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The Great Boss Hunt 2021

Character Name: Tris Kaia
Boss Name: Omrafir
World Name: Concorda

Uploaded files:
  • triskaiaomrafir.png

Character Name: Murray Blad
Boss Name: Jaul
World Name: Pacera

Uploaded files:
  • Murray-Blad-Jaul.png

Character Name: Black Haunter
Boss Name: Deadeye Devious
World Name: Celesta

Uploaded files:
  • Deadeye-Devious-Black-Haunter.png

Character Name: Anavanta
Boss Name: midnight panther
World Name: Menera

Uploaded files:
  • Anavanta-midnight-panther.png

Character Name: Shereh Khan
Boss Name: man in the cave
World Name: Carnera

Uploaded files:
  • Shereh-Khan-man-in-the-cave.png

Character Name: Bomdrax
Boss Name: Drume
World Name: Calmera

Uploaded files:
  • drume.png

Character Name: Xogolloo
Boss Name: Mazoran
World Name: Honbra

Uploaded files:
  • Xogolloo-mazoran.jpg


Character Name: Xander on luminera
Boss Name: Dreadful Disruptor
World Name: Luminera

Uploaded files:
  • Xander-on-luminera-Dreadful-Disruptor.png

Character Name: Rederran Flame
Boss Name: man in the cave
World Name: Belluma

Uploaded files:
  • Rederran-Flame-Man-in-the-cave.png.png © 2020. All rights reserved.
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