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The Great Boss Hunt 2021

Character Name: Akilles Kalop
Boss Name: Countess Sorrow
World Name: Gentebra

Uploaded files:
  • Countess-Sorrow.png

Character Name: tynusiiaa
Boss Name: Shlorg
World Name: antica

Uploaded files:
  • Tynusiiaa-Shlorg.png

Character Name: Murray Blad
Boss Name: Jaul
World Name: Pacera

Uploaded files:
  • Murray-Blad-Jaul-2.png

Character Name: Tunux
Boss Name: Morgaroth
World Name: Yonabra

Uploaded files:
  • Tunux.Morgaroth.png

Character Name: Mediiotha
Boss Name: Tyrn
World Name: Yonabra

Uploaded files:
  • Mediiotha.Tyrn_.png

Character Name: Kaky Sio Noesc
Boss Name: Omrafir
World Name: Serenebra

Uploaded files:
  • Omrafir.png

Character Name: Azra Kimuz
Boss Name: Grorlam
World Name: Wizera

Uploaded files:
  • Grorlam-2.jpg

Character Name: Frans Tytteman
Boss Name: Zushuka
World Name: Refugia

Uploaded files:
  • Frans-Tytteman-Zushuka.png

Character Name: Rhandy Sawyer
Boss Name: Smuggler Baron Silvertoe
World Name: Astera

Uploaded files:
  • boss-smuggler-baron-silvertoe-2.0.png

Character Name: Smuu
Boss Name: Cublarc the Plunderer
World Name: Pacera

Uploaded files:
  • Cublarc-The-Plunderer-44a-by-Smuu-Pacera.png © 2020. All rights reserved.
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