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The Great Boss Hunt [WINNERS REQUESTS]

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Premium time has been activated, and coins sent! 🙂

It seems I also won the voting contest for TC

Name: Thristle Sharpshooter

World: Bona

Thank you so much for choosing me!

I won in the Week screenshot and the additional 100 coins on discord.
Bstor The Mage (Nossobra)


Coins and premium time has been sent!


I won recent weekly screenshot contest - Loqhakk from Antica. Thanks for choosing me 🙂

Hi guys .


Azra kimuz here!!!


I won this week with my second furious frock (premmy and TC) 🙏 thx

Uploaded files:
  • FB_IMG_16580057365305061.jpg

Hello. win the monthly contest in third place with the photo of armenius,


Dcko / Harmonia


I won 1st place in the monthly contest by the Yeti screenshot.

Please send the rewards to the character:  Warlock Grove / Antica.

I choose a Golden Rune Emblem Ultimate Healing.

Your rewards has been sent! 🙂

Hello team!

I won the weekly contest for the World Devourer.

Char name: Elvh Fiu Fiu

Server: Pacera
Thank you!

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