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Wilk magik/ Refugia

The imperor


Pale count & Dracola


Nice screenshots! Waiting for more! 😀


I love Hive, not even cus of bosses, but this ammount of gooey masses on -1. Recently during 3rd stage I collected 98 eggs. So... bosses, great profit, chance for rare item - everything I need in one place, except exp/h. But still cool!

Good Luck!

Tyrn & The Handmaiden


15:54 The following items are available in your reward chest: a yellow gem, 5 small sapphires, 8 platinum coins, a silver raid token, 5 assassin stars, 5 strong mana potions, a wyrm scale, dragon ham, 50 gold coins

20:52 Loot of The Handmaiden: demonic essence, 44 gold coins, 100 gold coins, the Handmaiden's protector, a soul orb, a blue robe, steel boots, a piece of iron © 2019. All rights reserved.
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