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Killed bosses not appearing on TibiaBosses

In Serdebra, I've killed Man in The Cave recently, and saw on Tibia Website (still avaliable) and someone killed Shlorg but it doesn't counted on TibiaBosses... That was something wrong? Something related with the update?

Uploaded files:
  • Captura-de-Tela-2022-07-25-às-11.18.07.png

Man in The Cave killed in this week

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  • Captura-de-Tela-2022-07-25-às-11.22.53.png

Shlorg killed in this week

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As you can see both died but in weekly statistics in tibia website, so imo it's problem/bug of tibiabosses site which didn't check it correctly somehow.
Mine server works properly except Yakchal but ^^

The reason for this is that some bosses' names have been changed on the official kill statistics website. For example, a man in the cave used to be listed among regular creatures as "man in the cave", just like the rotworm queen. Now they're both listed among bosses and their names begin with capital letters - "Man in the Cave" and "Rotworm Queen". Another bugged creature is Shlorg, which is no longer named "Weakened Shlorg", but just "Shlorg".

I killed Shlorg yesterday in Menera and it don't appear as killed

Thank you for the reports, we are working on fixing those bugs, it is indeed happening due to update changes.

Issue has been fixed for rotworm queen, shlorg, mad mage, and man in the cave 🙂