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The Hungerer – old, but totally unknown boss revealed!



We all love surprises. Today, we’ve got something very special and unexpected for you. Thanks to Wrap Man, Glut Man and Dynia Man from Adra we can enjoy the most unique boss screenshots ever. The team from Adra managed to meet the boss, which barely anyone knew about and no one ever documented with a screenshot. Even though the boss was in the game since 2015, it was hidden in plain sight of players. You won’t find any mention about this boss on any fansite. and teams got a lead on this boss about a half year ago and we were trying to find&kill it since then.

If you like unexpected tibian news, you will find this article interesting.

Let’s start from the beginning. You can find very useful kill stats of bosses and normal monsters on They are sorted in separate tables. The data is gathered every day – the source are kill statistics from Some months ago, we have stumbled across something intriguing while scrolling these lists. Some boss kills are recorded as normal monster kills. For example – the Manhunter or Dread Maiden. Strange, isn’t it?

We are not sure why it happens, but one record on the monsters kill list caught our attention:

We have searched every inch of the Internet. Result? No mention of this enigmatic boss. We took into consideration the fact that bosses name appears next to Manhunter and Mean Masher in stats. It was a hint that the Hungerer was probably implemented at the same time as mentioned 2 bosses. Later it turned out that we were right. Manhunter and Mean Masher are very unusual bosses. They respawn very rarely during the Hive Outpost Mini World Change, on the lowest floor of this location. Their resp is exchangeable with Spidris Elite and Hive Overseer. This respawn mechanic is broadly described in the 2nd article about Mahatheb, available on Tibiabosses.

Chakoya Iceberg is a similar Mini World Change, implemented to the game in the same update as Hive Outpost. Due to the specific Chakoya’s note which we found on the Iceberg, we decided that this must be the place where we should look for the Hungerer.

There is a single Frost Giantess respawn on the top of the iceberg. We came into a conclusion that it may have exchangeable respawn with our boss. Name of the boss suits the contents of the note really well, don’t you think? We started to kill the Giantess every time the MWC was active. We killed her about 800 times without any result and we were starting to get sick of it. Suddenly a breakthrough happened. During one of our hunts (11th September, this year) Mogh suggested Williams/Bosst try the “Utevo Res Ina” spell…


The successful transformation left us shocked and speechless. So, we finally knew how the boss looks like and it was clear that it must respawn in the Hive Outpost. Everything pointed out that the Hungerer has the same respawn mechanism as Manhunter and Mean Masher. Unfortunately, Hive outpost is a rare MWC, so during the last 3 months, we were able to kill only a few hundred Spidris Elite and Hive Overseers (overall) on the last bottom floor of the outpost (-2). Note that this specific exchangeable respawn takes approx. 20 minutes and is blockable which didn’t make things easy. We also took advantage of the last 2 test servers to kill even more monsters in hope for the boss to appear. Each of us checked mini world changes on his own server, so we attended MWCs on 3 servers overall. However, Haishen – our research specialist managed to respawn the Manhunter during the research.

Long weeks and months passed and suddenly… Screenshots showing The Hungerer were sent to Tibiabosses’ mailbox. They are unique, as it is the first documented encounter with this boss. Take a look.

This is The Hungerer.

We were able to figure out the following facts during our research:

  • This is the only boss which remained hidden from the community for so long
  • The boss is probably quite weak, therefore players hunting with area attacks could possibly didn’t notice what they were killing
  • Boss has been killed only 30 times on all servers so far. Facts speak for themselves – it’s extremely rare
  • It was implemented to the game in 2015 along with update 10.8
  • Taking into consideration that it was 5 years ago, the boss was probably killed by bots too
  • It looks like an ordinary spitter
  • Its respawn is exchangeable with Spidris Elite, Hive Overseer, The Manhunter and The Mean Masher
  • You can turn into The Hungerer using “Utevo Res Ina” spell. Very strange that this spell works for a boss
  • To make the Hungerer or other bosses from the Hive Outpost appear, you have to kill a massive amount of Spidris Elites and Hive Overseers. According to our calculations, it’s at least a few hundreds
  • After killing a monster (Spidris Elite or Hive Overseer) on the last bottom floor, in the last room of the Hive outpost, you have to wait at least 20/25 minutes for the next one to respawn. The respawn time is unusually prolonged
  • The respawn of the monster/boss can be blocked if you stay too close. The safest way is to leave the floor and go higher while waiting for the spawn

At the end we would like to emphasise that even though we knew about the boss’s existence, all credits go to the team from Adra - Wrap Man, Glut Man and Dynia Man. They met the boss and documented it with their screenshots. Congratulations on a good job! The bosshunters community should be really surprised and thankful for sharing the screenshots. We – Tibiabosses and Tibiasecrets teams are very happy and proud for the opportunity to present you the new boss and all interesting facts about it.
Stay with us. We believe that this is not the last astonishing discovery about rare bosses. 🙂

Update 1: Writing about bosses on Hive Outpost I think it is worth to add a screenshots of the boss the Mean Masher. Below you will find it. This is the rarest boss in the game. Screenshots was taken by our teammate from Tibiabosses - Makadamia.