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Minibosses (English Version)

Minibossy [Polska wersja]

Minibosses [versão em Portugues]



Hello fellow bosshunters! Let me welcome you to this brief guide about minibosses.

Six of them were added recently, with the 2017 winter update. Five of those bosses can be killed repeatedly, allowing us to have fun and try our luck everyday. If you haven't had a chance to meet a bit older and also the first miniboss - Kroazur, I have also included him in this article.


The Curse Spreads Quest - minibosses

5 minibosses available to kill as part of this quest are the leaders of their kind. In order to get the access you have to do The Curse Spreads Quest. The last mission is to kill the bosses and then you are allowed to kill them every 20 hours (real time). There are 2 separate dungeons - 1 in Edron and 1 on Cormaya. All bosses drop silver tokens and also some rares, so the chances to get nice profit are relatively high. Note that all loot hasn't been fully discovered yet, so there might be some unknown rares to be found.


Edron and Cormaya - surface


Edron's dungeon lvl -1


1. Bloodback

Were-minibosses can be killed in any order, but let's start with Bloodback. This is the boss of wereboars. It's quite slow and not hard to kill. It has 5200 hp, summons 1 wereboar and fights in close combat. He doesn't walk over fire, so fire walls/bombs can be used to kill him easier.

Interesting loot: 


Edron's dungeon lvl -2


2. Darkfang

Darkfang, leader of the werewolves is a bit easier to kill than Bloodback. He has 4800 hp. He summons 2 gloom wolves (weak - 200 hp only). He fights in close combat.

Interesting loot:


3. Sharpclaw

Sharpclaw - leader of the badgers is on of the easiest were-minibosses. He has 3300 hp and summons 1 werebadger. Same as regular werebadgers, he goes invisible quite often. The loot seems to be a bit worse than other bosses, but maybe some items are yet to be discovered.

Interesting loot:



Cormaya's dungeon


4. Shadowpelt

Shadowpelt, the strongest werebear. The slowest of all were-minibosses, so very easy to outrun. It also has the biggest amount of hp - 6000, even though it doesn't pose much of a threat. It summons 1 werebear and fights in close combat.

Interesting loot:


5. Black Vixen

Black Vixen is the werefoxes leader. It's not any hard to kill, but a bit annoying. It has 3200 hp and summons 1 werefox. It goes invisible often and keeps distance. The most interesting thing about this miniboss is the loot. There are rumours that it drops a foxtail very rarely. If that's true, it would make it the most profitable miniboss of all 5.

Interesting loot: (?)


After you kill all 5 minibosses and report it to Daniel Steelsoul, you get the possibility to use shortcut teleports. It makes travelling between the 2 dungeons fast, easy and allows you to run through the bosses really quick. I marked the location of teleports on the maps above. You can use the shortcut as many times as you wish. It's not limited in any way.

Edron's dungeon teleport

Cormaya's dungeon teleport


  • were-minibosses drop the moonlight crystals during the full moon mini world-change;
  • finishing the quest takes some time, but it's worth doing. Patience is required;
  • all 5 minibosses are affected by 2x loot event, when it's active.


Cave Spider (Hidden Threats Quest)

We meet this boss after the last mission of the Hidden Threats Quest. After handing in 20x rare earth to Corym Servant head to the teleport, where you leave the mines. Instead of being teleported to the other side, you will find yourself in a cave with a miniboss and 3 tarantulas.

Cave spider is a bit stronger than giant spider. It has 1800 hp - 500 more than gs. The damage is approximately the same or slightly higher. The cave is quite big, so there is a place to run, also the miniboss is weak to fire. Fire bombs/walls can be used by low level players to kill it easier. Note that it spits poison bombs and they can cover your fields. Time to kill the boss is limited to 5 minutes. Apparently it seems that it doesn't have any interesting loots. In addition to regular gs loot, it drops small diamonds and black pearls. There might be some more items, not discovered yet.

If you want to leave the room or avoid killing the spider, use the teleport in the north-east part of the cave.

Unfortunately we can kill the Cave Spider only once. I've already contacted Cipsoft through feedback form of January and suggested that it could be killable every 20h. Let's hope they will consider it in the future.




Kroazur was the first easy accessible miniboss and what is more available to kill many times a day. It was added with update 11.40 (2017 summer update). In case you haven't had a chance to meet him yet, please find some details and maps below.

In order to get the access to the boss, you need to proceed through the Threatened Dreams Quest at least to mission "A Dream Come True". Then you will be able to kill Kroazur every 2h (real time).

Feyrist surface

Be careful if your level is below 100-120. The dungeon is full of weakened frazzlemaws and enfeebled silencers. They deal quite strong combos in groups.

"Mini-Roshamuul" underground

The miniboss itself is not very challenging. It has 3000 hp and you can compare it's attacks to a 2x stronger nightmare. Kroazur is slow and the room is big, so there is no problem to run and shoot it. This creature is affected by 2x loot event, when it's active. As the tokens drop quite often and you can kill the boss multiple times a day, it may be a good source of income if you're in need of quick money.

Interesting loot:

Happy hunting bosshunters!

Ekatrix doesn't count as a miniboss? You can kill every 20 hours like the other minibosses but you need to collect the 100 tainted souls before going to the portal...

We did not mention Ekatrix, but you are right, it also can be counted as miniboss!

WOW Super  😛

y como le hago para volver a matar a cave spider, ya ice la quets la mate hace mucho pero como pido permiso para volver a entrar a la cave  o que tengo que hacer?

Quote from broly123 on 8 December 2021, 17:48

y como le hago para volver a matar a cave spider, ya ice la quets la mate hace mucho pero como pido permiso para volver a entrar a la cave  o que tengo que hacer?

We usually post articles in three different language versions, so please use the correct one - the English language in the English article, to make our lives easier 🙂

How do I kill the mini-boss caves spider again?