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Mad Def's Life


I'm not playing very often theese days, but I think there will be some stuff to post from time to time ????

I won't put there my old pictures, you can find them on tibiopedia.

So let's start with powerfull boss!

I met also some Vampires:

This one was killed by Hauras. But still, boss met!

 Tyrn without 🙁

That's it for new bosses.

Some lucky loot:

I made cassino on Harmonia, playing sometimes at evenings. One of first clients outplayed me for 800k 😀


Wish u more luck with Casino 😀

Nice House bro

i wish  you lucky tooo ????


Quote from Nadie on 8 September 2016, 18:02

Nice House bro

i wish  you lucky tooo ????


Thanks! It was good idea with this thread 😀

Great screenshots and wonderful house. Couldn't imagine a better place for a casino. 🙂

No luck with loot this time:

Ferumbras on Harmonia!

22:20 The following items are available in your reward chest: 10 small diamonds, 100 gold coins

EK sucks on Ferumbras 😀 Only chance for good loot is when it spawns in front of EK.

Hoping to drop the one day!


Lazy dupa! Where are new screenshots? Can't believe nothing interesting recently happened! 😀

Not playing often these days, so not much to add here 😀

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