Countess Sorrow

I’m so sorry … for youuu!
You won’t rest in peace! Never ever!
Sleep … for eternity!
Dreams can come true. As my dream of killing you.
You are lost pathetic mortal.








Health: 6500
Experience: 13000
Estimated maximum damage: 2900


Weak against: fire
Strong against: energy , ice
Immune to: mele , death , poison , paralyze , invisibility
Summons: Phantasm (x3)
Self healing (fast)
Mana drain
Dissapears (invisibility)
Causing poison
Causing drunkness
Runs away on a low HP


Interesting and useful facts:

  •  Countess Sorrow, wandering through the depths of Hell around the throne of Bazir. Wailing in the dark corridors cries frozen tears that never melt. They are highly sought-after among the people because due to their beautiful appearance, have high decorative value, and more. Countess haunts men in dreams to suck their vital energy, but holders of the frozen tears can sleep peacefully because it has properties that protect against the devastating effects of nightmares sent by the Countess,
  • Countess Sorrow can summon up to 3 Phantasms,
  • When checking this boss, take your time and make sure it's definitely there! Countess Sorrow likes to make herself invisible and last a while in this state.


  • The monster used to be a nightmare for Elite Knights, due to its resistance to physical damage. Knights had to use Fire Bombs, enchanted weapons, and Great Fireball Runs. Nowadays, this boss poses little difficulty for any of the professions.

“Phantasm” by Maripon

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