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Yesterday's bosses after midnight.

Today there appeared quite interesting sugestion, which can be helpful especially for NA/SA players, to make appear yesterday's bosses (I mean those bosses which were killed last day) after midnight. Just to make them visible till statistics update. For now when next day is starting it is impossible to check it here.

"But it's stopping me from seeing which bosses were killed today"
I think it would be nice especially for people, who used to live in different time zone than Europe. 🙂

So, I don't know if it would not be misleading. It is done on purpose. After midnight if someone will see that boss is killed yesterday he would think stats are actual, and it will be info from 2 days ago.


It won't be misleading till statistics change on It is still actual between 00:00 and about 3:00 AM.  Take into account that on day for statistics is between 3:00 CET and 3:00 CET next day and midnight in other country is in different time than in Poland or Germany - so it should't be treated like checkpoint.

tibia only have one update for kill static 6 hours bf ss, example i kill yeti 2 hours bf ss and the kill static show me the kill in the next day but is problem of tibia xD