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Draw Your Favourite Boss Contest - Submissions Thread

Hi everyone, my name is Michał and my favorite boss is Feroxa ? and I use only Paint tools ?

Character: Veroodie

World: Damora




VALID (06/11/2019) - Mad Def

Hi, i am Brzerker and this is one of my favorite bosses, because his is strong, VERY STRONG! and i respect this.

All done in Paint tool Sai

Character: Hindemyth

World: Antica

Boss: Gaz' Haragoth




VALID (08/11/2019) - Mad Def

Hi, Brzerker again, i would also like to show you another boss that i like in the game, too bad i never dropped anything valuable from him ¬¬

Character: Hindemyth

World: Antica

Boss: Dharalion



VALID (08/11/2019) - Mad Def

Hello !

I decided to pick four bosses: Yeti, the Percht Queen, Ocyakao, zushuka. I hope you enjoy my message ?

Nick : Mani Swit

World : Antica

VALID (08/11/2019) - Mad Def

Hunt down the bosses before they hunt you...

Man in the Cave!

Some process pictures can be seen HERE

I had a ton of fun drawing this boss, there are so many good submissions aswell!
I decided to draw the Man in the Cave the unique way that he is known for, roping up players!  ? 

In the drawing you can see a random players face expression where out of nowhere he is being roped up by man in the cave, hense the horrified face expression.
I gave the man in the cave his iconic fur cap, and I also added TibiaBosses fansite item to my drawing. 


Some changes might occur to my post before the contest ends

Character: Krisph
Server: Gladera

VALID (08/11/2019) - Mad Def


Boss: Gaz'haragoth

Char: Peei / World: Gentebra

>> Process

>> Final

VALID (09/11/2019) - Mad Def

Character: Blooming Cherry Blossom
World: Zunera

Hey guys, i made it on Adobe Illustrator, and hope u guys like it :))

My favorite bosses are Zushuka,ocyakao and Yeti!


VALID (09/11/2019) - Mad Def

Yeti showing off his bunnyslippers and his collection



Character: Relembra.

World: Lutabra.

VALID (09/11/2019) - Mad Def

My name is Squallmonguer and I draw one of my favorites bosses in Tibia: Scarlet Etzel. I wanted to show Scarlet as a beautiful woman who became in a monster because her love left her. Mirrors are her weakness because she always get lost contemplating her own beauty.

Character: Squallmonguer

World: Calmera

Part of the process: 


Snake - Cobra




The final Artwork:

I hope you all enjoy my proposal as I did creating it!!!

VALID (09/11/2019) - Mad Def

Character: Bursife

World: Monza

Boss: Feroxa

I hope you enjoy

VALID (09/11/2019) - Mad Def