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Draw Your Favourite Boss Contest - Submissions Thread

Character: Bursife

World: Monza

Boss: Gorgo

I hope you enjoy

VALID (09/11/2019) - Mad Def

Hello, here is my draw. ? Saludos!

Name: Cemita

World: Lobera

Boss: Furyosa



VALID (09/11/2019) - Mad Def


My favourite boss is The Welter.

Charater: Dominic

Server: Antica

My entry:


The Welter - TibiaBosses

VALID (09/11/2019) - Mad Def

Time's up! Thank you for great entries! Choosing the winners will take at least one week. All participants will receive additional three months of tibia bosses premium today! ? Remember that you cannot edit your entries anymore!

Winners are chosen! More informations HERE

Thank you soooo much for first prize!  🙂
I spent a ton of time on that drawing so im obviously super glad that you guys liked it so much  😛

Congratulations to the other winners and goodjob everyone else who participated, there were soo many good drawings!