?


You have the point here, but it I prepared this tool for some time earlier and it is a coincidence that we joined fansite programme not long ago. Of Course I asked about this option and it is all ok. Site is on over half of year.


After posting quickly without much thought and then giving it a day to think about it...I still think that it is your right to charge for the service however, I think the main problem here is the inherent sneakiness that surrounds the premium implementation. It's incredibly suspicious that you are accepted into the Tibia Fansite program and three days later you make a post about adding a premium lock on certain boss statistics.

I understand that hosting a website can cost some money, I  honestly don't know how much. My suggestion to you would be to look into adding a few advertisements to your website and removing the premium lock on the bosses. The only feature on your website is boss stats and its really a big "fuck you" to your customers who made this into a popular website which then got it accepted into the Tibia Fansite program.

I've talked to a few people that I know in-game that use/used this website...the main issue we have is that it feels very underhanded and sneaky. I don't know...just my thoughts.

Edit: Also, the message in the bosses server stats page says " You do not have permission to view this content. Only registered users can see this information."  However, that isn't accurate. Registered users can't see the content either, only registered premium users can.

The more I think of this premium feature. The more I'm confused lol...

Its really bad business ethics. You released a website which had a sole purpose to display statistics and once you started becoming a little known, you decide to take away portion of your product and ask for money. Generally, a premium feature gives the clients access to additional features, not to get back what was already offered for free lol.

If it would be locked from the beginning it would be ok? I understand that it could be harsh, because we offered something for free and now it is premium it seems like we taking something from you. You can look at it different way - that earlier you had given something for free.

Its no point to buy that premium shitty thing cause  its not worth... you can buy for idk  1/2 months and not see boss once.

Better do something new and add premium things...

Of course! We are working on new things to add in the future.

Thanks to this change, I will recover my Excell where I used to put all days and make my own predictions, it takes me less than 30 seconds per server.

Sorry but I won't enter again in this site and this site must be NOT SUPPORTED by CipSoft/Tibia because you are getting benefit from this. The simple fact of being a supported Tibia fansite should be more than enough.

Thanks for all your months before today and see you in other pages, not in this one.



In my eyes whats going on is that youre starting to demand money for a non-finished product. Its a handful of bosses, the accuracy of the spawns, according to the ones ive ben tracking hard, is working, but far from perfect. It's a cool idea and service but as other people already stated at this phase pretty much of whats on this site is manageable to provide for yourself.

If you'd ask me i wouldnt pay at all for this. However further down the road if you shape up the product ( adding more bosses and overall shaping everything up) i'd might consider to pay for a product like that.

Tobeeey thanks for your oppinion. I will try hard to improve it, and maybe at some point in the future you will change your mind! ????

I see no issue paying for the service. Yes I could export and do this all myself, but my time is worth the value of the service.

Just like anyone could do it also but my time is worth the service.

As far as future implementation, maybe a email alert system or a daily digest of what info on what bosses are going to spawn the coming day or days. Also if a time could be implemented that would be even better or range. Now that is understandable that we cannot see when a monster is killed.