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Antica Brothers

Hello my name is Joel also known as Karl Song. I've started this thread to share my adventures with you all or atleast those that are intrested.Our guild is called "Brotherhood of Bones" we are a neutral guild that are only looking for fun and excitement and lots of players that just wanna have a good time.

Guild Name : Brotherhood of Bones

Guild leaders : Soderbaum,Knallkotte,Meloonen and Karl Song

What we want? : Non botters and social players


I hope you'll like our life on antica i know i will.

Kind regards Karl Song




    (VOC PALADIN)   Current Level (50)     Distance Fighting (100)    Shielding (90)


   (VOC SORCERER)   Current Level (201)     Magic Level (81)    Shielding (32)


Welcome! I hope you will share many adventures with us! 😀

When i figure out how to work this site i will:D

Our awesome guildhall. Bronze Brother Bastion

Yasss! The best guildhall in whole Tibia 😀

Finally some new manas for me.

Our rare room is getting started. Hoping for more rares in the future and alot of boss luck 😎

Thank u my friend for letting me tame the undead cavebear.

Congratz! One of the most pretty mount owned 😀 © 2020. All rights reserved.
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