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Mad Def's Life


Congrats dude. Hope to see more content. Just upload something else it does not have to be bosses all the time:D

Ocyakao 😀

Got lucky and broke 2 Horestis jars. I entered two times in a row 🙂

I was making a map to Bossopedia. First time in this spot and meet Rottie ????

Quote from Mad def on 8 September 2016, 15:57

I made cassino on Harmonia, playing sometimes at evenings. One of first clients outplayed me for 800k 😀



Luls!  Nufebe is my RL. She lives like 50-100 meters away from me ????

I played some on Harmonia earlier too, but I quit and played on another acc.

Got a 110+ RP there. Ego Ponny. ????

BTW, I love the damn music that you use in your videos. Especially the one in Rottie the Rotworm video. hahahaha   😆

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