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Antica Brothers

Hahaha 😀 Pro "fake" screenshot 😀 Congratulations!

Quote from Makadamia on 9 December 2016, 00:15

Hahaha ???? Pro "fake" screenshot ???? Congratulations!

Thank you so much:) i recently download Gimp 2 and im trying to learn how to photoshop a little to make the pictures more interesting.


I am Back for now:D its been a while since i played mostly all because of the kicks.

here is a video for u -

No loot tho.

Glad you are back 😀

What a nice music! 😀

But I don't believe that on this raid there is possibility to loot sth more than Silver Raid Token :-/

Thanks Mad cap glad to be back:)

Makadamia im not sure yet but iv'e seen some prints so maybe its possible.

Plasmother - the best PoI boss, congratz !  😯

Thank you so much. I am sad to pronounce that iv'e can't rly be that active on tibia since i cant figure out where to play since i am currently hunted for reasons i should not be hunted for. There is always a guild that will do this but i am going to find a new server or just wait them out. Hope i can play this game soon and enjoy it. Kind regards Aero  😛



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