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Small Facebook Contests

This thread is open for discussions about small Facebook contests. I will also post here riddles, and results after end of contest. Those events will be posted not regurally.

Today I created one of those! It is possible to win some little rewards, details you will find on the Facebook link.

Guess three bosses from the screenshost! You can click HERE to take part in the contest.


Results of the contest are HERE

The correct answer is: Chopper, Gaz'Haragoth, and General Murius!

Another little contest is on! click HERE for more details on Facebook.

Results of the contest can be seen HERE

The correct answers: DIre Penguin, The Time Guardian, and Zanakeph!


Another small facebook contest:

Link to the contest

Small contest for today! Your task will be to find Yeti! But you need to find in on!

Somewhere on TibiaBosses Yeti with Santa's hat is hiding. He looks like the one on the image below! FInd him, make a screenshot, and post in comment under this post on Facebook to get 50 Tibia Coins.

Where to look for him? Here is the clue: "Eight is enough to stop apocalypse!"


Solved quickly this one! Answer is on the Facebook post's comments!

Small Christmas Contest!

As you can see, last few days it is snowing with on TibiaBosses! Can you name all 9 rare items that were falling down on our page?

First person who name it all in correct order will get 100 Tibia Coins! If noone will do that, On Saturday person who will name most of items in correct order will receive the reward!

Be aware that once you will post your answer, it cannot be edited!

You can send your answers on Facebook HERE