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Mystery of the Mahatheb (English Version)

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Quote from David22smith on 14 December 2022, 08:12

Based on my understanding of the boss it is random when it spawns on that spawn point. Similar to Abyssal Calamary and Crustacea Gigantica. I imagine the only way to make farming more efficient would be to do it during a Rapid Respawn Event. Mahatheb

The thing is that Rapid Respawn Weekend affects Abyssal Calamary/Crustacea Gigantica respawn, but it doesn't affect respawns where you can trigger bosses, like: Mahatheb, Dreadful Disruptor, Burster, and The Hive Outpost bosses.

Can someone explain wtf is going on on Secura? They killed like 4-5 Mahathebs in span of 3 days. Anyone from Secura can shed some light on that? You do there something specific or just one person camps it and then rest of you runs there to get kill? Is that all activity you do in the tomb?

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